Meme Blog #2 – Conversations On a Log

And this weeks lucky winner ( can I say that? LOL) is Jo Patton.

I got the idea for this weeks blog after she came through with some of the funniest memes I’ve ever seen – based on a screencap from Men In Kilts . ( Extra points if you know the name of the episode it comes from)

It’s this one by the way.

Ah. The Pic That Keeps On Giving -Thanks Jo!

I decided to pen a conversation between the two – just before they had to do the “Made for TV” stuff.

Again, this comes from the ridiculous roundabout that is my brain and I mean absolutely no disrespect to either Sam or Graham with writing this. I hope you find it funny .. and should they read this ( Which they won’t..ever) I hope they do as well!

Oh! Before I forget – the opening line of dialogue comes from a meme that Jo made specifically for me – using this picture.

And on that note- I hope you enjoy!

Conversations On A Log

….. “And that’s why I got banned from saying ‘Bruh’ on Twitter…. “

As he sat nursing (yet another) Whisky and silently cursing his liver for not being made of stronger stuff, Graham McTavish was sat on a log having all the regrets about his life choices.

Actually, no, scratch that… He was having only one regret and it was this one…. What on earth made him agree to go on this trip with Sam – never -miss- an opportunity- to -flog-my-shit- to-the-masses- Heughan and why was he sitting fireside in a desperate attempt to warm himself – when there was a perfectly decent campervan with all the mod-cons – including electricity with which to generate real, honest to God heating and more importantly, hot water with which to make coffee.

“Mate, did you even hear a word I said?”  

“Oh yes! Of course! …And for good reason, I’d wager!”

“Oh yeah? What reason was that?”

“The reason … for the thing!”

“The thing?”

“Yes, the thing!”

“Graham…. What thing? … You have no idea … do you? You weren’t even listening to me, were you?”

“Sam, I cannot believe that you would think I would never listen to you! You wound me! You wound me to the cockles of my heart! Truly!”

“Cockles of ye…. Oh please! Really? Cockles of coal more likely!”

Narrator: It’s at this point Sam appears to be giggling non-stop at the fact ‘coal cockles’ could even exist. It is also at this point he starts to refer to Mister McTavish as Captain Coal Cockles and unfortunately for him, it’s then followed up by about 15 minutes of bad puns and some of the worst jokes in the history of mankind.  

“Are you quite finished?”

“Yes. I am. I’m sorry.”

“Are you sure.”


“Are you absolutely, positively sure that you’re finished?”

“No… Erm… I mean yes! Yes, I am!”

“You’re a pain in the ass, you know that?”

“You love me”

“Do bloody not!”


“You are so…… Annoying! Honestly! No wonder you got banned from saying ‘Bruh’ on Twitter. You need a permanent ban… on being … you!”

“Then why are you laughing? If I was annoying, you wouldn’t be laughing! Ha! I win!”

“Shut up you – “

Narrator: Suddenly, because todays blog is based on a screen cap from a television show, and they need to make magic happen – AFTER said screen cap took place… Alex Norouzi turns up! Did you know he was written in for the sole purpose of wrapping this up? You didn’t? Well, neither did I! We learnt something today! I love that for us!


Anyway, he tells them to get up off the log and go do that thing they discussed where they dance around like mad men possessed for a bit and Sam would, by all accounts, be accidentally-on-purpose shirtless while wearing an outrageous headdress while pouring water/whisky/ whatever is wet all over his semi naked, slightly intoxicated self.

…” And Action!”

“Come on, mate! Get up! Come dance! Get into it!”

And just like that…. Contemplating life choices and the cosiness and mod cons of a campervan with coffee are completely and utterly forgotten.

Until next time.


The Day Jacki Told Me to Write A Thing

Good Afternoon! ( For me)

I know. I know.

It has been 84 years since my last blog post.

Between life and, well, just life … My poor wee blog has sat untouched and unloved for several weeks (read months) … and I thought it’d never see the light of day again… Until now.

