The Day Jacki Told Me to Write A Thing

Good Afternoon! ( For me)

I know. I know.

It has been 84 years since my last blog post.

Between life and, well, just life … My poor wee blog has sat untouched and unloved for several weeks (read months) … and I thought it’d never see the light of day again… Until now.

First, I wish to thank my twitter mutual and dear friend, Jacki (RegalJacki- on twitter for those who don’t know) for providing me with the inspiration for this and helping me kick off my writing again.

Secondly, (and this is more of a disclaimer than anything else)

This is NOT an attempt at FAN-FICTION.

There, now that, that’s out of the way, allow me to explain this silly little idea I had.

Jacki made a Meme. She’s quite good at those.

After laughing ourselves silly over the meme in question I said (rather stupidly) … *Character A* hacks *Character B* laptop and makes a stupid meme go viral?             

Suffice to say I could hear Jacki YELLING from somewhere in the general direction of Amsterdam that I had to make it happen… And so, here I am!

It is my hope that once a week I can pen a (very) short story – a paragraph or three at least- based on a meme or picture. The story will not be serious in any way shape or form.

If you have a meme or pic – send me a tweet with your choice and I will try my best to come up with something for you!

Therefore, with all the confidence of a lost sock and the writing prowess akin to that of a mentally exhausted mouse on a bender -I give you my very first …. Whatever-this-is!


A/N: This is entirely made up and is nothing more than a Brain Dump out of the stupidest corners of my idiotic head. If this doesn’t work – I blame Jacki…. KIDDING!!!  But, in all seriousness, I mean no offence to any of our wonderful Fandom writers who follow the rules when it comes to this sort of thing.

Here is the first one. Admit it, Jacki is amazing.. Right?

Here is the first one.

While there is a true story behind why this meme was created, for now let me entertain you with the entirely ridiculous idea of how John Grey hacked Claire’s laptop and turned what was a lovely photo of Jamie Fraser into a meme that went viral ^_^

-You’re welcome to hate me later … Bye!


“This” I said to no one in particular “Is absolute bloody bullshit!”

“Hmmm?” Jamie poked his head around the bedroom door, toothbrush in hand, towel low across his hips “I was just about t’ jump in the shower … Did ye say something, Sassenach?”

“Jamie, when was the last time you saw my laptop?”

“Last night. Ye left it in the kitchen…. Why?”

I turned to face him, smiling “When you’re done …. Go and have a look at it”

Jamie shifted a little, towel rustling slightly as he moved, a look of complete confusion on his face “Aye” he replied “So, ye want me to go shower an’ then go have a look at your laptop then?”

“Yes” I said and went to move past him and out into the hallway “And in the meantime, I’m going to murder John Grey!”

Jamie gasped as the pieces fell into place and the situation dawned on him “That wee pig- swivelling- gob shite!.. He’s hacked ye!” he exclaimed, laughing as he disappeared into the bathroom, the rush of water hitting the recess as he continued “What’s he done then? Named your work files after Norse Gods? Reversed engineered the thing tae tap dance? .. Wait.. Dinnae tell me! Yer forever cursed wi’ typin’ BOOBLESS on ye keyboard – coz they’re the only letters left? Mebbe…” He paused for effect ” Johns changed ye settings so ye can only write ye reports for work in nothin’ but Comic Sans?”

“Worse…” I said, coming up behind him to wrap my arms around his waist in a quick hug before I risked getting soaked though “You’ve been turned into a meme!”


A short time later, Jamie and I sat at the kitchen table, my laptop in front of us, wine in hand and the offendedly loud- post meme – picture blaring at us rather rudely from on screen.   

“I must say, “I said, grinning at Jamie over the rim of my wine glass “Of all the photos …This one …”


“Stop it” I laughed “You find it just as funny as I do!”

Jamie was stopped short of replying when his phone rang. Pulling it out of his pocket and placing it between us, he answered, putting the caller on louder speaker as he did so.


“Hello Jamie”


I could hear the smile in John’s voice. I couldn’t help but giggle.

“Ah! Claire!” He replied “There you are! I had a feeling you were. Not hard to figure out when one is on speaker phone”

“How are you?” I asked, sipping more of my wine “You’re well, I gather?”

“Absolutely Super -Duper of course!” John replied, laughing, “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Ye sneaky bastard!” Jamie laughed “We cordially invite ye over fer dinner and in return ye help yesel’ to my Wife’s laptop, find the worst photo o’ me ever and turn me in tae a meme!”

“You’re welcome… In fact, “… He paused for a moment, and I swear both Jamie and I heard the grin on his lips as he spoke “I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s gone viral by now!”

“WHAT?” Jamie and I replied in unison “You’re kidding!”

“I am not kidding. One does not ever kid! Especially when it comes to the abject humiliation of one’s best friend”

“Aye…” a sly smile appeared on Jamie’s lips “Remember what ye’ve started here, tonight, Grey. I wouldna sleep if I were you! I may be a meme … but you… You will become a life hack on BuzzFeed by the time I’m finished wi’ ye!”

And with that, we said our goodbyes and Jamie returned his phone to his pocket.

“Abject humiliation of one’s best friend, hmm?” I said, standing up from the table to stretch. All that sitting had made me rather stiff and I felt my back pop with relief as I did so. “Sounds like fun”

Jamie stood up, came around behind me and wrapped me in his arms, a gentle kiss on my neck. “Super Duper” he replied “Absolutely Super Duper”


***Runs away- I’m sorry***


  1. Jan Kauffman says:

    Ok – come on – that was insanely good .. do not stop doing that … your very talented.. seriously- you are a extremely good writer !! Please keep going – 🥃🥃


    1. SeigeCeej says:

      ^_^ Thank you x


  2. Joanne Patton says:

    Well! Too say that I was blown away is an understatement!! I can actually visualise the scenes in my mind and I was taken right there like a ghost hovering in a corner behind a chair!!! WONDERFUL!!


    1. SeigeCeej says:



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