I’m On Holidays. Week One

I want to begin this blog by stating that, for the first time in my life, I am attempting to stick to a posting schedule – meaning that by the time this blog is written, it’ll be ready to drop at 4pm AEST.. which is something that, for the moment shocks me. **


Me? Adulting and sticking to a thing? Who am I? What have I become?

Currently, I am on Rec leave from work. I had put in for two weeks (after much crying and stomping and gnashing of teeth) because I wanted time to celebrate my Birthday. I’ve just turned 42 and Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy jokes aside, I simply wanted to take some time away from work and relax.

Week one has already come and gone. At time of writing, it’s 9:28am on Sunday morning. The weather is drizzly and overcast and there’s a definite chill in the air. A pair of Rosella’s went to town on the backyard, feasting whatever wee beasties crawled out of the earth due to the rain …so that was nice to know. It’s nice to know the concreate and clay swamp we live on is useful for something. Even if it is to feed the birds.

Right. Now to the good bit. Week one of my holidays. Here we go!

It began with picking my Bestie from Brisbane, up at the Airport last Saturday afternoon.  There were complications her end which meant that we didn’t have to rush and after all was said and done, we made good time to get there and she landed (albeit bumpy) safe and sound.


That night we ordered take out and proceeded to get right and royally *Sophisticated* and then went to bed

The next few days were spent catching up on all things Marvel. She had, at my request, bought down at least 6 of the movies with her – in order to catch me up before going to see ENDGAME. I’m so glad I did because I tell you what, ENDGAME is something else entirely and it blew my fucking mind. I DID NOT SEE WHAT CAME COMING AND I AM STILL NOT ENTIRELY OK!!  (Mind you, I’d only just watched INFINITY WAR the night before and I was still not OK from that either!) Thankfully, there was only ourselves and some other random guy in the cinema on the day we saw it – My Birthday – so that was all good. There was a bit of ugly crying, that much was for sure .. but at least there was no crowds so there was that.

The night of my Birthday I requested KFC be ordered and Single Malt Whisky be consumed in celebration of my 42nd rotation around the sun. There were Birthday messages aplenty and rest assured, dear reader, I felt well and truly loved.

The following day, my Father took my bestie, hubby and I out for a counter lunch at the Bayswater Hotel. Normally, it would be a trip to McDonalds for a coffee and a cheese toasty – but this year (after I’d bragged to all and sundry that, that was what was going to happen) he made a liar of me and took me up market instead. Not that I can complain. The meal was lovely, and I was in grand company and that more than made up for it.

On Friday morning we were up at ridiculous O’clock to take my bestie back to the airport in order for her to catch her return flight back to Brisbane. Her flight was at 9am so we needed to be there early.

Thankfully the drive in was reasonable and we made good time- getting in at just after 7am – which gave her plenty of time to check her bags in and for us to grab a wee spot of breakfast before we parted company.

It was there, at the McDonalds I discovered the deliciousness of the Breakfast Burger. I confess, if I am not careful, this could very well be my undoing. It’s similar to the Hungry Jacks “Big Breaky Wrap” except it’s a burger .. instead of a wrap. And I believe I may be addicted to it – which after eating just one – says a lot about the type of person I actually am.

At 8:30am – her flight call time- we said our goodbyes (after getting lost and doing a lap of the Virgin Terminal trying to find her gate. I consider this a win as it meant we more or less walked off breakfast and I learned a valuable lesson in what to wear to the airport should I ever decide to travel anywhere in the foreseeable future. Jeans, as it turns out, will get you frisked by security after the button and zipper sets off the alarms – So, leggings or sweat pants are the preferred choice moving forward)

Upon returning home – it was pretty much a nothing day. We were completely exhausted and thus a nap was taken by yours truly not long after walking through the door. I did, however, rearrange my apt with my Osteopath and make a Dr’s apt for next week – so there was that.

I did try and stay up to start watching Se 4 of Lucifer Friday night, but I promptly fell asleep on the couch at 9pm after watching the first episode.

Yesterday was spent largely unmotivated and both of us were glad of it. There were discussions of cleaning out and decluttering my office space – which in itself is not only a mammoth task … but also, next level adulting. Which has me both excited and terrified AF.***

Last night we continued to watch Lucifer and got as far as the end of episode 5. I’m really enjoying it. I know there’s only 10 episodes this season but ‘by his Dad’ I want to find out what happens. None of this dragging it out and making it last rubbish for me!

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce, whilst on the subject of Lucifer, I now consider myself to be a fully converted “Luci-fan!”  I’ve watched all seasons so far and I think it’s a fantastic show. That and Tom Ellis is rather easy on the eye and ridiculously adorable.


With still one more week to go, I’m really enjoying my time off. It’s been a load of laughs and fun so far and I kind of don’t want it to end.


We’ll see what next week brings eh?


Thanks for reading,




** I lied. I’m posting now because reasons and I don’t think WP has a queuing function. Damn.


*** This is an in-joke. I’m not really terrified of adulting. You just to be there I suppose 😛



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