First, I wish to thank my twitter mutual and dear friend, Jacki (RegalJacki- on twitter for those who don’t know) for providing me with the inspiration for this and helping me kick off my writing again.

Secondly, (and this is more of a disclaimer than anything else)

This is NOT an attempt at FAN-FICTION.

There, now that, that’s out of the way, allow me to explain this silly little idea I had.

Jacki made a Meme. She’s quite good at those.

After laughing ourselves silly over the meme in question I said (rather stupidly) … *Character A* hacks *Character B* laptop and makes a stupid meme go viral?             

Suffice to say I could hear Jacki YELLING from somewhere in the general direction of Amsterdam that I had to make it happen… And so, here I am!

It is my hope that once a week I can pen a (very) short story – a paragraph or three at least- based on a meme or picture. The story will not be serious in any way shape or form.

If you have a meme or pic – send me a tweet with your choice and I will try my best to come up with something for you!

Therefore, with all the confidence of a lost sock and the writing prowess akin to that of a mentally exhausted mouse on a bender -I give you my very first …. Whatever-this-is!


A/N: This is entirely made up and is nothing more than a Brain Dump out of the stupidest corners of my idiotic head. If this doesn’t work – I blame Jacki…. KIDDING!!!  But, in all seriousness, I mean no offence to any of our wonderful Fandom writers who follow the rules when it comes to this sort of thing.

Here is the first one. Admit it, Jacki is amazing.. Right?

Here is the first one.

While there is a true story behind why this meme was created, for now let me entertain you with the entirely ridiculous idea of how John Grey hacked Claire’s laptop and turned what was a lovely photo of Jamie Fraser into a meme that went viral ^_^

-You’re welcome to hate me later … Bye!


“This” I said to no one in particular “Is absolute bloody bullshit!”

“Hmmm?” Jamie poked his head around the bedroom door, toothbrush in hand, towel low across his hips “I was just about t’ jump in the shower … Did ye say something, Sassenach?”

“Jamie, when was the last time you saw my laptop?”

“Last night. Ye left it in the kitchen…. Why?”

I turned to face him, smiling “When you’re done …. Go and have a look at it”

Jamie shifted a little, towel rustling slightly as he moved, a look of complete confusion on his face “Aye” he replied “So, ye want me to go shower an’ then go have a look at your laptop then?”

“Yes” I said and went to move past him and out into the hallway “And in the meantime, I’m going to murder John Grey!”

Jamie gasped as the pieces fell into place and the situation dawned on him “That wee pig- swivelling- gob shite!.. He’s hacked ye!” he exclaimed, laughing as he disappeared into the bathroom, the rush of water hitting the recess as he continued “What’s he done then? Named your work files after Norse Gods? Reversed engineered the thing tae tap dance? .. Wait.. Dinnae tell me! Yer forever cursed wi’ typin’ BOOBLESS on ye keyboard – coz they’re the only letters left? Mebbe…” He paused for effect ” Johns changed ye settings so ye can only write ye reports for work in nothin’ but Comic Sans?”

“Worse…” I said, coming up behind him to wrap my arms around his waist in a quick hug before I risked getting soaked though “You’ve been turned into a meme!”


A short time later, Jamie and I sat at the kitchen table, my laptop in front of us, wine in hand and the offendedly loud- post meme – picture blaring at us rather rudely from on screen.   

“I must say, “I said, grinning at Jamie over the rim of my wine glass “Of all the photos …This one …”


“Stop it” I laughed “You find it just as funny as I do!”

Jamie was stopped short of replying when his phone rang. Pulling it out of his pocket and placing it between us, he answered, putting the caller on louder speaker as he did so.


“Hello Jamie”


I could hear the smile in John’s voice. I couldn’t help but giggle.

“Ah! Claire!” He replied “There you are! I had a feeling you were. Not hard to figure out when one is on speaker phone”

“How are you?” I asked, sipping more of my wine “You’re well, I gather?”

