The Weekend That Was Adventures With The Bestie

At time of writing both my feet hurt, I feel like I weigh ten tonnes, my pain levels are off the charts and I feel like I’ve forgotten something.




On the upside, I’ve got a lovely cup of tea sitting in front of me and the new Slash album- Slash featuring Miles Kennedy and The Conspirators sits waiting to be burnt onto my iTunes. So, yay for that.

We are now in October which means we are 1 month and 2 days away from the release of Outlander Season 4. I cannot wait! I am so excited for this season. Based on the book “Drums of Autumn” this season sees Jamie and Claire make their way to the colonies of what will eventually become The United States of America and set up life on a place we will come to know as Frasers Ridge.

Personally, having read the book, I am super keen to see how this book has been adapted to screen. Judging by the trailers alone, I can tell it’s gonna be a cracker of a season! To say I’m excited is an understatement! But, there will be more Outlander related blogs the closer we get to November 4th.


For now, though, let me fill you in on events of the past week.


Due to the fact I live in Australia and in particular I live in the state of Victoria in the city of Melbourne, every year we have a thing called the AFL Grand Final. It’s to do with some weird ass thing known as Football. If you’re not aware – Football is a sport. Involving men and balls…. That they kick. And punt. A lot.  So, there you go. I believe the gist of it is you have two teams who play against each other and each side has to kick a ball to earn points for their team. This goes on for 84 hundred hours until someone wins and takes home the trophy. This single event, held over the course of a day, causes the people of the state of Victoria to lose their minds, get drunk, pass out and thank the great beardy sky man that there’s a public holiday thrown into the mix and no one has to work the next day (This is a lie. People do have to work, and the aftermath is gruesome.)

But I digress. Seeing as it was a long weekend, I had my Bestie down for a few days to stay with me. Normally she would come down from Brisbane but this time around She came via Canberra. Reason being that the week prior to visiting me she went to see her Sister and family, spend quality time with them and run a 10k marathon. Which she did. Epically.

As an added bonus Hubby and I also got to meet the Sister and her Husband. Which was lovely. They all came down from Canberra and, after waking at sparrow-fart O’clock in the morning, they boarded a bus and arrived at Southern Cross station somewhere around 5pm Thursday afternoon. After stopping for some much-needed supplies, catching a train out to mine, getting collected and snapping up fish and chips for tea -they walked in the door of our house at somewhere after 7:30pm that night.

Despite the tiredness bought on by a long day much fun and laughs were had. That night we crashed out early (for us) and slept like logs.

The next day saw two of our company depart as they had plans of their own for the remainder of the weekend but, not without a parting gift of bacon on toast and coffee for breakfast which went down rather well.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) the days that followed went by in somewhat of a blur as copious amounts of wine and spirits were consumed by my bestie, my hubby and me.

Wine, whisky, ginger beer, tacos, Doritos, dips, belligerent biscuits, craptastic crackers, cabana and cheese. Roast pork, fried rice and chicken both fried and marinated wings. Lack of sleep, tears of laughter, memorable puns (and some not so memorable) a few deep and meaningful conversations and the nursing of the hangovers from the seventh circle of hell saw what was one of the best weekends that’s been had in a very long time. It was cathartic and very much needed by all.

Monday saw my Bestie fly home to Brisbane and me drag my sorry, hungover ass to work.

My body hates me. My pain levels and swollen everything are proof of this. On Thursday I have made an appointment to see the Dr in order to get something to help with it Tonight I have my first PT session in over a week and I don’t think I am going to cope very well, but I will go anyway.   I am still tired, still bloated and still drinking coffee like it’s going out of fashion.

But you know what? It was worth it. Every single second of it. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Thanks for reading,









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