The Tale Of Two Kittens, More Medical Malarky And An Update In A Pear Tree

11.21am on Sunday morning.


It’s cold, wet and dreary outside and it looks like spring has decided to pack her bags and move to a warmer climate because winter hasn’t moved out yet and continues to be a massive asshole.


I’m not really in the mood to write anything but I haven’t updated for a few weeks and it’s about time I made the effort – so here we are.


First of all, I shall give you an update.

Things have been going as to be expected. Work is as it should be. Busy, repetitive and pretty much the norm leading up to Christmas. At this time of year your average Human Being quietly starts losing the plot. It’s not really noticeable at first (Unless you know what you’re looking for) but the first threads of sanity start to get pulled away as we prepare for the yearly festive onslaught. It’s about this time you see that people start sending/ receiving presents to overseas family and friends via sea mail. So, mild anxiety starts to seep in as people start to ask the $6 Million dollar question “ If I send this now, will it get there on time?” *


Will keep you posted.


In other, more interesting news, the Husband and I clocked 10 years Married on Friday 16/9/2016. We think that’s pretty awesome. We celebrated by leaving the house early and doing a whole bunch of things that, had we not taken the day off, we never would of got around to doing.


In my previous Blog I mentioned that I was looking at booking an appointment for an MRI on the noggin. That was one of the things I did on our Wedding Anniversary. I went for the MRI. Gotta tell you. Not fun. Not fun at all. I found myself flat on my back in a tube type thing with my head secured in a helmet for about half an hour while this huge, ginormous beast of a machine whirred, beeped, roared, vibrated and air- horned around my head. I have not idea what the outcome of it will be but I’ll be ringing my Dr on Wednesday to see if they’ve received the scanned results


After that, Hubby had an eye test at OPSM and it turns out he needs reading glasses. No great surprise there though. He reads a lot. Probably more than most people if I were completely honest. Speaking of which, I am finally getting my new reading glasses! Yay! Can’t wait for those. It’ll make starring at the PC at work so much easier on the eyes and I’ll be able to read a book without straining my eyes.


We went out to lunch at our favourite restaurant.. . Only to discover that they’d changed the menu and our sole reason for going there was no longer an option. We settled for something else (What we thought was a close second) but discovered it wasn’t to our liking so I don’t think we’ll be going back there anymore. Which is a shame but.. As they say in the classics.. Shit happens.

It just seems to be a thing with us. If we decide we like something- be at a particular brand of a thing or a meal from a restaurant –then that thing either stops being made or removed from the menu. It’s a load of bulltwang to be honest with you but oh well.

We’ve spent most of this weekend catching up on housework and errands – Which is a good thing. Nothing worse when you fall behind and have to play catch up. Thankfully, yesterday was a lovely day and we managed to get all the washing done – including sheets and towels.


Now, as the title of this blog suggests, we have a new kitten. J

We have named her Isabelle. Isabelle Prudence Gwynevere Cross. She is a longhaired, female Selkirk Rex and we love her. She came to us (Technically a rescue) from a loving family located in Hampton who, for personal reasons, found they were unable to keep her. I found out about our Girl through Face Book and instantly fell in love with her. Arrangements were made and we had her bought to our place a little over a week ago. She has settled in very, very well and has pretty much made our house her forever home. Granted, there is still a little bit of work to do as far as making our other kitten, Mr Snuffles comfortable with the idea of having another Cat in the house but little Miss seems to have taken matters into her own hands there where that is concerned and has taken to following Mr Snuffles almost everywhere and pouncing him at every given opportunity

We’re taking them both to the vet next week for check ups. That should be interesting. Our vet loves Mr Snuffles and so bringing in our little Miss should solicit the same “ Oh how adorable!” reaction that he gets every time he pays a visit.

The only thing we’re battling with is grooming. She’s a longhaired kitten and as such has a lot of fur. Now, we can comb her. That’s no problem but occasionally, after she’s been to the toilet, bits get stuck to her fur. She’s good for the most part cleaning herself we’re a bit baffled how to best take care of it in that regard. If anyone has any suggestions – please let me know.


On that note, I think I’ll leave this here. I’ve said enough for someone who didn’t want to blog today.


Thanks for reading,




  • OK, so, it’s not the $6 Million dollar question .. but still a valid question all the same .




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