“Absolutely Super -Duper of course!” John replied, laughing, “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Ye sneaky bastard!” Jamie laughed “We cordially invite ye over fer dinner and in return ye help yesel’ to my Wife’s laptop, find the worst photo o’ me ever and turn me in tae a meme!”

“You’re welcome… In fact, “… He paused for a moment, and I swear both Jamie and I heard the grin on his lips as he spoke “I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s gone viral by now!”

“WHAT?” Jamie and I replied in unison “You’re kidding!”

“I am not kidding. One does not ever kid! Especially when it comes to the abject humiliation of one’s best friend”

“Aye…” a sly smile appeared on Jamie’s lips “Remember what ye’ve started here, tonight, Grey. I wouldna sleep if I were you! I may be a meme … but you… You will become a life hack on BuzzFeed by the time I’m finished wi’ ye!”

And with that, we said our goodbyes and Jamie returned his phone to his pocket.

“Abject humiliation of one’s best friend, hmm?” I said, standing up from the table to stretch. All that sitting had made me rather stiff and I felt my back pop with relief as I did so. “Sounds like fun”

Jamie stood up, came around behind me and wrapped me in his arms, a gentle kiss on my neck. “Super Duper” he replied “Absolutely Super Duper”


***Runs away- I’m sorry***

Special Addition: I Can’t Sleep

A/N: This blog is early. Sorry for the lack of warning. I just can’t sleep and needed something to do.. Seeing as chances are .. I’ll be waking from a nap at 5pm

Time of Posting 6:17am

Time: 3:47am 

For the first time in forever (shhhh, no singing please — people other than myself are trying to sleep) I’m awake at stupid o’clock in the morning. 

The last time this happened, was some time prior to January 9 .…But when that was.… I honestly couldn’t tell you. 

So, in lieu of sleep and lack of anything better to do, I give you todays blog. 

First, as always, the basics  

I’m  writing this on a new writing app called Writing Shed. It’s a scaled back version of something I was mucking about with a year ago called Scrivener. I only had it on a free trial so I never got to use all the features. 

I found this the other day and thought I’d have a crack at it. 

I’m in the process of introducing Hubby to the wonder that is Hamilton. We watched the first half of it last night and he enjoyed it immensely.

Oh, and I received two lovely Outlander themed packages from my friend Maria who I co-run the Outlander Lounge FB page with.  See link below if you want to check it out. (What? A shameless plug? Noooo!)

And now I give you this weeks blog. I hope you enjoy. 

Monday, January 18 

The week began with me working yet another 8am-4am shift. ( I’m really getting used to getting up at 4am, honest) and it started off with the alarm-clock dying in the ass and not going off at all. Despite this we managed to get our shit together and all was well. 

Thanks to my bestie H.. We got access to Disney + for a bit. Primarily to watch  Hamilton and  The Mandalorian. 

Monday saw Scam Heughan raise his head one to many times 

Tuesday, January 19

I sat down and wrote a blog entitled  “5 ways to spot a Scam Heughan” If you haven’t read it, you can do so here:

Despite a few small spelling and grammar errors  of my own ( Yes, I understand the irony — hence I am using Writing Shed to write this blog instead of  Word) mistaking a dictionary for a thesaurus, and making call backs to a couple of uniquely Australian references, which, after a discussion with my Hubby, I realised some folks may not have entirely understood — it was genuinely well received and something I am rather proud of. *

Wednesday, January 20

Today saw: 

President Orange-Face-McBaby-Man Hands and his Wife, Is-Be-Best-Even-A-Thing-Anymore pack their bags and prepare to leave the White House. 

It was also my last work related  coaching session with my current TM, I discovered that the song “Drivers Licence” is as boring as fuck and I began another listen of Clanlands on Audible. Oh, and one more thing…Randy Rainbow won the Internet. 

Thursday, January 21 


At 3:30pm I had a fun PT session via Face-Time with Shani. 

Our monthly box of kitty litter arrived 


Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor
Many thanks to my Friend of FB for this one .

