2016 – My year in review

As 2016 draws to a close, I thought I’d take a few moments to do one of those cheesy yet heartfelt posts about it being New Years and new everything. I have already posted a short status on Facebook saying that I hope this year falls into the bin – but I felt the need to elaborate on it.


Here now, are my thoughts on the year that was 2016.


2016 was the year the music died. The reason I say this is that just about everyone who made an impact on the world of music passed away. We lost Bowie, Prince and George Michael just to name a few. Its also been a year that we farewelled an extensive list of stars from stage and screen such as Alan Rickman, Gene Wilder, Debbie Reynolds and of course, Carrie Fisher. The list is way to long for me to mention them all (and chances are, I’ll leave someone out) but the fact remains that this year we lost so many talented performers, artists, sportsman, musicians as well as authors, scientists, inventors and creators that there were times we wondered if there would be any left come the end of the year.


A common theme for me, every time I “blamed” 2016 for the death of another beloved celebrity was,“ People die. It’s a part of life. You shouldn’t get so angry. Get over it!”

Yeah. About that. There’s a reason everyone is getting so upset and not just getting over anything in a hurry. You see, I was born in the final few years of the 70’s which means that the ones that died this year – are people I grew up either listening to on the radio, watching on TV, reading about in the paper or magazine or going to the movies to watch their latest film. And trust me when I tell you, those of us who were born between 1974- 1983 are having a bit of a hard time of it right now. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE we ever loved or were inspired by is leaving us on pretty much a daily basis.. AND IT HURTS. We’re not stupid. We understand that people die. We get that. It’s just that there’s been so much this year; it’s almost impossible to comprehend. So please, just let us grieve and leave us be. We need to be alone with our thoughts right now, OK?


2016 was the year that the world ate paranoia and fear on toast for breakfast, a bowl of homophobia and sexism for lunch, an upsized meal of bigotry with a side of racism for dessert all washed down with a steaming hot cup of outrage before going to bed.

We gorged on it. Day in. Day out. We got so fat from it that now we can barely get our backsides out of our self-entitled recliner chair. Although, to be fair, the world did have moments of shouting down those less fortunate, refusing to help those in need and turning a blind eye to death and destruction. Oh, and if that wasn’t bad enough, 2016 was also the year the American People elected a Woman hating, chauvinistic, sexist, toxic, narrow minded, pig headed, homophobic, racist, narcissistic psychotic, flock of seagulls haircut sporting, man orange to be the next President of the free world.


It’s not all bad though. I mean, Justin Bieber is still with us, the Kardashian’s are just as vacuous as ever and Kanye West plans to wow us with his New Year’s resolution. Anyone? Hears crickets

Oh well, …. Moving on.


On a personal note, I’ve found 2016 to be rather annoying to be honest. So many things that I had planned at the beginning of this year just either didn’t happen or couldn’t happen because of the way this year panned out for me.


At the end of 2015, I decided that I wanted to create a You Tube Channel. I even became a verified partner, meaning that I could monetize my videos and hopefully earn a little extra income from them. My original plan was to upload one video a week. Then, as the year progressed increase that to two. It was a pretty solid plan. I had basic equipment and enough to get me started to get what I called, “ Project RamPotJam” off the ground. Everything started out smoothly enough, then in the 3rd week of April this year I got a really bad cold. It lasted for about a fortnight. It was during this time that all my problems started to occur.


To begin with, one Sunday afternoon in April, during this germ infested snot fest, I blew my nose. Apparently, I blew it so hard that it caused the right hand side of my face to swell and become inflamed. Add to that, my right ear started to ring. really, really loudly. It felt like there was something in my ear. Like a tiny air bubble right at the bottom of ear drum that needed to burst but couldn’t be reached. I went to my Doctor and pleaded with her to clean my ears out but since she couldn’t “See” anything – there was nothing she could do. She told me to continue to take antihistamines and hopefully that’d sort the problem out. But, after 2 ear infections, excruciating pain down the right hand side of my face, 6 doctors visits, two hearing tests, 2 E.N.T’s and an MRI it was discovered that I had TMJ. (Google it) At time of writing, while the right-sided facial swelling has subsided somewhat, I now get neck and shoulder pain and right ear has been ringing, popping and clicking pretty much non stop for 9 months. The only time I seem to get any respite from it – is when I sleep. Sadly, I can’t spend all my life asleep (Which is annoying in itself really, because I love sleep) so it’s just something I’ve simply had to get used to. And yes, I have tried everything I can think of to get rid of it – to no avail.


