Weekly wrap up: The human side of being a celebrity, a new project and hello Macadamia Nuts my old friend


*Blinks* …. Oh… Oh shit! I’m late! This was meant to be posted before 4pm AEDT and it’s now 5:16 pm AEDT and I’ve just sat down to write the bloody thing!

Sincerest apologies one and all. I blame naps. It’s true! If I hadn’t been so overwhelmed with the urge to take a 20-minute power nap-there is absolutely no way I would have slept for 2-whole-hours solid before waking up and realising I haven’t yet penned this week’s blog!

Right, where to start….

First, a brief overview of my week.

Work has been insanely busy. I’ve been in my new role at work (admin, data entry, consumer investigations) for just over a week. I enjoy it but my god is it hectic.  Dealing with Customer files all day is very full on. My team was bought on to help clear the current backlog of enquires (currently at something like 60 % out of charter) to be UpToDate for the New Year. So yes, it’s enjoyable – but very full on.

On the TV front – Hubby and I have just finished watching a series called Sense 8. It only ran for 2 seasons and was very good! Hubby has watched it several times, but it was the first time for me, and I really enjoyed it.

My current addiction – Honey Roasted Macadamia Nuts: This Is not new to me. I’ve been a fan of these things for years. In fact, there was a period in my life where I’d by them by the 2kg bag full and eat the lot in a week. Of course, as you can so rightly imagine – there was an intervention by way of Hubby saying, “You can’t have anymore” (Simple – yet surprisingly effective HAHA) and my realising he was right as I had stacked on the weight as well and was sporting a rather noticeable Macadamia Butt, so, for a better part of a decade I have remained largely Macadamia Nut free. That is until yesterday. Yesterday, my wonderful hubby found a small container of the fiendish things at our local supermarket, and I am worried this will ignite my love affair with them. I hope not … But I’ll let you know.

During the week there was a wee bit of a kerfuffle in the Outlander fandom when one of its leading actors seemed to be upset. At first none of us could figure out why – but it wasn’t long before the reason for the upset was revealed.

First… Backstory time:

 30 something years ago Graham McTavish penned an idea he called Clanlands for Television. Nobody wanted a bar of it.  Later in life, Graham meets Sam – the mostly unknown actor (outside the UK) playing the role of Jamie Fraser in a show called Outlander – Graham is to play his uncle in the same show.  Fast forward (again) to more recent times and roughly somewhere pre global pandemic – and Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish are in the process of bringing Clanlands (soon to become known as MEN IN KILTS) to TV.

*Back to present*

  • We get the show in 2020 – Men in Kilts is a thing now!
  • We get a book / audio book with it

2021 rolls around and we get #ClanlandsAlmanac

Clanlands Almanac is the extended version of the original trip – with extras thrown in for good measure and this time we get a standard edition, an Exclusive edition, and an audio book – plus a couple of live shows (one of which is live streamed from London)

All is blithe and bonnie.

That is until, a week before the official book launch for #ClanlandsAlmanac, a three-part TV series on UK’s Channel 4 rears its ugly head and lo and behold its Men in Kilts crammed into 3 x 47-minute episodes (Two friends travel around Scotland and visit the same places in a campervan) and boy oh boy … Did it cause a stramash!  

Was Sam upset? Of course, he was! (Did he get over it soon after? Of course, he did!) but the amount of flack he copped for being upset that someone else did the same thing he and Graham had done – was utterly ridiculous!

Give him a break! Just because he’s in the public eye – doesn’t mean he’s not allowed to be Human and have emotions from time to time. I can’t imagine what it’s like for him – having to be bouncy and positive all the time – even on days where he’d rather not be.

(Side note: Funnily enough, a large majority of the fandom agreed with his take on things and Petty Sam was welcomed into the fold with open arms)

So yeah. In short – Celebrities are Humans too and we should cut them some slack and allow them to be so from time to time. Especially if they have put a ton of effort into a project – only to have it copied verbatim on another TV network. The most interesting thing for me is that this “Copycat show” went to air a week before Clanlands Almanac book launch. Does anyone else but me find the timing just a wee bit deliberate? No… just me… OK.

Anyway, moving on (and away) from that.  

Finally, before I wrap this up and go eat the roast chicken that absolutely has my name on it for tonight’s dinner, the last thing I wish to talk about is the new Project I’m involved with.

If you’re part of the Outlander Fandom – you’re aware of the Outlander Fan Documentary that’s in the process of being made.

I’ve recently been welcomed on board as a member of their Social Media team – so moving forward, some of my weekly blog posts will be solely devoted to helping them gain support across various SM platforms.

I’m super excited about it and cannot wait to start!

On that note I’m done

Thanks for reading,

Till next week Deskers!


One thought on “Weekly wrap up: The human side of being a celebrity, a new project and hello Macadamia Nuts my old friend

  1. Love your blog CJ!❤️ Thank you for explaining that whole thing with the “copycat” show…I hadn’t caught the whole story. So excited that you will be part of Outlander Fan Documentary. That will be an amazing project!🙌🏻


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