I have nothing further to say. 

Friday, January 22

Have you ever had days where your Internet is so shit you just want to set it on fire? Well, my friends, that was me today. It was so slow and clunky I could hardly do any work or log any files. 

Thankfully, my bestie H and I kept each other amused with silly Customer names. Always a lot of fun and never fails to disappoint 

Saturday, January 23

My remedial massage was moved from 11:30am to 10:15 am but still managed a sleep in nonetheless.

Suffice to say today was hot. 

Hubby had a guitar lesson at 4:40pm – which he thorougly enjoyed 

Sunday, January 24 


Time to edit this blog

Thanks for reading, 


* Please note: 

I am not a professional blogger. I do not own a degree or doctorate in literature. My education  level is no higher than year 12 V.C.E ( Victorian Certificate of Education) and never  scored high enough to enter University.

I concede that there will be spelling and grammar errors throughout – despite my best efforts to avoid them. I have no doubt that every now and then there will be a word or phrase that I will not  entirely understand and may use slightly out of context. 

The sole purpose of this blog is to learn how to write. Don’t worry, I have no dreams of becoming a world famous novelist or anything of that nature – I’m not that good and I never will be. 

This is simply for fun and a way in which to teach myself a new skill. 

I thank you for your patience. 

5 ways to spot a “Scam Heughan”

What’s this? I hear you gasp in surprise…. An early update? It can’t be Sunday already can it?

Well, no. It’s not. Despite what my friends north of the equator may tell you – I am not backwards, and I do not have my days mixed up.

It’s 12:41 pm Tuesday afternoon

The weather seems determined to remain a little more on the cooler side of things and, while this remains perfect sleeping conditions for yours truly, it’s not what one would call *ideal Summer weather* you know? A top temperature of 18c does not a Summer’s day make… although, it does do a lot in keeping extreme Bushfire conditions at bay.

No. The reason for this write up is because … Well, because… a certain ‘Individual’ (I say individual as loosely as possible) keeps raising his ugly head … and I for one … am utterly sick of it!

However, before I begin – A Disclaimer:

Today’s blog is about Scams on the Internet. Especially those revolving around fake Celebrity accounts. (Or, in the case of this piece – one celebrity in particular) This blog is designed to poke fun at the faceless people BEHIND the fake Celebrity accounts and the sort of things one needs to look for in order to avoid them.

If you have truly been the victim of any kind of Fraudulent Internet Activity or Internet Scam, then I encourage you to contact Scam Watch (or local equivalent) and report it immediately.


Recently, there was a write up by a less than reputable UK publication claiming that Sam Heughan’s reaction to Woman getting scammed by people pretending to be him was… what did they say??



Despite the fact, that on average, at least twice a month, the guy posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram warning his fans about fake social media profiles?

This, despite saying

  • He would never contact you via DM’s
  • He would never ask you for money
  • He is not on Google Hangouts or WhatsApp
  • If the account is not verified – it’s not Him.  
  • Please be careful and keep an eye out

I joined the Outlander Fandom in 2017 and back then, fake profiles were a problem. Even now, in the year of Our Lord 2021… In the midst of Political Upheaval, Environmental Disasters, War, Famine and a Global Pandemic … There is still some lonely, sad, jarhead, who after jerking off in the darkest corners of his Mother’s basement, still finds the time to sit down, create a fake profile and tries his luck at being Sam Heughan for a day.

And that, boys and girls, is precisely why I’m here today. I have tea. Which means you gotta sit your ass down on that damn seat because we have to talk!

First off-

If you’re dumb enough to fall for this shit?? You deserve everything you get.  

For example:

*Sam* has robbed you of your life savings?

No, he hasn’t! Girl, he’s as LOADED AS FUCK!

If you even bothered to open up a dictionary at any point in the last seven years and looked up the words ‘Successful Actor and Entrepreneur under the age of 50‘- You’ll find a picture of Sam Heughan right next to them.

He doesn’t need your loose change from behind the couch for God sake!  He’s fine.

