The Type Of Meme I Hate

The punches.. They just keep on coming. Lately, in the form of a Meme.

However, I need to tell you this first..

My Uncle is 68 years old. Currently he’s in Hospital with Stage.. I’m sorry, but your life is fucked.. terminal Cancer.

It’s in His Liver, Spine and Lungs. The bulk of the Cancer sits in his right lung. Over the last few days, Doctors have drained at least 3 litres of fluid from his lungs. He’s as comfortable as possible but there’s no way on God’s green Earth he’s going to go home. At best, ( If he lives that long) he’ll be transferred to a Hospice where they’ll care for Him until the time comes.

*Warning. Rant incoming*

You know what I hate? I hate those memes that show a picture of some person smiling with the Caption ” This person has stage 3 Cancer. Can I get likes or an Amen?” – Because, you know what? Fuck Off with your memes and your bullshit. Seriously. If you knew a single thing about it- you’d know it’s not something you fucking smile about!

There, I said it. Fuck. Off. With. Your. Memes. And. Bullshit!

Cancer is an asshole. Pure and simple.

Praying and saying Amen doesn’t do shit. Neither does liking a meme or hacking some poor sots Facebook page to find the perfect picture of a healthy person to make a fake meme about a stage of Cancer that doesn’t even exist!

There are people out there that are actually doing something to find a cure for this piece of shit disease. They try and find a cure every day. They raise money and bring awareness to the fact that its there and it needs a massive kick in the dick!

Maybe get behind that, huh? Maybe help those who are trying to help you? There’s a thought. Don’t believe those memes for one single second. They’re fake and they need to fuck off.

Because, here’s the thing. While you’re *liking* a meme and typing *Amen* as a comment – Someone is actually dealing with the real thing and not giving a shit about  a heartless, clueless douchebag that knows how to use photoshop and caption a picture.

True Story. The End.

Here endeth the rant …


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