The Time I Wrote A Blog Over Two Days, VidCon Wrap Up And Other Things

At time of writing it’s Tuesday night.


It appears I have a cough that does not wish to quit. Even though I’m not enjoying it, I must admit it’s a clever one. It appears this cough can multi task. For example, not only can I cough to the point my chest hurts, but I have also developed this nifty trick whereby If I’m not careful – a little bit of wee comes out.

When did that happen? What? Suddenly I hit 40 and I’m a walking wee fountain? O

Oh that’s just charming that is. And I haven’t even had kids! Bah! Useless bladder! Toss it into the sea and have the devil be done with it I say!


There. Much better!


Right, now where was I?


Oh yes, Tuesday.


So, today I have spent at home either in bed sleeping or sitting in front of my computer desk (The equivalent of sleeping with your eyes open) doing not much of anything. Oh wait; I spent a rather large amount of my time yelling. Yelling at iTunes.. Because, it was being rather uncooperative and a complete computerised turd because it wouldn’t download the most recent episode of Outlander Se 3. (Have I mentioned just how much Outlander has taken over my life?) After several hours sending emails, tweets, messages on Facebook and discussions with other Outlander fans with similar problems to my own, it was finally ready to rock somewhere close to 3pm this afternoon.


Episode watched (and savage beast sedated) I could continue on with my…. No wait… stop! Can we just. …..Can we just marvel at how amazing David Berry is as LJG? Wow. …


See, the thing is with this series (and you may have guessed by now that yes, it’s taken over my life) is that it’s sooooo good! I’m not going to write an episode review.. Because there are people who already do that and they’re much better at it than I am but I tell you what, it’s a series that grabs you fully by the short and feely and rips them out of you. In a previous blog – where I explain how Outlander changed my life – I mentioned that I cried.. A lot. I also may have mentioned how I don’t do feelings because feelings are shit but there you go. It seems Outlander doesn’t care about that – because it finds them, rips them out of my chest, does a major happy dance on them in spikey shoes and then waltzes away without so much as a by your leave.

And I cannot get enough.

I am in love with the series, the books, the cast.. Just everything. Sigh

Anyway, I should stop there before … Ahem


In other news.. It’s been just over two weeks since VidCon 2017

My God! What a weekend! It was the single most amazing weekend of my life! My friend from Brisbane, Whitney, came down to accompany me and to be my VidCon partner in crime.

VidCon ran over 2 days – September 9th and 10th at the Melbourne Convention Centre in the City. Whitney was due to fly in on the Thursday night, so that gave us Friday to go in and collect tickets and register officially for the event.

After a successful but albeit long trip to and from the airport and back to collect Miss Whits, we ate dinner and finally clocked out to sleep at 3am Friday morning.

On Friday, after a hearty breakfast (Cooked by my amazing Husband) we decided to head in just after registration opened to avoid the queues’


I was already struggling. I’d aggravated my right knee a few days earlier (simply by moving about and breathing it would seem) and so, come the Friday, I was ready to tackle it head on complete with painkillers, knee brace and my ever faithful Edna. (Edna is my bright pink walking cane I’ve had for almost a year – since I hurt my knee the first time) There was no way on Gods green Earth I was going to miss this!

We arrive in good time – just after midday (I think… Is that a good time? If not, it’ll do.) And made our way to the registration area. It took forever because we came in from the wrong entrance but eventually we found it and got our two-day creator passes, a guide to the panels and a pen J


I needed a sit down after that. Not only to get off of my right knee but also to peruse the aforementioned VidCon guide in preparation for the weekends festivities.


We had only meant to sit for a few minutes. We ended up staying for hours. This was because we ended up meeting HeyoDamo (The very same we were going to meet on the Saturday anyway) and hanging around being ridiculous with him and then people came over from everywhere and then there were fidget spinners, chicken nuggets, vlogging and so much fun! (This included the invention of the Floor Dab – which is now a thing by the way)


He’s a real sweetheart to be honest and I loved getting to know him: D


Saturday we returned at around 10am and spent the day going to panels and checking stuff out such as the merchandise stand and other things and we all learned that the Convention Centre was one big giant avocado and we were all safe and warm inside it

Anyway, after a day of panels and food, Whits and I made our way to the Creator Chat-which was with, of course HeyoDamo or Damian or #FidgeyFidgeBitch -I think he’ll answer to either at this point – which was an hour of just chilling and talking about You tube type things and we all thought vidCon was the coolest thing ever.

Saturday night was the You Tube Creator Show – which was all kinds of awesome! It ran for 2 hours and Whits and I had a blast


We were home just before midnight and crashed out

Sunday we were in at 10ish again… and spent at least till 5pm going to panels (Most of which were Damien’s. now that I think about it) and we even got personally escorted to the front row for all of them in the main room. – Which was amaze balls!


My Hubby came and collected us that afternoon. I was grateful for this on many levels, as by that stage – I don’t think I had much juice in the tank left and my knee was certainly feeling it.

Monday was a relaxing day – didn’t do much of anything. Except work on our individual creative stuff then crashed out to sleep.

Wednesday, 6:41am..

Speaking of crashing out to sleep, that’s precisely what I did after I wrote that last line. I had every intention of uploading this before bed but I guess my body had other ideas.. So, where was I??


Oh yes! VidCon weekend.


Whits was due to fly home on the Tuesday and that morning Hubby and I took her to our favourite Café for breakfast.

After that, it was a fairly easy trip back to Tullamarine (and to the elusive terminal 4) to see Whitney safe on her trip back to Brisbane.

I’ve still got a video to finish editing. I know, I know, it’s taking a long time.. But with work being busy, Outlander Se 3 and being sick, it’s going to take a little longer than I thought.

In the meantime, this will have to do.


Thanks for reading,
















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