The Preservation -Isolation edition!

Welcome to a special addition of my blog.


The Preservation -Isolation edition!


With the exception of going to regular Allied Health appointments (I.E my Chiropractor, Remedial massage /MYO and PT) I’ve not left my house since March 17th


This is due to a combination of rec leave, sick leave and long service leave. At this stage, I’m not due back at work till May 1st.


That said, that could change, and I could continue to be on extended leave or be set up to work from home. At this stage though it’s hard to tell what will pan out – so I’ll have to wait and see.


It’s not all bad though. I have been keeping busy.  Keeping to a routine as much as possible. I exercise daily so I keep fit. That said, lately things have started to get to me and to be frank – I feel utterly miserable.


I know I am not the only one who feels like this. Currently, everyone around the world is sensing / feeling a sense of despair due to Covid-19.


Whether you work in an essential industry or not – this thing has knocked the world flat on its ass.


The world- wide effect of this virus is absolutely mind boggling! I’m struggling to get my head around it.


On March 9th (so yes, when Covid-19 started to become a REAL issue here in Australia) I flew across to Brisbane to stay with my Bestie for a week for her Birthday. While, yes, we spent a majority of my time there indoors – we also had days where we went out. We went to Café’s to Pubs to The Cinema (Just before they closed. We saw Bloodshot in Gold Class. It was great!) and to a Restaurant for meals. Granted, there were not many people about at the time – Social distancing was in place, of course- but still we went out.  We had fun and enjoyed ourselves.


I flew home March 17th.


The day after that Qantas and Virgin airlines pulled the pin on over 60% of their flights for both international and Domestic flights


At time of writing – Australia’s International borders are closed to anyone other than Aussies coming home from overseas. State borders are either closed or have strict regulations as to who can come into the state and who can leave. Some even have permits.


In my state, the state of Victoria, it appears we are days away from heading into stage 4 lockdown. What that means – we are yet to be told. I have no doubt in my mind though, we will know what that means for us very shortly.

I am not a fan of politics at the best of times. In fact, I have no interest in it whatsoever. As a rule, I am of the belief that those in Government are only in it for themselves and their rich mates.


That is, until now.


I don’t know who needs to hear this but … I think we can all agree that at this point in time, the Victorian State Premier, Daniel Andrews, is an absolute legend.


In January, during one of the worst Bushfire seasons Australia has ever seen – He was the first person to spring into action in the effort to save people’s lives and keep his state safe. He organised the Australian ADF to assist with the rescue effort of those in affected areas around Victoria – While our PM floundered like a fish out of water the entire time.


And now, during Covid -19, he was the first Premier to make the decision to commence lock down procedures before any other state and was willing make Victoria go it alone with those procedures if need be.


He has been clear and concise with explaining what needs to be done. He has made it clear that he is not here to play and that is awesome.


Naturally, of course, there are those who don’t like this and won’t do what they’ve been asked. And why? Because the rules shouldn’t apply to them!

They can do whatever they damn well please!  14-day Quarantine?  Self- Isolation? What’s that?


*Sigh* …


To those people I say this. YOU are the reason we’re staring down the barrel of stage 4 restrictions. You are the reason that Covid-19 continues to spread and we’re struggling to flatten the curve!

So, do us all a favour – TAKE YOUR $1600 on the spot fine and SIT YOUR ASS DOWN INSIDE! OK?!


It’s tough and it sucks. But there it is.



Moving on …..


Why are folks so shitty at high profile types telling folks to be safe and stay at home?


Is it because you think that they’re in Isolation in a big ass fancy house that they’re not affected by this?

You think because they’re rich- they’re untouchable?


Oh. OK Sure.


So, Tom Hanks (and his wife) Pink, Idris Elba, Rita Wilson, the Wife of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, Prince Charles and British PM Boris Johnson – all high-profile people… They all had (or in Boris’s case – in intensive care with) Covid- 19 … so that shoots your theory in the foot, doesn’t it?


They’re normal. Just like us. They’re not immune. No amount of money, fancy cars or big houses can protect them from this!

The only hope they’ve got is to self-isolate like the rest of us and stay inside! And, if by telling folks to stay inside – is the only thing they can do right now – then let them! It’s not like they’re out doing their normal job of making movies or TV or music, is it? They can’t!  There’re no high-profile social events. No red carpet. No bright lights or cameras.


Just them. At home inside. Just like the rest of us. They’re us. You and me. Hoping to god they don’t catch this bastard of a thing and end up in hospital or worse …. Dead.


So, cut them some slack OK. Now is not the time to be an asshole to another human being. Even if said high profile individual is self- isolating somewhere that isn’t their normal place of residence – don’t be angry. Be glad they are somewhere safe!


I’d love to say, “Go home 2020 – You’re drunk!” But that’s not the case.  It’s the annoying Uncle that refuses to leave and prefers to overstay their welcome.


And, sadly, we’re stuck with it until further notice because no one else will take him.


Fuck this,


It sucks.







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