An Update In … September??



How the bloody hell did that happen?


Looking back, July was the last time I was able to blog anything. The reason was because not long after that, I accidently deleted my password and promptly forgot what it was. It has taken me two months to be able to gain access again. Hence here we are, towards the end of September…… Yeah, you get the idea.

So, what’s happened since the last update? Quite a lot actually. To start with, you remember me telling you all about my medical woes and the specialist I’ve seen and the fact that the reason my life has come to a grounding halt was due to severe TMJ/TMD pain?

Well guess what? After an MRI and another X-ray, it’s been determined that, in fact, I don’t have TMJ/TMD at all. I don’t. My jaw and all its inner workings – work perfectly fine. They are not out of alignment at all.

So, after two years and several hundred dollars spent on medications and medical bills, its now thought that I am suffering from something known as Cluster Headaches. Cluster headaches from what I’ve been told, exhibit the same symptoms as TMJ/TMD disorder only its focus point Is the nerves around the face.

So, just like TMJ/TMD I suffer

Lower right-hand side jaw pain

Swelling and redness around the right-hand side of my face

Tinnitus in my right ear

Pain and discomfort through my neck and shoulder on the right-hand side

Dry skin on the right-hand side of my face

Nerve pain that shoots from the right-hand side of my jaw, down my right side, through my right hip, knee and foot. It feels especially sore between my knee and my ankle. As if the muscle there has been pinched or twisted. To be honest, it feels like there is fluid there – all the time. I’ve not long finished a 3-month course of fluid retention tablets to help with this. Never the less, it still feels like there’s something going on and I find it quite frustrating to say the least.

After a particularly bad flare up in August, I was told I needed to see a Neurologist. I’ve been booked to see one on December the 4th. Hopefully they’ll be able to find some answers .. because so far, none are forthcoming, and I am getting to the point where I am starting to give up hope of ever finding an answer.

In the meantime, to combat all of this, I am also seeing an Osteopath and Physiotherapist. I’ve been seeing them both for the past few months and I have to say that without either of their help -there is no way I would be where I am now. Without them I would not be upright. Without them I would not be able to walk and would be in a wheelchair by now. I see my Osteopath once a fortnight and my Physiotherapist every week.

They help with the chronic pain I feel on a daily basis. They are godsends and I will be forever grateful for their help.

In other news, it seems I have also been bitten by the fitness bug. Currently, I am in possession of a 20kgs weight set, resistance bands, small ankle and wrist weights and by the end of today I shall also have added a fit ball to my collection.  I do stretches and wall push ups and use the weights and such at home. I also have a small peddling contraption under my computer desk – which I use on a daily basis.  This in part, I think, also has a lot to do with the fact that I have been a proud PEAKER since February this year and I got to tell you it has changed my life!

I may have mentioned this before but back in February this year I signed up to My Peak Challenge.  MPC membership Is for a year. When you sign up you are given a member pack which includes a tee-shirt and a wrist band. You are also given access to the official MPC member page on FB and you get access to monthly workout/ training videos plus a monthly nutrition plan.

Anyway, since joining I’ve lost weight and gained strength (along with the help of aforementioned Osteopath and Physiotherapist) and I’m slowly but surely getting back up on my feet.

Chronic pain is a bastard. It stops you doing the simplest of things. From dressing yourself to going to the bathroom.

There are days I cannot dress myself. I’m 41 years old and I struggle to dress myself. My Husband (bless His heart) has to dress me most mornings because the pain shooting through my right side is unbearable. There are days going to the toilet hurts because sitting down hurts like a Mother-f… There are days walking is difficult, sleeping is uncomfortable, and you can forget sex- that’s a no-go zone at the moment as well. See, despite all the progress I’m trying to make and despite doing everything humanly possible to help myself .. this thing still won’t let up. Even as I sit here typing this, my right ear is screamingly loud with the tinnitus and that is a clear indication that today is not going to be a good day. Still, I battle on and hope tomorrow will be better.


Speaking of tomorrow, that means its Monday and THAT means I am only working two days this week. Hooray! This week Victorians have a public holiday on Friday because it’s the AFL Grand Final weekend. This means sport. This means Men with balls that what use them to kick goals or score points or something… I don’t know. All I know is that it’s sport and frankly, *Yawn* .. But it also means a day off! So, whoo-hoo for that!

Best thing about it for me is that my bestie is coming down from Canberra (She’s there visiting family at the moment) to stay the weekend and I’m looking forward to seeing her. We’ve not seen each other since April and I’m really excited. I have no idea what we’re going to be doing while she’s here….  But, that’s half the fun I suppose!

Well, I think I’ll leave this here for now. I could continue writing but then I’d have nothing to write about next week.

Thanks for reading










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