Updates and things

As I write this – I am going through waiting for updates on every single device I own. I’m simultaneously doing an update on my Mac Book and my Iphone and wondering which application will download and update first.

While  I wait for that- let me fill you in on the weeks events.

Monday began with back spasms that hurt like nothing else I’ve ever experienced . Hubby had to stay home with me to help me get about or else I would have been screwed. I went to the Dr and he gave me pain killers which are really helping

This week the official countdown to Christmas has began at work with Customers being more stressed about where their items are and how long it’s going to take to receive them.  So, as you can imagine-  it’s been 27 shades of hectic for my workmates and I as we try and get each customer sorted as quickly and as professionally as possible. Mind you, at the end of the day – exhaustion is an understatement and frankly, by the time I get home, I can barely function.

Things with Project RanPotJam are coming along OK ( Although all work has ground to a halt so far today thanks to the updates)  still have a long way to go and a lot to learn – but that’s OK . No rush so it’s all good

Anyway, not much else to say for the moment . Will hopefully have more updates next weekend

Thanks for reading,

CJ Cross

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