2020 … It begins

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2020 and the start of a new decade!

Let’s see if I can maintain a Blogging schedule this time, shall we?

Firstly, I hope you like the new look. It’s the best I could do since both Canva and Pic Monkey are no longer free to use and have decided that 30 day ‘Free Trails’ are better than happy customers.

2019 left us with a bitter taste in our mouths didn’t it? It wasn’t great. Not by a long shot. The political upheaval, the celebrity bullshit, the fact Australia was on fire and our “Great Bloke” of a PM went on holiday to Hawaii.

At time of writing, a large majority of the country is still ablaze. We can now add torrential rain and possible cyclone into the mix.

Climate change? What was that again?


Anyway, enough on that. I’m already in a mood and that will only make it worse

Focusing more on the personal front, this year I plan to “SELF CARE” more. If that make sense. I plan to stay away from as much stress and drama as possible (Though, that could be too little too late on that score already – and we’re only 11 days into the New Year.)

Things I plan to do:

  • Eat Healthy.

So, last year I gained all 15kgs back that I lost the year before. This was mainly due to my addiction to (blocks) of chocolate and, towards the end of the year, Doritos. Add to that my constant Hungry Jacks breakfast wraps with extra hash browns on the side and my (rather large) Whisky consumption. (And I cannot accept it’s good for you. I can’t! Or I’ll never be able to function again -ever! LOL) So, this year it’s all about moderation, cutting back a lot of crap food and eating smaller portions. Water is now my jam and I have so many bottles of it in my fridge – it takes up an entire shelf!

  • Exercise

The thing is with exercise, we’ve never truly been friends. Even after buying a recumbent rower bike back in August last year. I still found myself making excuses not to use it (I’m too tired, I’m working the late shift and don’t have time, I’m on AF and don’t feel like it) and this year I’ve decided I’m going to commit to using it more. I want to lose the 15kgs I put back on (I’m back to my original pre MPC weight of 96.6Kgs – UGH) and then some. Mind you, I don’t plan to deprive myself of everything – I just need to stick to a healthy eating schedule and allow a cheat day every now and then just to balance things out.

  • Write More

In an effort to get my lazy ass off the ground writing, I’ve committed to the following:

  • Writing letters to Pen Pals
  • Doing a complete rewrite of Project Sapphire Eyes (more on that later)
  • Stick to a weekly blogging schedule.

These 3 things I hope, will get me into a rhythm moving forward. I’m tired of being scared of what people *may* think of my work- so I’m just going to get on with it and hope for the best.

  • Self-Care

As I mentioned, this year will be about self- care. Aside from the things in this list, I plan to destress a lot more and not get so involved in drama.

In particular, Online drama.  I’ve only come to this decision recently and I think it’s for the best. I’ve found myself becoming too emotionally invested in things online (especially in the Outlander fandom) and I’ve found myself getting hurt, angry and upset at things I have no control over. I’m so done with things making me angry and upset. That’s not who I am, and the negativity wears me down.


I plan to read a lot more as well. When I took a social media break in November last year, I rediscovered the joy of sitting quietly and reading. It was nice. I may even take another month away from socials as part of that – but we’ll see.

Anyway, that’s the first blog down for the year.  Hope you like it.

Thanks for reading,





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