I need a break…..

Friday. 9.11pm

I sit in my Pyjamas at my computer desk. I have a block of Cadbury milk chocolate and a 1 litre bottle of Original Bailey’s by my side.

I open Chrome and I head straight for the tabs on my header. I’m on automatic pilot. I lean forward in my chair, anticipating the night ahead- when suddenly – I stop short of opening my social media as I remember … I’m on a break.

The last time I took a break from social media – it was in August approximately 5 years ago. I deactivated everything. Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Deleted the apps from my phone and made every effort possible to stay away from my computer. I read books (mostly harry potter) wrote in my blog, (much like I’m doing now) and watched DVD’s and such on TV.

Back then, it wasn’t so hard. There was nothing completely overwhelming about then need to leave – I was just bored, I guess, and wanted to try something else. So, I switched it off for a month.

Oh, people made the appropriate amount of noise when I told folks that at “Exactly 9pm on the 1st of August” I’d be switching off and deactivating everything.

Cries of “Noooooo! I’ll miss you!”
And “Please don’t leave!” were posted across my FB and twitter timelines but at the time, it was more of a joke than anything else and didn’t really mean anything.

This time though? I’m torn.

Torn between wanting to deactivate and throw the whole lot into the sea and suffering the biggest dose of FOMO I think I’ll ever experience in my life

It’s funny. I’ve never suffered FOMO when it’s came to social media before. But then, there’s never been a reason till…. Till.. now.

I don’t wanna miss anything. I can’t. And it’s driving me mad.


So, I have decided to take a small break from twitter at least. For a day or three.

I need a break.

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