Updates and Some Thoughts

I haven’t written a blog in……


Oh alright. Shut up. I know. But I’m back now and that’s all that matters.

Speaking of backs – at time of writing, mine is completely ruined. I’ve not seen my Chiropractor or my massage therapist for almost 8 weeks. For most of this week I have been suffering from either a pulled muscle or pinched nerve in my back.


Whenever I sneeze or cough it hurts. When I take a breath in, it hurts. I turn to the left it hurts. Sometimes I twitch (which happens a lot thanks to my other on-going medical conditions) and I spasm for a good 10-15 seconds and struggle to breathe. This has been my lot since last Tuesday – after I did a slow and steady pace on my rower. I stood up, after I finished and then… Hello agony. I am on a dose of fairly hefty pain killers – but if it doesn’t settle properly soon – another visit to the doctor will be on the cards.

However, the reason for this blog (after an absence of around a month and a half, I’m going to give you a brief rundown of what’s been happening in my life


  • I finally healed from Sciatica after dealing with it for 8 weeks
  • All of my much-needed medical appointments that keep me functioning on a regular basis – have been pushed back till further notice – with the exception of PT – which I have been able to do from home via Tele-health.
  • This week marked 14 years Married for Hubby and me. We celebrated by eating freshly made salad rolls and drinking a bottle of wine in the back yard.
  • We’ve watched a ton of stuff on Netflix and Amazon Prime. We’ve watched Snowpiercer, Lucifer, the art of lying, Back to the Future III and a whole lot of other shows. Which has been great.
  • There has been so much Outlander content!!
  • The 4-part Outlander ‘End of Summer Series’ (I got to ask Sam and Cait a question for that! So happy)
  • I did an IG live with my friend Maria from CoSH
  • All of the M.I.K and CLANLANDS goings on
  • Cait’s soon to be released Forget Me Not Gin
  • Cait’s book club
  • Sam winning a Golden Derby award for his performance in Outlander
  • Riks Photo exhibition. (With the money that was raised from it going to support his fellow actors in the industry)
  • The continuous outpouring of talent across the fandom.


Speaking of the Fandom…. There’s been a few instances of late that have truly rubbed me the wrong way. At first, I wasn’t going to talk about it. But recent events have left me no other choice but to talk about it.



From the top:

If you’re here, you’re part of the fandom. You’re here because you fell in love with the books or TV show (or both) known as Outlander. On the surface, we’re one of the most supportive fandoms out there – but, if you’ve been here a long time – You tend to notice subtle shifts when things change – and more often than not – It’s not a very positive experience.


For instance:


Our (not so) friendly neighbourhood troll returns


Our friendly Neighbourhood troll is back. That’s right. Taylor (Or Taj-meh-nope as I call her) is back and desperately trying to become the centre of Sam Heughan’s attention, by pointing out how someone she’s targeted for bullying and harassment, is somehow Sexually Objectifying him by way of making Memes.


(Oh, and if you wish, you can read my personal encounter with the troll queen – you can do so here:



I knew it wouldn’t take you long to clue in. You know exactly who I’m talking about don’t you? Anyway, Taj-Meh-Nope is, well, trying. Trying everyone’s patience mostly, but she’s still trying. Never mind the fact the person she’s trolling has met Sam in person at NOLA. Never mind the fact Sam himself approves of the memes and loves them and never mind that to this very day Sam keeps in touch with the person we’re talking about on a fairly regular basis. Taj-Meh-Nope insists she’s doing the fandom a service by being the ultimate school yard ‘tattle tale’ by telling Sam what she thinks. It’s laughable really. I mean, it’s bad enough Taj hates on Cait on a regular basis (and makes no secret of it either if you’ve read my blog) but to sink the boot into someone so nice and supportive is just despicable behaviour.




Speaking of which, there’s been a noticeable shift in this fandom regarding the lead actors of the show. On the surface, this is nothing new. We still love them -it’s just that, depending on the day, one of them may get more support than the other due to whatever announcement they make or project they’re working on or in conjunction with.


However, in the year of our lord 2020 (and in so continuing with the ongoing theme that this year sucks) there is a new breed of fan among us. Two actually.




Until recently, I thought these kinds of people only lived in the deepest, darkest corners of Tumblr. (You know the type. They make a big song and dance about how the OL fandom isn’t the place for them anymore – but they don’t really leave.)

It turns out I was wrong.

They’re on twitter as well.

Shades are those within the fandom who have become a STAN account for one of the leading actors (only) for the sole purpose of using their newfound STAN status to be mean and nasty about the other.

It’s funny, because they will disappear away from twitter for a while ( usually after a shot of fandom drama involving one of the lead actors) and suddenly there they are – Their account has had a complete overhaul and they claim to all who cares (to listen)  that they are now a stand-alone STAN account for *insert actors name here* from now on and that’s the end of it.

Meanwhile, real stans are standing around, scratching their heads in confusion and are like “Hi, listen, why are you reverse parking your clown car into our lane? Do you realise you and your ridiculous looking automobile are holding up traffic?”


They see you; you fool!


We all see you! We see you cackling like banshees in your corner. Being all spiteful and mean about the one that only a few short months ago, you would, if given the opportunity, kissed their ass.


Makes you worse than a troll to be honest. And that’s saying something.


“Praising Private lifers”

Thankfully, these fans were a flash in the pan for about 15 minutes but still worthy of a mention (albeit brief)

These guys went out of their way to sing the praises of those Sam and Cait associated with in their private lives – thinking that those in that circle were all that and a bag of chips.


As everyone knows, private lives are never discussed and to do so shows a severe lack of respect for their privacy. I think we can all agree on that and leave it there. Cool?



And on that note. I’m out.


Thanks for reading











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