Special Addition: I Can’t Sleep

A/N: This blog is early. Sorry for the lack of warning. I just can’t sleep and needed something to do.. Seeing as chances are .. I’ll be waking from a nap at 5pm

Time of Posting 6:17am

Time: 3:47am 

For the first time in forever (shhhh, no singing please — people other than myself are trying to sleep) I’m awake at stupid o’clock in the morning. 

The last time this happened, was some time prior to January 9 .…But when that was.… I honestly couldn’t tell you. 

So, in lieu of sleep and lack of anything better to do, I give you todays blog. 

First, as always, the basics  

I’m  writing this on a new writing app called Writing Shed. It’s a scaled back version of something I was mucking about with a year ago called Scrivener. I only had it on a free trial so I never got to use all the features. 

I found this the other day and thought I’d have a crack at it. 

I’m in the process of introducing Hubby to the wonder that is Hamilton. We watched the first half of it last night and he enjoyed it immensely.

Oh, and I received two lovely Outlander themed packages from my friend Maria who I co-run the Outlander Lounge FB page with.  See link below if you want to check it out. (What? A shameless plug? Noooo!) 


And now I give you this weeks blog. I hope you enjoy. 

Monday, January 18 

The week began with me working yet another 8am-4am shift. ( I’m really getting used to getting up at 4am, honest) and it started off with the alarm-clock dying in the ass and not going off at all. Despite this we managed to get our shit together and all was well. 

Thanks to my bestie H.. We got access to Disney + for a bit. Primarily to watch  Hamilton and  The Mandalorian. 

Monday saw Scam Heughan raise his head one to many times 

Tuesday, January 19

I sat down and wrote a blog entitled  “5 ways to spot a Scam Heughan” If you haven’t read it, you can do so here: 


Despite a few small spelling and grammar errors  of my own ( Yes, I understand the irony — hence I am using Writing Shed to write this blog instead of  Word) mistaking a dictionary for a thesaurus, and making call backs to a couple of uniquely Australian references, which, after a discussion with my Hubby, I realised some folks may not have entirely understood — it was genuinely well received and something I am rather proud of. *

Wednesday, January 20

Today saw: 

President Orange-Face-McBaby-Man Hands and his Wife, Is-Be-Best-Even-A-Thing-Anymore pack their bags and prepare to leave the White House. 

It was also my last work related  coaching session with my current TM, I discovered that the song “Drivers Licence” is as boring as fuck and I began another listen of Clanlands on Audible. Oh, and one more thing…Randy Rainbow won the Internet. 

Thursday, January 21 


At 3:30pm I had a fun PT session via Face-Time with Shani. 

Our monthly box of kitty litter arrived 


Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor
Many thanks to my Friend of FB for this one .

I have nothing further to say. 

Friday, January 22

Have you ever had days where your Internet is so shit you just want to set it on fire? Well, my friends, that was me today. It was so slow and clunky I could hardly do any work or log any files. 

Thankfully, my bestie H and I kept each other amused with silly Customer names. Always a lot of fun and never fails to disappoint 

Saturday, January 23

My remedial massage was moved from 11:30am to 10:15 am but still managed a sleep in nonetheless.

Suffice to say today was hot. 

Hubby had a guitar lesson at 4:40pm – which he thorougly enjoyed 

Sunday, January 24 


Time to edit this blog

Thanks for reading, 


* Please note: 

I am not a professional blogger. I do not own a degree or doctorate in literature. My education  level is no higher than year 12 V.C.E ( Victorian Certificate of Education) and never  scored high enough to enter University.

I concede that there will be spelling and grammar errors throughout – despite my best efforts to avoid them. I have no doubt that every now and then there will be a word or phrase that I will not  entirely understand and may use slightly out of context. 

The sole purpose of this blog is to learn how to write. Don’t worry, I have no dreams of becoming a world famous novelist or anything of that nature – I’m not that good and I never will be. 

This is simply for fun and a way in which to teach myself a new skill. 

I thank you for your patience. 

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