And…. I’m back …

HAPPY NE- Oh, it’s March…. How the hell did that happen??


I could of sworn … Scratches head. Oh well, never mind.


Right. So before I get down to the serious business of making sure I update this thing on a regular basis.. Here is an update on things so far.


(In bullet point form so as to save time)


  • Outlander still rules my life. I am now just over half way through MOBY. I still have all the other short stories and novellas to read.
  • I’ve been told I need to read ‘The Jacobite Chronicles” after I read though Outlander so that’s on my to do list as well
  • I lost my Uncle Mick to Cancer a few months ago. I miss him a lot
  • I’ve cut my working hours back to 3 days a week due to my ongoing medical issues – yes, they are still a thing and I hate them
  • I’ve taken up doing a little bit of exercise. I now have weights and a desk peddler. Also, I am trying to do sit ups and crunches.. Who am I?
  • I’ve joined MPC (My Peak Challenge- this requires a blog all of its own) and so now I can say I’m a #ProudPeaker. I’ve also joined #PeakerRedShirts and #PeakerWriterWarriors
  • I’ve lost close to 7kgs since January
  • I’m looking at buying a Trike – so I can start riding places and get outdoors
  • Re Point 8 – Doing this means I can take my camera along with me and vlog my adventures.. Thus resurrect my You Tube channel from the dead. I’ve been struggling with it for months so this is as good idea as any to get it off the ground
  • I’ve discovered ALTERBRIDGE – Why didn’t anyone tell me they were so freaking cool!!


So there you go. Now, tune in next week to see if I can do this again


Thanks for reading



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