Welcome to 2022!!

Ok, so .. I’m late.

Very late in fact. I’m so late that realistically speaking – EASTER is fast approaching and we’re already seeing Hot Cross buns on the shelves.

Never mind. The fact is, I showed up – which is 80% of what’s required, if I recall correctly.

So, lets recap. 2021 happened. In much the same way as 2020. The less said about that the better.

2022 showed us it wasn’t planning on being a gentle reprieve either – by kicking us in the gut with the death of Betty White ( I found out Jan 1st – so it counts) Sidney Poitier and the wonderful Bob Saget.

Thanks a ton 22′ . Cheers Buddy. Mind you, it hasn’t stopped there – taking Meatloaf and other people of note – and we’re only halfway through February. Christ.

Covid is still a thing with Omicron taking over from Delta as the dominant strain.. that is, until the newest variant of this “Will you just fuck off already” virus decided to rear its ugly head very recently. I’m unsure what its name is -So, I’m just going to call it ‘Steve’ for the simple and basic fact it’s easier to remember than SARS-CoV-2BA.2 – so there’s that.


In other news not related to the plague, I’ve recently become obsessed with listening to things on Audible. At the moment I’m revisiting The Jacobite Chronicles by Julia Brannan. I had read the books sometime ago – (all the while screeching at the author herself on twitter as I read) and thoroughly enjoyed them. I’m not sure how many of her books in the series are on Audible at the moment – seeing as the 3rd book – Gathering Storm – was only completed in 2020.

That said, I also have the first 3 books of Outlander on Audible ( which I have also read) so, they will also keep me company as the year goes on.

Speaking of Outlander ( Because, lets face it – would this truly be MY blog if it wasn’t mentioned at least once) we’re counting down the days to Season 6. Normally, I would be excited as all get out by this but…. this time around .. I.. I’m not. I should be .. but I’m not. Instead, what I am .. Is tired. Very, very, tired. I’m sure I’m not alone either. We knew, when season 5 finished, we were going to be in for a long wait. But, instead of rallying together – I found .. we’ve somehow drifted further apart. It seems for every person that (has) attempted to give us something to help pass the time ( things like : Art, music, craft, cooking/baking, cos-play, poetry, memes, gifs and fic) there was always something or someone more to the point- finding every little thing wrong with it.

God, its annoying. The last two years have been full of Twitter subtweets and side eye, A03 hate and vitriol, Tumblr being a mess of cruelty, nastiness and cray-cray types, trolls, moles and assholes. Don’t ask me about Reddit. But I can only assume it’s much of a muchness there as well.

As a result the Outlander Fandom remains tarred with the same bullshit brush from previous years and nothing appears to have changed.

What? Why are you looking at me like that for? It’s not just me. We’ve ALL been in the thick of this hot mess – admit it! I mean, it’d be nice if we all got along and played nice during Droughtlander – but that’s never going to be the case. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had small wins and wee spurts of happiness along the way – but Sam and Caitriona having backed off even further from fandom interaction – remain as aloof and distant as ever – on the verge of walking away entirely .. Or worse .. handing their social media accounts over to someone else to deal with because this fandom is extra ‘with a capital E’ and they cannot take it anymore. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed – but minus a few exceptions ( and NOT taking into account that both have been busy with other projects *** ) other members of the cast have been left holding the fort in that regard, and, given the last two years, it’s not hard to see why.

Lets try and be better this time round, aye? It’s a short season- only 8 episodes. And Lord knows how long the Droughtlander will be while we wait for Se 7 to be done. We’ve lost enough good folk already due to Fandom drama – let’s not lose anymore.

On a personal note things are going along slowly. This year I’ve decided to take my time and not rush as much. Most of last year saw me suffer anxiety and stress which was not fun at all. I’m still very grateful to Leslie from EAP for the time she spent helping me through the worst of it via her sessions with me over the phone. It’s thanks to her I have taken this approach and I am hoping to see positive results by years end.

This year I turn 45. (That’s the half of 90 for God sake! *Gasp*) and all things going well – Myself, Hubby and my bestie H will be able to see HAMILTON on my birthday this year. I’ll keep you updated!

Thanks for reading,


*** Lets not mention wee Mannie OK? We know that already.

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