Getting there.. Slowly


This weekend has been spent tinkering with internet related things. ( Let’s be honest- that’s what I’ve been doing nearly every weekend for two months) and I just want to go on record to say that …. It seems things are finally starting to get somewhere. I’ve been mostly mucking around with my social media accounts and finding ways to link them all together. I’d like to think that I’ve been pretty successful at it.

Still got a lot of work as far as creating content is concerned. I’ve down loaded a few free trials of editing programs and such and I’ve been playing with them all in one way or the other – finding out how they work ( after watching the related You Tube tutorial about what it is I’ve downloaded)

I’ll have a clearer understanding of what it is I’m using in a couple of weeks when the trials run out – I’ll know what works and what doesn’t. What to buy ( If I need to) and what to delete and dismiss completely.

As for ideas? God, I haven’t even got that far yet. Granted, I’ve had a few thoughts and wrote them down – but nothing in concrete for the moment.

It’s hard work – but I’m loving doing it ( To the point Hubby tells me to stop and do something else.. just in case my brain explodes! HA!)  I haven’t felt this excited about something in a long time. And, I get the feeling, the level of satisfaction I’ll get from doing this – will far outweigh any that I am supposed to get from the job I currently do for money.

But, that’s the way it goes.



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