As a result of all this, I made the choice to reduce my working hours to part time. (I have discussed this in previous blogs) in the hope of finding time to rest and work on making videos for my You Tube Channel. Instead I found myself running around doing a whole lot of small things I needed to do in my personal life that I hadn’t been able to before due to working full time. I also found myself attending a plethora of medical appointments that my Husband had to take time off work to take me to- effectively burnt a hole in not only in his time but also his wallet as we discovered that being a walking science experiment isn’t cheap and tend to cost a lot of money.

I’ve also had to bite the bullet and rely heavily on either a walking cane or a wheel chair to get about (also discussed in previous blogs) and while I will say that using either can be quite frustrating at times they do have their advantages in that it makes it easier to get a seat on public transport.


At time of writing, I am still in pain but it’s not terrible today and moving forward into 2017, I plan to tackle everything head on to make things better for myself and more importantly, my Husband as he needs a break. He’s done so much for me (I’d have been lost without him I swear) so, its time to do up my boot straps and get on with things.


As a result of all that though, my You Tube channel kind of got a bit neglected. Over all, for this year I have uploaded 10 videos – which by anyone’s standards is quite pathetic. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed making those videos and getting them out there but I would like to have done it so much more. This year I plan to be more vigilant in the creating /filming and uploading department. I have had lots of ideas for content over the last few months and I can’t wait to start working on them in the New Year. On the upside, I have managed to upgrade my Camera equipment so I’m pretty happy about that.


Speaking of positive things, there were some small but significant victories this year that I think are worth a mention.


Isabelle, or Miss Floof as she is affectionately known, came into our lives in late August / early September. She’s a beautiful girl and those who have been following my socials would have seen the ridiculous amount of Kitty Spam that I’ve posted already. (She’s considered a victory because I wanted a new kitty and I got one)


  • Camera stuff

In the last 12 months I’ve taught myself basic filming and basic video editing thanks to the You Tube videos I do. I also have a very basic understanding of DSLR camera’s and point and shoots that I use. Don’t know much about lens (other than the one kit lens I have atm) but I plan to rectify that this year.


  • Other Stuff

As previously mentioned, I have been able to get a whole lot of stuff done since dropping back to part time. This leaves the New Year with pretty much a clean slate – giving me ample time to get my You Tube Channel off the ground.


  • I got to do the usual trip to Brisvegas and hang out with my mates. I love going there. My friends are my life. In fact, if it wasn’t for this year’s trip to Brisbane I never would of met my cousin and her family. So this year’s trip will always be that extra bit special too me. I can also say that this year I saw The Doug Anthony All Stars perform 4 times in Brisbane and 2 times in Melbourne. I always love going to DAAS gigs as I always end up bumping into someone I know somewhere along the line


5) My Sister had a baby girl. This year, my Sister, Candice and her Husband Rowan had a baby girl. They named her Louisa Joy. She’s beautiful and I love her and consider myself a very lucky Aunt indeed

Of course, Hubby has had his own little wins but I’ll let Him tell you about those.

2017 will see my visit my family and meet my Niece for the first time, Celebrate my 40th Birthday in Brisbane and attend my first Vid Con event as a creator, which I’m so incredibly excited about.

I promise that next year I will do regular updates on my Blog (although I promise that they won’t be as long as this)

In closing, I’d like to wish everyone a happy and safe New Years and may 2017 be everything you wanted and more


Thank for reading,





















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