Short Story Prompt – School Projects Can Be Fun



I had wanted to post this originally on my tumblr however, for reasons I cannot explain, it refuses to post it there and I don’t know why. 

Anyway, I have decided to start writing a series of short stories based on #WordPrompts that people give me to use. The reason for this is that I love to write and I wanted to practise some more. 

This is my first attempt 

The words I were given were






A Special thanks to Ec D who has given me permission to use #SapphireEyes as the basis for this story.

** I have also borrowed a wee bit from The Doug Anthony All Stars –  No disrespect intended. This story is just for fun 😀 **


I hope you enjoy 😀




“Catey’s Crafties!”


Catey’s Crafties – The Home of Haberdashery!” 

She turned to her Father and smiled “What do you think Da? Pretty good huh?”

Xavier eyed his Daughters handy work with pride. Sprawled across the kitchen table was Catey’s latest project for school. This one, he’d been told, was to come up with an idea for a business, create a product and a way to sell it to the masses.

Catey had decided on arts and crafts, much to her Father’s delight and had spent the last few weeks working on her design and logo as well as her budget and cash flow for her business plan. He’d helped a little with some of the graphics and drawings of course, but, in the end, it was Catey who had pieced it all together and made it her own.

 “ Táim bródúil as mo ghrá “ He smiled at her “ Well done”  Catey smiled back “Go raibh maith agat Athair” She replied “ I’m glad you like it”

 Xavier sighed then and in one smooth movement slipped his hands into the pockets of his jeans and began to rock back and forth on his heels “ Question is “ he eyed his daughter thoughtfully “ How the fuck you going to sell this, Shea? I mean, Catey’s Crafties is OK but ..” He paused as if in thought “ It sounds like you’re dishing out sliced cheese…”  

“Daddy!” Catey laughed, swatting him playfully on the arm “ It is not! Stop it!”

 “Fucking is so!” He laughed reaching over to her in an attempt to poke her in the ribs in retaliation for the offending arm slap “Craftie’s Sliced Cheese!”   

“Tends to talk a lot!” Boomed a familiar voice down the hall “Verbose, long- winded and full of shit! Has ten letters?”   

 “Hello Hamish.” Xavier grinned “Crossword is it?”

“Yes. “Hamish replied, “Joh let me in. I hope you don’t mind”

Smiling, he walked over to Catey and wrapped her in a bear hug “Hey Belle! So good to see you!” He stepped back and eyed the goings on, on the kitchen table “What’s all this?” He asked, “This is amazing!” Catey beamed, her blue eyes twinkling with happiness “Thanks Mama!” She gestured him forward towards the table to enable him to further admire her handy work “It’s a project. For School. I’ve almost finished it”

 “Amazing!” Hamish breathed; eyes wide “Catey’s Crafties!” he grinned “Sounds like someone’s on the verge of selling sliced cheese!”  

“That’s what I said” Xavier said, coming to stand beside him “By the way, “he added “The word you’re looking for is Loquacious”


“Loquacious. Means all those other words you just said”

Hamish snorted “You mean, long winded and full of shit?”

“Yeah” Xavier started “Hey!” he stepped back, a feigned expression of hurt on his face “Have some respect, son! By Jingo’s you know how to wound a fella, dontcha?”

Hamish rolled his eyes as Xavier continued to speak “I mean, all those years. All those years of… of … love and devotion …and you just wound me. Wound me!”

Turning to his daughter, Hamish sighed, grinned at her and shook his head. In return, she mimed a violin being played and he laughed, breaking Xavier’s concentration.

“Oh! Funny man! Funny man!” Xavier, deciding to play the all-out dramatic card to bring his performance home, cried out in mock anguish “You hate me!” He sobbed “You hate me! You hate me because you know my terrible secret!”

“Oh, here we go” Hamish said, trying not to laugh “Let me guess, Nate put you up to this, right?? “

Catey, who had been watching this spectacle unfold, gasped for breath as she wiped the tears of laughter from her eyes “Oh my God, Daddy, stop!” holding her sides, her knees buckled, and she came down to the floor wracked in spasms of laughter “ Wh- what terrible secret?”

“Oh ha ha!” Xavier turned on his daughter then, glaring at her. “Oh, you may laugh” He said then, pausing for dramatic effect “But you don’t know what it’s been like for me, living a secret double life. Having to hide it from everyone. From Muma .. even you Shae”

Hamish sighed “For fucks sake you fool!” he giggled “We get it. You’re so dramatic your dramatic is dramatic!”

“Dramatic?! “Xavier cried as he pulled out a chair from the kitchen table and stood on it “There’s nothing dramatic about this! Is there?”

“Daddy! “Catey said then “Get off the chair! You’ll hurt yourself!”

As if on cue Xavier jumped down off the chair and pirouetted rather ungracefully before standing before is captivated audience awaiting applause.

“Now you know” He said “I am a – “he was cut short by the sudden shrieks of laughter coming from his Daughter.

“Pretty Ballerina! Pretty Ballerina!” she hooted on the verge of hysterics “A ballerina that’s as graceful as a fart of a startled Gazelle!”


Xavier lost it then, all dramatic and pretence gone as he howled with laughter of his own “Christ almighty” he managed at last “Where’d you learn that?”

“Nattie” She giggled “He taught me that one”

Xavier eyed Hamish and he smiled, nodding in agreement “Now who’s being Loquacious then, eh? Is rather troublesome, is it not?”

“Yeah,” Replied Hamish, grinning at him “Though, troublesome is not the word I’d use. More like, wanker or someone who talks a lot and is full of shit!”



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