It’s your money Muriel… and don’t be terrible!

Hold on to it! Use it to go on that long-awaited holiday (*cough* to Scotland *cough*- once its safe to do so, of course) buy the stray cat down the street a sparkly tiara – I don’t care … Just don’t give them your money! It’s not worth the heartache or the debt


*Sam* wants to run away with you and live happily ever after.

 Yeah.. No.

 Not now. Not ever.  You would have to be monumentally daft to even believe such a thing!

There’s no need to contemplate leaving your long-suffering Husband (who, by the way, puts up with your Outlander obsession- often without saying a word) for Sam …. Because IT’S NOT HIM YOU IDIOT!! And even if it was … He wouldn’t touch you with a 10FT barge pole… and why??

Well, I could be mean and I could say it’s because you’re not young, American, blonde or perky… but, I won’t. Instead, I’ll simply point out – you’re Married. Stay that way. You’re on a good thing. Truly. The REAL man in your life loves you – This FAKE (remember, he’s just popped one off in his Mother’s basement) does not.

Real talk for a second.

In my real job (Yes, I have a REAL job. In Customer Service) I see people getting scammed every damn day. Over Facebook, over Ebay, over Gumtree – the lot. In 2019 alone, Australians lost over $634 million dollars to scammers. Credit cards, bank accounts, dishonest folks, pyramid schemes – the list goes on. The elderly, the vulnerable, those where English is not their first language and have no idea what’s happening… for these innocent people – my heart goes out to them. It really does. When someone loses their home, their life savings, everything they’ve worked their entire life for; to a low life, degenerate, deceptive piece of trash… Then my wish for them is that …at some point in time, while that low life is taking a wee jobbie** in a public toilet – they’re struck by lightning in the genitals and in turn it sets the hairs on their arse on fire and it traumatises them for life!

To everyone else …. Be careful where you decide to do your jobbies on a day out with the family. #JustSayin

But I digress.

We’ve now reached the point in this blog where I tell you EXACLTY what you need to look out for – should you come across our old mate ‘Scam Heughan’ whilst perusing the interwebs for quality Outlander content.

  1. Scam Heughan does not EVER have the VERIFIED tick on his profile.

I hate to disappoint you, but the verified symbol is not a blue circle or a blue square or a blue dot. Nor is it a black or green check mark. None of those are correct. That’s the first thing you need to know.  The second thing you need to know is it looks like this:

See? Granted, my picture is black and white – but that’s because I’m totes emo and I’ve embraced dark mode on my phone… however, in reality, the check mark looks just like that but blue! (And just so you know – this one was taken direct from Sam’s actual Twitter account. Interestingly, I have discovered since writing this blog – the verified tick mark is the same design across all Social Media platforms)

2. Scam Heughan… .err I mean … “Hueghan” can never seem to spell his own name

While most of us struggle with the correct Scottish pronunciation of the real Sam’s last name, our buddy Scam Heughan can’t even spell it correctly.

Exhibit A:

See that?

As you can see, no correct Scottish pronunciation in the world can fix that fuck up!  

And speaking of fuck ups…

3. Scam Heughan CARN’T SPHELL and haz PORE GRAMMAH

Notice anything different with the above pic? No? Now, I’m no genius. Nor am I going to admit to being a hard lined spelling and grammar Nazi, but I’d like to think that at least I paid attention long enough in school to grasp the finer points of sentence structure, spacing, punctuation and when best to use it and other basic fundamental skills when it comes to being able to communicate via the written word.

Scam Heughan has absolutely no idea. In my time in this fandom, I personally have received many a poorly drafted message like this (in fact, the above pic is mine from just the other day) and all I can do is shake my head and sigh. I mean, how stupid does this idiot think we are. DO I NEED TO SPELL IT OUT FOR HIM? …. Oh … wait..

4. Also…. This

If my first three points of this blog fail to convince you that what you’re dealing with is a fake – then perhaps this will convince you.

