2021- Hold My Beer

Welcome to this week’s blog.

Boy, what a week.

First, the basic bits …..

At time of writing, I weigh approximately 100.4 kgs. (Or, for those in the Northern Hemisphere, that’s either 221.3lbs or 15.81 stone) As you can see, I spent a lot of the last year stress/ comfort eating. Likewise, with wine… or anything with an alcoholic content really. If I’m perfectly honest, despite all the good things I briefly touched on in last week’s blog, 2020 was a write off from pretty much the get go. A giant enormous train wreck that was not only waiting to happen – but happened right before our eyes …before any of us had any idea as to what was truly going on.

When the clock struck Midnight (albeit quietly and from the safety of our own homes), despite Covid-19 still being a thing (and not magically disappeared as some conspiracy theorists would have us believe) the world collectively breathed a sigh of relief. The worst of it was behind us. The orange faced Cheeto was no longer going to be President, vaccines were going to be rolled out and everything was coming up Millhouse.    

So, without further ado- I give you my week in review.

Monday January 4th

I went back to work.

Well, when I say I went back to work … I mean, I went back to Work from Home.

While I admit, the never-ending hours of data entry correction and emails is doing my head in, I am grateful that I still get to do it from the comfort of my own home.

After suffering a rather nasty fall on New Year’s Eve (In the middle of the day, people, sheesh!) I’m hoping that WFH continues to be a thing this year. It’s so much easier for me to do my job and I’ve taken less time off as a result.

Tuesday January 5th

My first Myo-therapy session for the year – and it was wonderful. So relaxing. Especially since my fall had left me pretty banged up. As a result of that fall, I had a huge, dark welt just below my left hip – that almost looked like a figure eight- and when I tell you it hurt like a son-of -a … You better believe it. I had also bruised the bone on my right wrist- which left an ugly yellow bruise that almost covered my entire arm – below my elbow. Which was not fun.

Hubby had the day off with me – so that was nice. He took me to my appointment, and we spent the rest of the day watching ‘The Punisher’ on Netflix. Not a bad show all things considered. A bit dark in places, but then, it is based on a Comic book which in itself was quite dark (or that’s what I’ve been told, having not known of The Punishers existence until right this very moment in time)

Wednesday January 6th

For most people, this day would be the calm before the storm. For me, it was just another average working day. My shift was 9:30am -5:30pm. Not ideal but, given that we’re still working from home, I couldn’t complain.

Speaking of which, the state of Victoria has cases of Covid -19 again. We’ve gone hard lockdown border closures with other states (Looking at you, NSW) made masks mandatory again for both indoor and outdoor settings and reduced compacity numbers at public events and reduced the number of visitors to people’s homes. At this point were at 38 confirmed cases – a combination of both in quarantine and community transmission and Health Authorities are concerned – especially since the news of the newer, more dangerous strain of Covid from the UK and South Africa.

Having not left my house for anything really significant in almost a year, while I am concerned, I am not too worried as I know both my Husband and I do everything possible to keep ourselves safe.

At this point I am recovering well from my fall – so I begin my own version of MPC 2021 #PeakStreak and start by doing 20 mins a day on my rower bike

Thursday January 7th

When I tell you I said, “What the fuck is going on, America?” at roughly 7:30am AEST ..

There was mayhem, chaos, fear, uncertainty, anger and tears. Across every single one of my Social Media Platforms. I sat stunned as thousands of apparent Qanon, Antifa, conspiracy theorists and Donald Trump supporters lost their preverbal minds and stormed The Capitol Building- which, if am correct, is a symbol of Democracy and Law and Order for the United States. I saw pictures of them trashing the foyer, proudly bragging about their right to be there while putting their feet up on the desk of elected Government Officials and … who the hell was that weird Jamiroquai guy???

It was insane and complete and utter madness. The first thing I did, was reach out to my fellow American Peaker’s and offer them a virtual hug. Most of them, in fact all of them were accepting and grateful – surprised that someone outside the USA actually gave a shit and were concerned for their welfare. Naturally, it didn’t take long for a Trumpster to turn, what was a compassionate post into a political shit show -which meant Admin had to swing the anvil and delete the post. While it *could* be argued that there was evidence of picking a side – in this instance … In order to keep the peace, I shall simply say, I have learnt my lesson and will go back to lurking and liking the occasional post. **

Hubby also spent the day with me. It was very low key, ( and when I say low key I meant that hubby did all the things and then some first) and we continued watching The Punisher

Friday January 8th

First, the good news. It was my friend Alissa’s Birthday!

The rest of my day was taken up with work, more of what was happening in the United States and my never ending (tiresome) battle with acid reflux. For the better part of a year (Let’s be honest, it more or less is) It’s gotten to the point where it wakes me up in the middle of the night and I’m often choking on it. It burns my sinus and my throat and makes my eyes water- generally it’s an all-round unpleasant experience for me.

Recently, it’s gotten worse. So much so in fact, that I am now vomiting in my sleep. Thankfully, the last few times it’s happened, I’ve woken up and tried to clean up the mess. Although, trying to do such a thing in the middle of the night is nothing sure than a science experiment gone wrong and I end up making more of a mess than when I started. Gaviscon has become my new best friend. I’m not sure what’s causing it, but I’ll keep you updated.

Saturday January 9th  / Sunday January  10th

My Father-in-law turned 72. Hurrah!

Outside of that, I had a Chiropractic appointment that morning and Hubby went and did the grocery shopping

Shortly after arriving home something in the Car transmission (it’s an automatic) went ta-ta’s and left the car stuck in reverse gear.

To make us feel better -Hubby made homemade Tuna patties and made them into burgers with pineapple and mozzarella cheese. They were delicious and now I have something healthy for lunch this week. Which is a bonus!

Speaking of going healthy, I have also committed myself to six months of not drinking. Think of it as my MPC ‘Non-Physical Challenge’ for the year. Truth be told, I had promised my bestie that I’d start when she did – on the 4th… but Aunty Flo came to visit, and I decided there was no way I was going to quit while she was hell bent on destroying my uterus.

Currently on day two. I have till June 9th

My hope is that over the next six months my health shall improve, and I would have lost somewhere between 15-20kgs (or between 33-44lbs or 3 stone) ***

The RACV man also came and helped us with the Car problem. Didn’t cost anything – so that was a relief. Yay for roadside assist!

Which brings us here, to the end of this week’s blog. It’s currently 4:40pm Sunday afternoon. If I’m too get this up before the 5pm cut off, then I best end it here.

Until next week

Thank you so much for reading



** There were two. One has since DM’d me an apology and told me that they had no right to ruin my post with their political affiliations. As for the other? Not a word.

*** I am taking the conversions of weight direct from Google. I can only hope I’m right.

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