The Post You Write When You Can’t Sleep.

Saturday, 3:55am- it’s the perfect time to write a blog … said no one ever.


I am awake because at 2:38am this morning I woke up freaking out due to chocking to death on my own stomach acid.


You know the type, right? It creeps up on you in the middle of the night and then sticks in your throat, burns like a Motherf- and cuts off your ability to breathe? That one.


We’re on the same page?




So anyway, here I am. Seeing as the Internet has offered me nothing in the wee hours to keep me entertained, I figured I’d entertain myself and write down my thoughts.

Granted, they may be a little whack because I really should be asleep by now – but meh… Let the good times roll.


My neck hurts. I think that means I need to go to my chiropractor again. Trouble with that is she costs $60 a pop and that’s money I just don’t have right now. Add to that she’ll probably want to spend $150.00 up front for a specialised chiropractic pillow and $30 on acupuncture and another $50 on a Vitamin B muscle relaxant all at once. See, She seems to think because I don’t have kids or debts that I’m made of money. I’m not made of money. I wish I were. That’d be swell. But I’m not. So I can’t spend money hand over fist just because my chiropractor says I should. That’s the main reason I’ve been avoiding going to see Her. She constantly wants me to spend money I don’t have. Sure, it’ll be for the benefit of my health and I do see that… but I just don’t have any money. I never have any money. No matter how hard I try she doesn’t seem to understand that.




I’ve been spending a fair bit of time updating all of my socials and giving them a bit of a revamp. I’ve also been looking at ways to make a little extra pocket money from them (as eventually, I’d like to have an online business of some sort and work from home) I’ve been thinking along the lines of becoming a reviewer for products. Not sure what kind of products but yeah, that’s where I am at, at the moment. Written reviews mostly – but that’s mainly so I can keep practising my writing and getting better at it.


In other news, this coming Monday I turn 40.


Fucking 40. Seriously? Really? Sigh


Yesterday (coz it is yesterday now) I found myself thinking back over my thirties and noting what I’ve achieved. While I will write a blog at length about this, here are a few dot points.


  • I’m alive. I made it this far. Yay.
  • I’m still happily Married
  • I tried my hand at a few things like writing for online publications, Stand Up Comedy and You Tube
  • I learnt basic video editing and (very) basic camera and filming techniques
  • I became a Fur baby Mamma a second time –with the adopting of Miss Floof. (Three if we count Puss Wuss)
  • I became an Aunt again: D
  • I went from working full time to working part time
  • I racked up a fortune in medical bills (and its only going to get worse from here)
  • I discovered a whole lot of new music
  • I became quite the social media Queen (or pest, depending on your point of view)


So yes. The points above will be turned into a much longer blog in the coming days as I recap the decade that was my 30’s.


Anyway, it’s 4.28am. I should post this. It’s not like I’m gonna get any sleep anyway.


Thanks for reading,





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