Break through!

At Last!


This morning I had a break through and everything I’d been trying to absorb re editing videos finally starting making sense! ( The only thing I did do was accidentally delete my audio off the test video I was editing and now I can’t seem to get it back..)

This week I made the decision to stay away from everything computer related ( With the exception of social media) and not bother with working on anything because I felt I needed a break. I was so mentally exhausted from trying to learn everything all at once – that nothing was sinking in any more. So, I took a step back. So glad i did. Everything seems so much easier now 😀


Don’t get me wrong – still have a lot to learn but I’m not so stressed about things now.

What else has been happening?

Work has been insanely busy and it’s just going to get worse as we get closer to Christmas. We’ve hired more people, sure, but training them takes time and sadly, they’re not getting trained up fast enough to keep up with demand.  There are lots of things I could say here but ….. It’s probably best that I don’t.

Tomorrow I am going to visit  my Dad. Looking forward to that.

Have a good weekend everyone,



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