Self Care and Reaching Out to an Old Friend

What a week!

Welcome to “IS THIS THING ON?  …”

It’s been a full-on week this week let me tell you.

Firstly – It’s October!! (How the hell did that happen?!)

Secondly – As it’s October … We’ve officially got 3 months left of this year (Again, I reiterate… How the hell did that happen?!)

Thirdly – Daylight Savings has begun here in Australia – So, for all the states that go through this weird time for the next six months – we’re going to be spending it being annoyed at the states that don’t.

So yes.

In other news, the Premier of NSW Gladys Bin Chicken (Not her real name) resigned from her position as leader of the state as a result of being under investigation by ICAC due to allegations of corruption. This was something NO ONE saw coming and frankly everyone went “WTH?” when that happened.

As a Victorian, I now wonder who we’re next going to have to shake our fists at to blame for our states Covid cases – but I guess time will tell.

SPEAKING OF WHICH – At time of writing Victoria has approximately 11,785 active Covid cases across the state, with more people dying every day. A large majority of our Hospitalisations (Including those poor souls in ICU) are unvaccinated. There was a time when Victoria could pride itself on reaching “Covid Zero” status – but not anymore. To tell you the absolute gospel truth, the idea of opening the State entirely frightens the bejebus outta me and anyone who isn’t scared shitless by this concept …Has either been hiding under a rock for the better part of 20 months, is a tinfoil tin hat wearing conspiracy theorist or a robot.

Look, I miss Doughnut Days as much as the next person, truly I do… but we’re nowhere near ready to open to the rest of the country – Let alone the rest of the world … Regardless the vaccination rate and whatever dumb shit falls out of SCOMO’s face.

Naturally of course, those who talk money (Specifically, those who talk in the Billions of dollars) are the ones calling the shots here – and as we all know- they would rather Profit over People every single time.

But, enough on that.

The situation is what it is and no amount of complaining from me will change that.

And finally,

Let’s talk a little bit about self-care.

Over the last few weeks, I have really started to focus on myself and what I need – rather than the needs of others … Particularly when it comes to social media (and those that live in it)

Not that long ago (In fact, I think I have a Blog about it somewhere) I would have sworn that being away from social media would have felt like losing an arm or something – But lately, I have been enjoying taking a little bit of ME time and not spending as MUCH time on it – and it’s been great.

When I have been on, I’ve been watching random stuff on You Tube or Tok-toks – which has been lovely.

I’ve also been doing a bit of Spiritual stuff – But that’s another blog for another day.

Recently, (as in last night type of recent) I decided to reach out to an old High School friend from the mid to late 90’s. We met when I was living in South Australia and was a student Findon High. I must confess, I was kind of nervous – as I always considered her way smarter than me, and I was worried that she’d have forgotten me – or worse- be disappointed in the person I had become.

Much to my delight (and surprise) she responded when I sent her a DM and we chatted a bit. Early days yet … But I hope to rekindle a friendship I long thought lost.

Will keep you updated.



  1. Jo Patton says:

    Never fear to reach out to others as they will surprise you!


    1. SeigeCeej says:

      Aw. Thanks for reading ^_^


  2. Lynne says:

    I’ve been looking at a flashing cursor for 15 minutes wondering whether to leave you alone or type all through fear. Hence my hesitation of late for you. Enjoy your journey whether I see you on the other side I don’t know I guess I’ll find out on 27 – 28 October. In the meantime please keep your blog (is that what they call this) going take care Lx


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