2019 … A ( Short) Wrap Up Post

2019 …. Wrap Up Post


This is probably going to be the shortest wrap up post I’ve ever written but here it goes …


2019 was probably one of the worst years on record.

There was so much bullshit, un-necessary drama, childish behaviour and exhaustive goings on that, I for one, will be glad to see the back of it.

Actually, I can’t even be bothered writing a long-winded essay about 2019 … So, here it is in dot points


  • Politics was exhausting
  • Climate Change is really a thing… And it was ignored …again
  • Everything is NOT awesome
  • Movies and Music this year was meh for the most part this year


On a personal note:


  • I got sick at lot this year – Boo
  • My workplace became a communist state (long story)
  • I took down an internet troll
  • I saw a side to the internet I didn’t like, and it’s changed my opinion forever
  • I finally found a specialist who CAN help me with my medical conditions and HAS helped me! Moving forward, I am down 1 less medication and 2 specialists #Winning
  • I tried (And failed) to keep to a regular blog posting schedule – but what else is new
  • I signed up for MPC 2020


There was some other stuff but It’s currently 5:08am and I don’t even know why I’m awake.


Anyway, that’s it for my 2019 wrap up post.


If it could just do as all a favour and end … that’d be great.



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