Catch up post …

*Blinks* Wait… wha? Where am I? 

Is that the time? Has it really been that long since I last posted something?  So much has happened since I last posted. 

To start with, I now have two videos on You Tube. This makes me happy. The most recent one was almost a complete failure due to the fact I was having so much trouble with it. In the space of a week I had four failed upload attempts due to internet trouble, I had to edit it three times (Twice due to not being happy with it and another because.. well, I’ll get to that in a moment), I accidentally deleted the footage ( hence the third edit when I got it back. BTW annotations give me the shits big time)  and then, finally, last night, I got it up and on the web.

You can see it here: Click here

There has been a lot of other stuff as well. Work has been completely mental. It’s getting close to PO BOX renewal time and this year sees the first e-invoices going out to customers. We’re going to be flat out for the next 3 months while we deal with people and their inability to pay an invoice on time. That being said, I am hopeful that e invoicing will solve a majority of that and we won’t get as many calls as we usually do this time of year. 

MICF is just around the corner. As always, I will buy the Guide simply so I have it. It’s funny. For almost 7 years I was always excited about MICF time. I couldn’t wait for the guide to come out – even though I’d already have at least 75% of the tickets to shows I wanted to see. Every year I’d arrange to have the 3 weeks of the MICF off of work so I could go and see shows. Over the last few years however, I just seem to have lost almost all interest in it. At time of writing I have no tickets to any shows what so ever and it’s almost like I simply cannot be bothered with any of it. I’ll be working through it this year. I did the same last year as well. I may venture into the city during it for vlogging purposes but other than that – I’ll play it by ear and see what happens. 

To be honest- I’m more excited for later in the year for June/July when I fly across to my second home in Brisvegas and spend time with my favourite girls. We’ll be seeing DAAS up there and it’ll be made even more epic for me as I’ll be seeing it with people who I just love spending time with 🙂 Mind you, some of them will be venturing down to Melbourne for MICF so maybe…. 🙂

There have been some sucky moments as well in the last few weeks. A dear friend of mine lost the battle against the bastard that is Cancer. I will miss them dearly and think of them often. 2016 it’s been said is the year of the Monkey. I beg to differ. 2016 has been the year of the big C and I wish it kindly would pack its bags and go far, far away! 

I’ve had a few personal set backs as well which have made the last two weeks a bit crappy. While I won’t go into it here, as this is not the place to talk about such things, I will say that sometimes saying the word “Sorry” really helps move things along and makes everyone happy. 

Thanks for reading,





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