A Week in Review

Welcome to this week’s blog. I really appreciate you being here and reading along.

First, the basics:

Last week I said I weighed in at 100.4kgs (that’s 221.3lbs or 15.18 stone) so, I decided to do something about it.

Effective immediately – which was January 9th -the day I weighed myself, I:

  • Quit drinking  
  • Quit chocolate
  • Quit sugar in my tea
  • Quit snacking in between meals
  • Water become my jam
  • Started exercising for 20 minutes a day 6 days a week

I plan to continue this until June 9th. (See, now that it’s written down, I can’t slack off) and see how things are after that. My next weigh in is February 9th.  I’m hoping there’s considerable difference then and come June… or I will be most pissed off!

Now, to the events of the week:

Monday January 11th

The day began with having to call the R.A.C.V.

As you may recall, last weekend we couldn’t get the car out of reverse gear and after calling Roadside Assist, it was determined that the automatic transmission cable snapped, and we had to get it fixed.

This meant that Hubby had the day off while I worked from home. The tow truck turned up just after Midday and took it to our local Mechanic. Thankfully it wasn’t going to take him long to fix and we were told we’d get it back in a few days. This meant that Hubby had to drag ye oldie bicycle out of retirement in order to get to work which was fine*

Tuesday January 12th

My first PT session for the year with Shani. Went rather well all things considered. Overhead weight work and bands and some light leg work to start getting strength back into them again.  We talk to each other via Face Time. Being in different states now, it’s easier for both of us that way. I felt good after the session and it was nice to get back into some sort of routine after some time off.

On a sad note, that afternoon, a friend of mine farewelled his beloved fur baby Jette. She was a beautiful Alaskan Malemute and was 14 years of age. It was her time.  I was looking at photos of her on his twitter recently and was happy she had a good life with my friend.

Wednesday January 13th

I’ve said it once – I’ve said it 1000 times: THE.OUTLANDER. FANDOM.DOES. NOT. TOLERATE. HATEFUL. NASTY. TROLLS!!!

Now look,

Here’s the thing.  There are days… and then there are DAYS where we gotta stop what we’re doing and take out the trash. On those days (with a capital D) the Outlander fandom can be found either throwing out multiple Kira Guido accounts (WHO ARE YOU KIRA AND WHY WON’T YOU GO AWAY) or getting annoyed with the obvious ELEPHANT in the room. This is run of the mill garbage and it doesn’t take long for us to breathe a huge sigh of relief when it goes away, and we all go back to our regularly scheduled Fan-Girling.

But on this day, we found ourselves sickened by someone, who FOR A JOKE, decided it was a good time to drop a ton of homophobic slurs across the Twittersphere and aim them straight at a member of the cast who is not only an Executive Producer on the show but one of its leading actors.  This is a dog’s act of epic proportions and should not be tolerated by anyone – let alone someone as respected as he. Suffice to say, we all reported it for targeted harassment but, at time of writing, have yet to hear if the account has been suspended by Twitter.

Thursday January 14th  

As far as Thursdays go, this one was fairly uneventful. I took care of the banking and paid a few bills (I ADULTED. OH MY GOD!) and set up a few things for the foreseeable future.

Dad came over for lunch and we made light-hearted small talk while we munched on McDonalds toasties and drank coffee.

It’s always nice to catch up with my Dad. Being retired he’s a very busy man (No, I am NOT kidding LOL!) I call him twice a week to check on him. I know he’s 81 years young, but we are still dealing with a Global Pandemic (he’s been tested twice and twice come back negative) and I just want to make sure he’s OK.

Y’know, dutiful Daughter and all that *Laughs*

We also got the car back. So that was a bonus.

Friday 15th January

By this point I was running more or less on metaphorical vapour fumes…. of adrenaline long since passed and couldn’t deal with social media anymore. I felt like I was in a wading in a brain fog and everything began to blur together. I needed a break. I struggled through my working day (Working 8am -4pm this week) and felt like bursting into tears.

I took some time away from the twitter bird and commenced operation defrag my brain. Side note: This is very difficult when you’re dealing with not having a drink for a week.

Saturday 16th January / Sunday 17th January

Saturday saw me back at the Chiropractor for my weekly session and Hubby do some housework and have a guitar lesson. We also watched a movie called “Over the Wire” on Netflix and it had one of the most disappointing endings we’ve ever seen.

Today, I’ve called Dad, Hubby ran the errands and did all the things and then went on a bike ride.

And, on that note, dear reader…. It is 4:56pm and about time I posted this blog

Thanks for reading,


  • Hubby has decided to ride to work where possible or go bike riding on weekends now – which is lovely

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