An open letter to Outlander Starz. (Updated version)

Authors Note: For reasons that escape me – The original version of this post went skewiff backwards and became otherwise unreadable. Despite my many, many attempts to fix the original post – it became impossible. So, I’ve taken the liberty of doing a complete -almost- word for word rewrite of it.

For those who have read or attempted to read the first version – I thank you.

Without further ado – I give you .. An Open Letter to Outlander Starz.

Dear Starz,

If this were any way shape or form a formal letter, I would start things with a salutation such as “Sir/ Madam” or the more general but nonetheless polite “To Whom it May Concern” however, since it is not or shall never be any of those things allow me to put it more simply for you ” Oi! You! You two-bit-wonder numpty! Were you smoking crack when you decided to run the Se 6 premiere of Outlander the way you have? Have you lost your Goddamn minds? Of all the underhanded, dodgy, non-inclusive, mean, nasty, horrible things to do.

It’s bad enough that you do next to absolutely nothing ( minus the hard work of that ONE intern who never fails to read the room and understand the assignment) to promote your lead actors in ANY capacity but the sheer colossal clownery that is the Se 6 Premiere – is an absolute joke!

When it was first announced that the event was going to be held in the UK – we were so excited! Everyone was! Not only because we were FINALLY getting a premiere event but because, for the first time ever, it was being held somewhere other than the United States!

Now I know I’ve been harsh but at this point I just want to take a moment to congratulate you. You discovered the United Kingdom! All by yourself! *Throws confetti in the air* I mean, it doesn’t matter that the book series the show is based on starts there. It doesn’t matter that over half the cast and crew live there and are from there. It most certainly doesn’t matter that for a better part of a decade that fans have been screaming about having an Outlander Premiere event on home soil – the fact is that you found a map and you discovered there was more than one country in world – that in itself deserves a round of applause at least.

The very fact that 300 very lucky souls get to be in the same room as our faves is amazing! It really is. And it is my hope – despite the website issues and tickets selling out in 7 minutes- that you continue with that trend when we get to Se 7. Nothing will make those of us outside the US happier than knowing they’re doing a premiere of a show about Scotland in the UK – where it should of been held in the first place. Oh well, better late than never I suppose.

That said, where you right and royally screwed the pooch was the virtual component. Between yourselves and your English counterpart, you have single handedly removed over 85% of the Outlander fandom from the equation.

Oh you can blether on about rights. About rules and regulations. About geo-blocks, ownership and copyright till the cows come home – but my wee buffoon faced thieves of joy – I’m afraid it won’t stick. Do you know why? No? Well, allow me to educate you.

Below is a small cross section of countries that have paid all the relevant fees to purchase broadcasting rights so that they may add Outlander to their respective Pay TV / Streaming services:

The United States – Starz, Amazon Prime (with the Starz add-on), Hulu (with the Starz add-on)

Canada – W Network

Canada (French) – ICI Radio

Australia – Fox Showcase

New Zealand – Lightbox

The Netherlands – Ziggo

Denmark – Viaplay Denmark

Sweden – Viaplay Sweden

Russia – Sony Entertainment TV Russia

France – Netflix

Japan – unknown

Finland – YLE

Norway – Viaplay Denmark

Germany – VOX

Spain – Movistar (Spain)

United Kingdom – Amazon Prime UK

Italy – Fox Life Italia –

Mexico and other Central/South American countries – Fox+

Ireland – RTE Drama

South Africa – Starz app is available for download in your country.

Bulgaria – AXN

Now.. I put it to you – if only the US and UK own the rights – why then, are these other countries included? Would it not stand to reason that no one else outside those two countries be able to watch the show (legally) if that were the case?

If it were then I, a humble Australian who runs several Outlander related social media pages across various different platforms, would not be here telling you how much you suck a big black dogs hairy bollock!

For the record, alenating almost an entire fandom for a select few is not a smart business move in the grand scheme of things. Do you realise how much $$ you’ve lost by not including the rest of the world? Speaking of which – who was the bright spark that decided the virtual component was limited? Actually, can you fire the person behind the ticketing website please? What an absolute clusterfuck that was! Between the site crashing, orders not going through and fans having to inform fans to check their spam folder in case they received a registration email – it’s fairly obvious that you guys couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. Not for love nor money! Add to that you didn’t even have the good grace to apologize! Nope, just left that to whatever lame ass message the website said. If I’m perfectly honest, on behalf of those who DID manage to get tickets – I’m worried for them. Given the amount of rubbish that went down just to get a ticket – I’d be 27 shades of surprise if they even worked on the day.

If I’m perfectly honest, you’re shooting yourself in the foot not allowing other countries to participate in the virtual viewing of 6 x01. You really are. What better way to commence operation “Cancellation Outlander” It is my belief that you have no interest in allowing Outlander to run for 10 seasons and you are looking for a way to end it.

I mean, look. How good is not allowing those outside the UK and US to watch,eh? If you keep isolating fans from things like this – eventually they’ll give up and go away, right? That way when the shows lead actors up and leave for greener pastures due to the show being cancelled, you can fein disappointment and cite low ratings as the reason for pulling the pin on it. No one will look at you twice for the way you shut fans out of virtual events due to selfishness and greed will they? Why would they do that? It’s not like they’ve supported the show, cast and crew since forever. It’s not like WE haven’t been showing our support for it since forever!

Here’s the thing. Here’s the truth. It’s not 6×01 we really care about. It’s about seeing our faves together in REAL TIME! Everyone will see the Red carpet on FB and everyone will see the *heavily edited* panel on YouTube after March 6th – but that’s not what we want. We want what everyone wants – After 2 years of effectively the longest Droughtlander in history – OUR FAVES BACK TOGETHER AGAIN! and the fact, due to some imbecile who has no idea what the fuck is going on, made the dumbass decision to eliminate all but two countries from this *Worldwide Premiere Event* ( Um, two countries do not a worldwide event make my dudes – far from it, infact!) leaves me and all of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe and the Asia Pacific etc absolutely gobsmacked!

We legit feel like an outsider .. a Sassenach, if you will.

We’re sad, angry and upset. Truly.

I’ve said it once .. I’ve said it 1000 times … If you’re not from certain corners of the world – you don’t matter. You never have and never will .. and it breaks my heart.

Starz, on behalf of every single fan who can’t attend the premiere – virtual or otherwise:

Tha thu cho neo-fheumail ri tits air tarbh….Rach fuck thu fhèin!

No love, at all


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