The Week I walked 500 Miles ( and then some)

I have dishes waiting for me in the kitchen. They’re calling to me as I write this. “Come wash us, CJ” they say. “Come, come you know you want too”


I am trying my best to ignore them. Yes I know they need to be done. Yes, I know the longer I leave them – the longer they’ll take to be washed but I wanted to write a blog. So, here I am.


This week was an interesting one. As the title suggests I did indeed walk 500 miles and then some.

Those who know me will tell you that walking, for the most part, is not my strong point. This is for two reasons.


  • I have Cerebral Palsy
  • I have Osteoarthritis.

As a result, walking for me is considered a dangerous occupation at best and something I should take great care in doing. This week however, saw me throw all caution to the wind and go all gung-ho on a walking spree that even Olympic champions would be jealous of (Ego much there, CJ?) and I. Uh… Well, actually. No. No they wouldn’t so never mind.




Right. I think it’s only fair that I give a bit of back-story at this point – just so that what I’m rambling about makes a little bit more sense. Lets start at the very beginning.


Back in April this year I had a dose of the flu. Not a majorly bad one mind you but it was just enough to keep me home for a day or two and annoy the crap outta me. Anyway, during that week my nose was running like a tap and one Sunday afternoon I blew my nose. And it wasn’t a gentle blow either. It was an almighty blow that sadly, and annoyingly caused my right eardrum to expand outward and….


That was it. It didn’t pop. It didn’t retract back into the ear. No. What it did do was start to ring. And ring. And ring. And ring. It’s now almost the end of July and 4 months, 5 GP’s, 2 hearing tests and 1 E. N.T (Ear Nose and Throat specialist not the strange tree like creatures from Lord Of The Rings) later, the closest thing I’ve gotten to any kind of relief from this menace or rather Tinnitus I was given a course of something called Panafcortelone. This little white tablet, I discovered was the following two things:


  • A Steroid
  • An Inhibitor.

In other words this little white pill made all my pain go away. And I mean all of it. Not only that, I was also informed by the Dr who prescribed it to me that it would also improve your mood. (It did. I ‘ve been happy as a pig in poop for a week but that’s another story for another day)

So, that meant I could walk! I could walk without pain and hurt and limping (even more pronounced than normal) and hobbling around like an old woman. Side note – Just before I was given this medication, I had actually purchased a walking cane. I don’t mind having one. It helps me a lot. Especially when it comes to getting up and down stairs on my own.


All last week I walked with ease down the hill to the bus stop and back. I was able to walk around the office at work without holding on to things for support or stopping every 5 minutes because the pain in my knees was excruciating. (I was also given a 6-week course of nasal spray for my sinus. This is also working well at the moment.. But anyway.. ) And it was fabulous!


Which brings me to today and the reason for this blog. As with all medications at some point you have to stop. I took my last Panafcortelone tablet on Friday morning and now my body is starting to rebel. Hello screaming pains in my right leg. Hello body under stress. Hello frustration and being pissed off again because I can’t bloody move!




Don’t get me wrong the meds I took this week have done a wonderful job reducing the pain relating to my ears and sinus and have also reduced the swelling that came with it – but prolonged use of this little tablet can cause more problems. This is bummer. This makes me sad. Boo.


I still have the ringing but I’ve been told that in time I will learn to make it fade into the background. Either that or it’ll simply go away of its own accord. These days both my ears pop, snap and click and its something I’ve just gotten used to.


Other things I have learned as a result of this entire experience is that an E.N.T cost an arm and a leg to see and if they, say, do something like.. I don’t know, refer you to get an MRI for a brain scan.. Don’t do what I did and call up to make an appointment for said *MRI and nearly have an effing heart attack when you’re told that it will cost you nearly $400 and you’ll get no rebate from Medicare whatsoever.


Ah the joys of life.


I still need to do those dishes though.


Thanks for reading,




* At time of writing, I still haven’t booked in to do the MRI. It’s not like they’ll find much in my head anyway ..




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