Sometimes It All Comes Down To The Little Things

Sometimes it’s all about the little things, you know?


Take this weekend for example. Didn’t have a lot planned but there were things that needed to be done.


I am terrified to write this blog in case my laptop or Internet explodes. Therefore, dot points will be in use during today’s blog.



*Got home OK- nothing to complain about there. Got to bed about 1am however.




*Woke up at 7am

*Was showered and dressed and out the house by 9:10am. Decided we wanted to go to One World café at Westfield Knox for breakfast.

*Got to Knox, put the car in for a detail clean. Head off for breakfast. Get to One World and it’s closed. Doesn’t open or start business till 11am. This is ridiculous!

* Head off to regular food court for something to eat. Hardly anything is open. Opt for Hungry Jacks. It’s disgusting.

*Wander down to Holdsworth Jewellers to get all my pieces cleaned. Fine.

*Go to Big City Chic for some jeans.

  1.  They don’t have the ones I want
  2.  They don’t have my size
  3.  The girl there tells me to order what I want on line. (If I wanted to do that I would of done so already)
  4.  While trying on other pairs I have an anxiety attack in the change rooms and end up sweating so much I can see it dripping onto the floor.
  • Hubby manages to find something to eat (after trying to get a toasty and a coffee from Hungry Jacks for $8. The minimum amount for an EFT transaction is $10.)
  • I go to OPSM to get my glasses fixed and Hubby goes and gets some new slippers and some singlets.
  • We leave Knox. But not before noticing that the Car has been badly cleaned and there were still streaks of wax on the bonnet.
  • We get home and Hubby decides to go for a bike ride and I decide to record a video. I struggle to set everything up and shoot the video while he sends me a text saying that he’s out on a ride and get a flat tire and it’s going to cost $137 to fix it (Tubes for the tires, a service and a repair kit)


We then decide to call it quits for the rest of the day. Later that night however, due to the weather, the stress of the day and being stupidly tired – I end up making a dash to the loo and throwing up.




*Sleep in till 9am


*Find it difficult to get motivated and do anything


  • Finally get out and go down to Eastland and run errands.
  • Order lunch and we are over charged and our order is wrong
  • Go do our shop at the local IGA. Cost us twice as much to do so.


On a positive note I got two USB cables for $19 at office works. Yay!


Thanks for reading.





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My name is CJ Cross But, you can call me Ceej. I've done a lot of things in my life. I've been born, grown up, went to school ( several of them in fact) left school, spent time unemployed, got a job, learned to drive, got a car and got my licence. I fell in love, got Married and swapped the idea of having Children with the idea of having cats. So far, this is an arrangement that works for me. I have hobbies and interests. Some of these include: Collecting notebooks Mucking about on Social Media Binge Watching TV shows My favourite things include whisky, chocolate, pasta, ice cream and Irish breakfast tea. I've dabbled in Stand-Up-Comedy, Stage Management and making Creative Content for Youtube... all of which fell flat .. which is why I am trying to blog now.

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