And so it continues

This weekend sees me tinkering with everything and ….forgetting how it all works. Which is frustrating to say the least.

I really want to start on this project – ( Sooner rather than later) but I’m having difficulty in trying to remember things – especially with both IMovie and Final Cut Pro. My trial run of Final Cut runs out in 16  days and I am no  where near as ..” advanced” ( and by advanced I mean understanding the basics on how it works – and yes, I have watched the tutorial more than once.) as I want to be. There are times I wonder if I should really be doing this as I do find it all a little overwhelming. I hate not knowing how to do something – especially when i see everyone else being able to do it and making it look simple.

That being said, the little victories I do have with this – are worth it. So, you know, it’s not all bad.


In other news, life goes on as normal. No complaints there.

Enjoy your Sunday  regardless of what you do


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