Death of a Mower, Power outages and the passing of an Aussie TV legend

Guys, honestly, this week felt like it was 84 years long and it’s only Sunday.

It’s been a time. It just seems forever since I wrote a proper blog that wasn’t just a series of dot points of a video from Youtube or a picture of nothing in particular.

To start with, my week was relatively short. I worked on Monday ( Still WFH – despite some restrictions being lifted the week before) and was left mentally exhausted and wondering whether I was any good at my job. Joy. Not.

Tuesday was my PT session – Not gonna lie – I wasn’t really feeling it.. But I powered through anyway. Felt a little better for doing it at least.

Wednesday I worked another full day and was in much better spirits. The day flew by and all was well.

That afternoon however, disaster struck when our lawn mower sputtered its last and died. I mean, granted it was a cheap buy and most likely 5 years over its initial warranty period – but that’s beside the point. You don’t need this to happen when you least expect it, damn it! You expect it to happen when YOU expect it to happen! Bugger this ‘of its own accord’ rubbish! It’s an outrage I tell you! A bloody outrage!

Anyway, after much stamping of the proverbial foot ( and cleverly constructed swears from my Husband that suited the occasion down to a tee) A new Mower was ordered from Bunnings that evening and we settled down to dinner and an episode of Sense8, thinking all our troubles put to bed and behind us.

Thursday I decided to bite the bullet and do my first ever IG LIVE. It went for about an hour and a few folks even watched it! I had fun. In fact, I had so much fun – I’m going to be doing it again this week!

This Thursday, 7am AEDT . “Discussions from the Desk” – Just an hour of ramblings and musings ( Might go longer if folks join in) and seeing what happens!

Anyway, that night we had storms and it was an absolute cracker! A big one!

By Friday morning, while the storms had passed – the heavy rain and the winds had not… and by 7:15 am that morning, the power had gone out ( This wasn’t good as it meant I had no power and no internet – I couldn’t work) by 11:30 am – I had also lost phone signal – so I couldn’t call anyone for a few hours or use mobile data for.. well.. anything.

With nothing better to do ( and no natural light to do it in – on account the weather was rubbish) I simply went back to bed and spent the entire day in bed asleep.

That night saw dinner by candle/ bike light . Thankfully our favourite local take away place still had power – so at least we were able to get a meal from somewhere.

The power came on at about 10:50 pm that night – though it did go out again at around 3 am Saturday morning. Thankfully, it was fully restored by 7:10 am and all was well. Also, by sheer luck – and a blessing from the food Gods – We didn’t lose anything… OK … we lost what remained of a garden salad and a hunk of cheese, but, at least this time we didn’t lose everything like we did back in June when we lost power for a full 4 days .

Our weekend went back to relatively normal after that. It’s a long weekend this weekend. For those who may not be aware – every year in November, Victoria hosts The Melbourne Cup. It’s a horse race and it stops a nation for about 3 minutes. It’s also worth millions. Tuesday Nov 2nd will see this event take place. It’s a Public Holiday. So.. yay that I suppose!

Finally, Bert Newton passed away. He was an Aussie Icon and Legend. He did a bit of everything in the Entertainment Industry. He’s to have a State Funeral in the coming days to honor him. Which is fitting really.

And on that note, I best go. It seem the Lawn Mower has finally arrived!

Cheers and thanks for reading,


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