Book review ” How To Be A Bawse” by Lilly Singh

If I’m honest, this is going to be the one and only time I’m ever going to write a review on something.


However, before I tell you that.. Let me tell you this. I don’t read. Well, at least, I don’t read a lot. I’ll read Facebook status updates and Twitter updates and maybe the occasional meme (OK, a lot of memes) but that’s about it. It’s rare though, for me to read a book.


As a rule, if feel the need to read a book, the first thing I will do is read the blurb on the back and the first two pages of the opening chapter. If that grabs me, then I know its something that I’m not going to put down.



OK, wait. Maybe I should give you a bit of background first.


Hi. My name is CJ Cross. I’m 40 years old and thanks to Lilly Singh, when I grow up, I want to be a BAWSE!


There, there’s that out of the way… No, I’m joking.. Let me fill you in.


Back in 2015, after a spectacularly crappy day at my Customer Service job, I was feeling pretty bummed out. After coming home and complaining long and hard to my ever loving and extraordinarily patient Husband about my crappy day, I took to You Tube for some solace and, hopefully, some laughter therapy for the soul.


The first thing I typed in the search bar was “ Comedy” .. A few things came up but nothing really jumped out at me and got my attention. I tried a few other buzzwords “ British Comedy” “American Comedy” “Australian Comedy”. Nope. And then some more nope followed after that. Which was strangely enough followed by a lot more nope. I then decided to type in “Female Comedians” and the first thing that came up was a video by someone called

“iiSuperwomanii” – the name alone got my attention.


So I clicked on the link to the video. The video was called “ How girls get ready” and until that moment, I had never related to something so hard in all my life! That’s how I discovered Lilly. I lost count of the amount of videos I watched that night, but I loved all of them. I found myself either nodding in agreement to the situation she presented in her content or at least found my self thinking “ Oh my God! I know someone EXACTLY like that!



Fast forward to the present day and I have in my possession her new book entitled, “ How To Be A Bawse – A guide to Conquering Life”


I’m not gonna lie. After the first few pages I felt like I’d been punched in the face with a brick (Metaphorically, not literally.. OK? Sheesh!) And it made me sit up and pay attention. But I’ll get back to that in a second.


The first thing you notice is that the book is heavy. I mean really heavy. The second thing is that the pages are shiny and glossy. The third thing is that the book is colourful and each chapter is colour coded and has it’s own section. (Of course, you’d know this because you’re like me in that you watch her daily vlogging channel and so therefore you are fully aware as to just how much work she has put into this book and that “ Sign some ish!” became her Mantra for about 27 hundred years. But anyway..)


Now, where was I? Oh yes.. Brick. Face. Punching of. The. (Metaphorically.. Not literally, remember?)


If you’re expecting fluff and a bit of light hearted banter in this book – forget it.


You’ll find none of that here. Lilly tells you that herself.


When you read her book, its almost like she’s sitting right there next to you, looking you in the eye and being as honest AF. Almost to the point it hurts. Her words are designed to make you want to cut through the crap and get right to the core of the issues at hand. She guides you, step by step on how to be the best YOU, you can be, while giving you tips and tricks on how to be successful in life, regardless of what it is you set out to do.


All this while telling us how she went from almost giving up on everything to becoming iiSuperwomanii and everything else in between


It’s at this point I guarantee you I can hear the cogs in your brain turning over. You want to ask why. You want to ask why would a 40 year old Woman be in the slightest bit interested in a book that’s been written by someone under 30. Why? I’ll tell you.


Actually, no I won’t.. I’ll show you. Go to and take a look there. Do you see them? The ones that want to change the world and are actually doing it?

Lilly is one of those people. My social media pages are filled with comments and status from people who claim to be a lot of things.. From the safety of their bedroom, where there lap top is constantly plugged in on charge. They’re caps locking about saving the Universe and Animal Rights and Women’s rights and hating on whatever upset them that last hour and then, in the very same breath, they’re blabbing on about whatever series they’ve just down loaded off of Netflix.


Lilly, is, in all honesty, using who She is to be a force of good in the world. (She’s like a Jedi that way. Except, instead of a light-sabre, she’s saving the world 1 Rafiki bracelet at a time) and that’s why I like Her. That and She’s hilarious.. And She beat Humble The Poet at ping pong … But I digress..


I don’t want to go into to much detail because I don’t want to ruin the amazing, life changing experience you’re going to have if you read this book – but trust me when I tell you, it’s going to be worth it. You won’t regret it.


In closing I’d like to give this book a rating of 5-chipotle pizzas out of 5. No, really, my local pizza place has them. And they’re delicious!


Thanks for reading,






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