My 2016. That’s a wrap! ( up blog)

With two weeks left until the end of 2016, I thought now would be a good time to write a blog.


Firstly, I want to apologise for my inconsistent updates on this site. I kept telling myself (and as such you, dear reader) that I would be updating at least once a week with my goings on, that you would be informed of all things me and all would be right with the world.


Sadly, that failed to occur as for a majority of this year- I have been unwell. This year has not been kind to me in that regard, taking every possible opportunity to kick me down whenever I attempted to get back up. Now, I’m not saying that I was the worst affected – as I know there are those whose daily struggles far outweigh mine and, I suppose, as such, I really don’t have the right to complain about anything.


That may be true but still I feel my frustrations about this year remain valid and still a real reason as to why I have come to label 2016 as one of the worst years ever.


This year I have suffered much pain due to my Osteoarthritis. It’s flared up so much more this year than previous years to the point where I now have a wheelchair ( as well as a disabled parking sticker) for the days that my body just won’t cooperate and do what it’s told. Most days I have a walking cane and that generally does the trick but every so often I’ve gotta crack out the wheels to get about.


I’ve also spent a lot of time this year going back and forth between Doctors and specialist for medical appointments.


I think this year I have broken the record for the amount of times I’ve been sick


Over this year I have suffered from


The flu (x 2)

Combination Hay fever /Sinusitis

Right sided facial swelling and tinnitus (thanks to the flu I caught in April. It’s now been 8 months and whilst the swelling has gone down – the ringing in my right ear is constant. Day in /Day out.)


Excessive nose bleeds

Stress related illness

Knee sprain.


In total I saw


7 GP’s

Had 2 hearing tests

Had a MRI

Saw two E.N.T’s (Ear, nose and throat specialist’s)


Financially, this took its toll on the purse strings and there were a few times this year where Hubby and I were left wondering if we’d make it to the end of the week or not.


That being said, all medical appointments are done (for now, I hope) and we can start saving money again.


This year had some small wins as well.


I decided to start a You Tube channel.   I purchased a Canon 80D so I can shoot videos. I do enjoy making videos. Over the course of this year I have taught myself how to use Final Cut Pro X as well as iMovie on the Mac. I must confess to thoroughly enjoy the editing process. I could spend hours (Days) editing a video – simply because it’s so much fun. Most You Tubers say they’re not a fan of the editing process – but I love it. You have so much creative control. I’ll grant you, I’m not a professional by any means and I still have a long way to go – but as time goes on, I hope to get better at it.


Hubby also had some wins as well both with his work (though he may argue that the fact he’s still working where he is, is still shit and therefore not a win – but a major pain in the butt) and personally. He’s lost 20 kilo’s this year and it’s done wonders for him. He still tinkers with things musically too and that’s just fine by me.


Over all, I’ve lost close to 6kgs this year. Ok, so it’s not where I wanted to be (I wanted to lose 10kgs by years end) but all things considered, that’s still a pretty good effort. My diet has changed a lot from this time last year and I’ve cut back on a fair few things. Again, there are times when I have fallen off the bandwagon but I’ve always made the effort to get back on it again. I plan to continue this into the New Year and hopefully another 6kgs will be gone by this time next year.


We got another kitten. A female tabby Selkirk Rex. She came to us via a lovely family who sadly could not look after her. Her original name was Casserole – but we changed it to Isabelle. She’s been with us for four months and she’s fit right in. Ok, so Mr Snuffles doesn’t think much of the decision at the moment but they’re getting there and getting along with each other better as each day passes.


I’ve gone part time at work. This was due mostly to the entire medical back and forth I had going on. It’s so much easier to go part time rather than have to struggle with trying to get time off to do things. Since going part time in September this year I’ve managed to


Attend all medical appointments

Tie up a whole lot of lose ends regarding financial matters

Streamline my social media accounts (and remove a whole lot of unnecessary rubbish)

Got myself some proper reading glasses

(Finally) Start the process of going about getting a passport and the best things of all?


Having the time to work on my You Tube videos. Sure, I haven’t uploaded as much as I’d like too (and if you’ve read this far – you’ll know why) Next year I plan to make it more frequent and stop making excuses as to why I can’t make a video.


I became an Aunt again this year, with my Sister giving birth to a baby girl. Her name is Louisa Joy and I have plans to meet her early next year in March. I would of done it already but all my current lot of leave has been chewed up by the years medical appointments so I have to wait for it to accrue again.


This year has been sad in that the world has lost so many of our favourite entertainers. Across music, theatre and films. We’ve lost authors, newsreaders, comedic performers, scientists and sporting legends. I would go so far as to say, that 2016 has been the worst year for Celebrity deaths. It is for that reason alone I say that 2016 has sucked major, major donkey balls.


Other than that, the year went fairly quickly. I did my usual trip to Brisbane to catch up with mates – which is always fun. Comedy wise I saw The Doug Anthony All Stars 7 times, I read a couple of decent books, watched a ton of You Tube, drank a lot of scotch and coke, got addicted to Cobbs Popcorn and Canon Camera’s, decided I wanted to go to Vid-Con next year and began thinking about how I should celebrate my 40th Birthday next May.


On that note, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year.


Here’s hoping 2017 is a fantastic year for all of us!


Thanks for reading,














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