‘On the third stroke It will be …. The 16th September …. ‘





So much for keeping to a blogging schedule.


It appears my latest attempt at keeping this blog alive failed miserably – even if it was in jest- taking a look at the OL fandom on the various social media platforms and pointing out the hilarious faults and failings of each one.


I made it as far as having to face Tumblr. Then I stopped. Then the fandom went to hell in a handbasket, people picked up their toys, made a huge noise about leaving and never wanting to return and stomped off in a huff – leaving the rest of us to pick up the pieces and sort everything out.


At time of writing, we’re still not OK. Don’t think we ever will be if I’m perfectly honest .. but we’re not entirely dead and we’ve still got some fight in us. At least, I think so. That said, this blog will no longer be a place to discuss fandom politics or goings on. My focus has shifted, and this blog will be more about me.


Selfish right? Probably.


But then, why not? I have a lot to say. There was a time when I thought that talking about myself and my life was boring – so, I stopped blogging.


Everyone has to start somewhere … and I’m … starting again from scratch.  I don’t know how successful I’ll be … and I can’t guarantee I’ll be on a posting schedule … I’ll try though. That’s’ all I can do.

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