As I’ve already pointed out SAM WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR MONEY… EVER! He doesn’t need it, and, if you’re asking Scam Heughan for a picture to prove that it’s him – and it looks similar to this – and you’re still dumb enough to fall for it – Well, I’m sorry. You’re on your own and deserve no sympathy whatsoever.

According to Google, Sam’s net worth is somewhere around the 5-million-dollar mark*  

Google it yourself if you don’t believe me but at the very least, this should convince you that who you’re dealing with IS NOT the real Sam.

5. Legitimate ladies’ man!  

MOVE OVER JAMES BOND!!  Scam Heughan is in town and he’s about to throw back your shaken-not -stirred Martini and won’t even take the olive garnish out first!

That’s right, he’s the smooth-talking pretend Scot from his Mothers basement and he’s pulling out all stops to win you over and call you the love of his life!

Swoon as that Scottish accent with strangely Nigerian-can’t –English undertones says things like:

  • Hello Dear
  • Are you a Outlander Fan?
  • I am man of leisure
  • Hi. How are doing fan?
  • I saw you on my Public Profile. You are so support of my courier.  So, I reach out here. You are surprise to hear from me grate fan!

Makes your heart all a flutter, right?

I mean, me personally, it makes me want to stab myself in the face with a fork – but… Whatever.

I cannot count how many times people have been warned about this. It absolutely does my head in!

According to the Women who got done – Sam should have done more to prevent it from happening and should pin some kind of warning post to his public profiles.

Why? Why is it up to him? Hasn’t he done enough? Warned people over and over and over and over again, posting screenshots of fake accounts on his social media and telling everyone to watch out for them – for the better part of 7 years (and counting) and you’re convinced he hasn’t done enough.

What about you taking some accountability and use common sense when on the internet.  If something doesn’t seem right – don’t follow through with it.


We all know who the real Sam is. He’s the guy who makes us smile when he likes or responds to a tweet.

He’s the guy that, if you’re lucky, may put your fan art or your Sassenach items in his IG stories.

Scam Heughan wouldn’t do that… Wouldn’t know how.

The real Sam Heughan has the surname almost impossible to pronounce – But at least he knows how to spell it correctly.  

Don’t let Scam Heughan ruin your life.  He’s a wanker in a basement with a singed arse crack and no genitals- terrified of taking a shit!

 His accent is fake, his grasp of the English language is pitiful at best and he’s really not worth your time.


*This information is taken direct from Google dated December 2020.

 It is by no means accurate – so do not quote me. The only ones who know exact figures are Sam and those directly responsible in managing his financial affairs.

**Jobbie: Scottish slang for shit – One of my favourite Billy Connolly words

(Credit: smshingteacups on Twitter for the thread that inspired me to write this blog and for the sign gif – name blacked out for privacy of course x)

A Week in Review

Welcome to this week’s blog. I really appreciate you being here and reading along.

First, the basics:

Last week I said I weighed in at 100.4kgs (that’s 221.3lbs or 15.18 stone) so, I decided to do something about it.

Effective immediately – which was January 9th -the day I weighed myself, I:

  • Quit drinking  
  • Quit chocolate
  • Quit sugar in my tea
  • Quit snacking in between meals
  • Water become my jam
  • Started exercising for 20 minutes a day 6 days a week

I plan to continue this until June 9th. (See, now that it’s written down, I can’t slack off) and see how things are after that. My next weigh in is February 9th.  I’m hoping there’s considerable difference then and come June… or I will be most pissed off!

Now, to the events of the week:

Monday January 11th

The day began with having to call the R.A.C.V.

As you may recall, last weekend we couldn’t get the car out of reverse gear and after calling Roadside Assist, it was determined that the automatic transmission cable snapped, and we had to get it fixed.

