Holidays ( Part Two) And Wrap Up

For starters this blog is late. Normally I would apologise profusely for that but in this case, I make no exceptions.


As you know my goal with this is to post a blog every Sunday and have it up and available to read by no later than 4pm AEST.


This time I have an excuse. That excuse has a name. And it’s called NO SLEEP!


Before I get into that, however, lets recap


Oh Yes! I almost forgot! It was week two of my holidays!


Right. So, where was I?


At the end of the first week, the Friday, my bestie Heather flew back to Brisbane. Her flight was at 9am so we needed to be there early.


We woke at 4:20am and proceeded with operation “We’re going to the Airport in the dark and the rain – Lordy this is fun” and truth be told we made excellent time.

Arriving a little after 7am we adulted accordingly and agreed that we required sustenance of some sort. Consequently, we found ourselves heading in the direction of the nearest McDonalds and I started a rather moreish affair with ye olde breakfast burger – that more or less cemented the fact that I have a weakness for such things and I really need to seek professional help.

(At time of writing I have yet to come across Breakfast Burgers anonymous .. If anyone knows where one might find such a thing, let me know)


After breakfast and coffee were consumed, it was time to see my Bestie off on her flight home and bid her safe journey and farewell.

Looking for her departure gate took longer than expected as we took a wrong turn and more or less ended up doing a lap of the Airport.  (This did have its advantages in that we were able to walk off breakfast.)  Nevertheless, her gate was found, and she departed on time with no delays.


The weekend that followed saw Hubby and I do a grand total of nothing – and it was pure bliss.


Our second week began with the decluttering of my office so as to give me more room. I am wanting to create a little workout area for myself (I already have resistance bands, a yoga mat, a fit ball and weights – but I want to make room for a recumbent rower bike that I am saving up to buy.)   This, in itself, took two days and it’s still not quite finished. That said, there is more room to move than there was and for now, I’m happy with that. The rest of the week was more or less spent catching up with cleaning house and running errands and such. So that was nice.

I managed to get a haircut and my Jewellery cleaned- which was something I really wanted to get done over my holidays and I did. ( I also managed to get swollen Lymph nodes during this week but antibiotics took care of that)


The final day of my break – and this, dear reader, ties into the NO SLEEP I mentioned at the beginning of this blog – found hubby and I awake at the ungodly hour of 3am and unable to get back to sleep. We tried, oh how we tried, but after a couple of unsuccessful hours we gave up and got out of bed at just after 5am.


Three coffees later I decided to try my luck at seeing if I could nap. (Yes, I was THAT tired) and only managed a lie in for about an hour.


It was also planned that we would go and have lunch with a mutual friend and her Mother at Dandenong Market.


That in itself was an interesting experience as neither Hubby nor I had been there for over 20 years and we were both surprised as to how much it had changed in that time.


We met with our friends and had a lovely (if unconventional and noisy) lunch and chatted with them for a little over two hours.


Upon our arrival home (about 3pm) I crashed out about half hour later and slept through till about 5pm


I ate, watched some TV and crashed out again just before 10pm and with that my Holiday’s ended.


I’m not gonna lie, it was a great two weeks with lots of fun and laughter and lots of QT time spent with those I truly care about.


The best two weeks I think I’ve ever had




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