Writing Challenge

So, naturally, like all good Bloggers, I have been noticeably absent

Sorry about that…

No, really…. I am.

Oh, don’t believe me then… Ok… Fine

Recently, I put the call out on my Face Book page for subjects to write about. I wanted a writing challenge. Something to get the creative juices flowing.

This is so that

A) I am never out of practise with my writing
B) I am challenged to write something new every week /month
C) It justifies the $20 I’m paying a year to keep this domain on the Word Press platform
So far, I haven’t a bite and it’s really, really, disappointing. A few years ago, I tried something similar on my Vlogging channel (An earlier version of my current channel – The old version – which has since been deleted for all our sakes) but after a few times of trying – it kind of fell over and landed in a heap (Add to that, I had no idea how to edit videos or anything back then)

So! I am trying again!

What I am wanting to start is a writing challenge!

If you have any ideas on the things I should write about – please go to my FB page Simply CJ’s Fun and Social Media Page and leave a comment or comment down below


Cannot wait to read your suggestions 🙂

Thanks for reading,

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