This meant that Hubby had the day off while I worked from home. The tow truck turned up just after Midday and took it to our local Mechanic. Thankfully it wasn’t going to take him long to fix and we were told we’d get it back in a few days. This meant that Hubby had to drag ye oldie bicycle out of retirement in order to get to work which was fine*

Tuesday January 12th

My first PT session for the year with Shani. Went rather well all things considered. Overhead weight work and bands and some light leg work to start getting strength back into them again.  We talk to each other via Face Time. Being in different states now, it’s easier for both of us that way. I felt good after the session and it was nice to get back into some sort of routine after some time off.

On a sad note, that afternoon, a friend of mine farewelled his beloved fur baby Jette. She was a beautiful Alaskan Malemute and was 14 years of age. It was her time.  I was looking at photos of her on his twitter recently and was happy she had a good life with my friend.

Wednesday January 13th

I’ve said it once – I’ve said it 1000 times: THE.OUTLANDER. FANDOM.DOES. NOT. TOLERATE. HATEFUL. NASTY. TROLLS!!!

Now look,

Here’s the thing.  There are days… and then there are DAYS where we gotta stop what we’re doing and take out the trash. On those days (with a capital D) the Outlander fandom can be found either throwing out multiple Kira Guido accounts (WHO ARE YOU KIRA AND WHY WON’T YOU GO AWAY) or getting annoyed with the obvious ELEPHANT in the room. This is run of the mill garbage and it doesn’t take long for us to breathe a huge sigh of relief when it goes away, and we all go back to our regularly scheduled Fan-Girling.

But on this day, we found ourselves sickened by someone, who FOR A JOKE, decided it was a good time to drop a ton of homophobic slurs across the Twittersphere and aim them straight at a member of the cast who is not only an Executive Producer on the show but one of its leading actors.  This is a dog’s act of epic proportions and should not be tolerated by anyone – let alone someone as respected as he. Suffice to say, we all reported it for targeted harassment but, at time of writing, have yet to hear if the account has been suspended by Twitter.

Thursday January 14th  

As far as Thursdays go, this one was fairly uneventful. I took care of the banking and paid a few bills (I ADULTED. OH MY GOD!) and set up a few things for the foreseeable future.

Dad came over for lunch and we made light-hearted small talk while we munched on McDonalds toasties and drank coffee.

It’s always nice to catch up with my Dad. Being retired he’s a very busy man (No, I am NOT kidding LOL!) I call him twice a week to check on him. I know he’s 81 years young, but we are still dealing with a Global Pandemic (he’s been tested twice and twice come back negative) and I just want to make sure he’s OK.

Y’know, dutiful Daughter and all that *Laughs*

We also got the car back. So that was a bonus.

Friday 15th January

By this point I was running more or less on metaphorical vapour fumes…. of adrenaline long since passed and couldn’t deal with social media anymore. I felt like I was in a wading in a brain fog and everything began to blur together. I needed a break. I struggled through my working day (Working 8am -4pm this week) and felt like bursting into tears.

I took some time away from the twitter bird and commenced operation defrag my brain. Side note: This is very difficult when you’re dealing with not having a drink for a week.

Saturday 16th January / Sunday 17th January

Saturday saw me back at the Chiropractor for my weekly session and Hubby do some housework and have a guitar lesson. We also watched a movie called “Over the Wire” on Netflix and it had one of the most disappointing endings we’ve ever seen.

Today, I’ve called Dad, Hubby ran the errands and did all the things and then went on a bike ride.

And, on that note, dear reader…. It is 4:56pm and about time I posted this blog

Thanks for reading,


  • Hubby has decided to ride to work where possible or go bike riding on weekends now – which is lovely
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Light hearted, fun musings about things related to the Outlander Series, women, Moms, local things going on in our area, and things to do with our kids.

Outlander TV News

A website dedicated to news on the television adaptation of the Outlander book series by Diana Gabaldon.

Outlander Behind the Scenes

Quality Curated Content

Scotland Travel

Scotland Travel - stories, tips, photos, lore, and more!

Corleones & Lannisters

All about quality films and TV shows. Or average ones. And sometimes awful ones, too

Elan Mudrow


Cristian Mihai

writes one short story every week

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