The Day Jacki Told Me to Write A Thing

Good Afternoon! ( For me) I know. I know. It has been 84 years since my last blog post. Between life and, well, just life … My poor wee blog has sat untouched and unloved for several weeks (read months) … and I thought it’d never see the light of day again… Until now. First,Continue reading “The Day Jacki Told Me to Write A Thing”

Special Addition: I Can’t Sleep

A/N: This blog is early. Sorry for the lack of warning. I just can’t sleep and needed something to do.. Seeing as chances are .. I’ll be waking from a nap at 5pm Time of Posting 6:17am Time: 3:47am  For the first time in forever (shhhh, no singing please — people other than myself areContinue reading “Special Addition: I Can’t Sleep”

5 ways to spot a “Scam Heughan”

What’s this? I hear you gasp in surprise…. An early update? It can’t be Sunday already can it? Well, no. It’s not. Despite what my friends north of the equator may tell you – I am not backwards, and I do not have my days mixed up. It’s 12:41 pm Tuesday afternoon The weather seemsContinue reading “5 ways to spot a “Scam Heughan””

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