2020. That’s a wrap and Good Riddance

Welcome to my first blog of 2021

Thank you for being here.

Normally what I’ll do is a several

pages write up of the previous year, highlighting my highs and lows in great detail … but let’s face it… 2020 doesn’t deserve that.

So, I will give you a run down in dot points.

Starting with the good stuff

  • I re-joined MPC for my 3rd year and started off the year right with the 20-minute Peak Streak
  • For the first time, I got to attend the MPC Member Gala because it was virtual, and it was free
  • I’d reached the 10-year mark at my job and for the first time in my life – I got long service leave
  • I was fit and well enough to fly to Brisbane for a week to see my Best Friend for her Birthday. While there, we saw Bloodshot in Gold Class Cinemas and had Toblerone Cocktails to celebrate. 
  • By the end of March, I’d lost 11kgs (24lbs or 1.73 stone)
  • I celebrated my 43rd Birthday with Jam and Cream Scones
  • I made many more friends in the Outlander Fandom
  • Got a question answered by Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe in an Outlander fan Q and A
  • Got to attend a few Outlander panel events because they were virtual and free
  • I started writing letters to people to try and start up a Pen Pal exchange
  • I became an admin for the OUTLANDER LOUNGE FB page
  • I managed to get a copy of CLANLANDS which was signed by Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish
  • New Glasses
  • Used Zoom for the first time EVER
  • Began working from home
  • Walked away from toxic friendships /individuals
  • Embraced Online shopping
  • Got a bloody hair cut! (Massive highlight)
  • Kept being able to do my PT sessions via Face time (The lovely Shani moved interstate)
  • Was over all blessed to have been able to keep my job and have an income. As such, I was able to help friends in need throughout the year and I am forever thankful to have been able to do that.
  • Was able to spend a lot more time with my Hubby as well. Which was lovely and something I have really learned to appreciate
  • Found Hubby a copy of Bruce Dickinson’s book “The Adventures of Lord Iffy Boat Race” for Christmas. (It arrived after Christmas, but it still counts)  
  • I’ve not gotten a cold/ flu/chest infection once

And now we get to why 2020 sucked for me

  • Covid -19. More or less ruined everything
  • Victoria’s first and then 2nd wave of the virus (At time of writing, the state is desperately trying to stop a third wave)
  • 112 days of stage 4 lockdown
  • Being separated from my loved ones and friends (And, before anyone says anything – I know I am not the world’s biggest social person … It was the fact the CHOICE to be that way was taken away from me
  • I had no Chiropractic/ Nero -Chiropractic/ Massages for over 8 weeks
  • I’m still yet to see my Dental Specialist -it’s been over a year
  • I had Sciatica for 2 months
  • I tore a muscle in my right shoulder
  • I got a really bad case of Cellulitis -that almost saw me in Hospital
  • Several nasty falls
  • My Blood Pressure rose to ridiculously high levels (for me) and saw me on meds for a good 3 months
  • I wasn’t sleeping well and was having nightmares  
  • I had 3 people I knew pass away.
  • Many of my friends got Covid. (Thankfully they all recovered)
  • I called it quits on a certain individual in the Outlander Fandom. This person was making me miserable and made me quit twitter as a result.
  • Fandom drama and bullshit was at an all-time high in 2020. I really did see some of the worst types of people – and I hope to never see them again
  • Donald Trump – need I say more?
  • I had more computer / Internet issues than I could poke a stick at in 2020
  • Since March I’ve gained 14kgs (30.8 lbs / 2.20 stone) I plan to get rid of that this year
  • Both my Hubby and I have spent most of 2020 worried and stressed. UGH
  • Trying to find comfortable masks …. Yep

And that pretty much is it . Tune in next Sunday for an update

Thanks for reading,


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