Self Preservation – Isolation Blog 9. ….. Dot Points!

I haven’t written a blog in 5 weeks.


Seems like a lifetime ago now. It was…. To be honest. So much has changed in that time.


Normally, I’d tell you to strap in and hang on to your hat as I regaled you with my goings on … but really, this isn’t one of those type of blogs. It’s just a brief update on life.


In dot points … so you don’t get bored.



  1. Battlestar Sciatica.


Yes, I know that was a play on words. And It was horrible. And yes, I’ll show myself out later.

It’s been just over 5 weeks and I’m only just starting to come good now. When they said it takes time to heal – they weren’t kidding!



  1. Retail therapy


In the last few weeks I’ve indulged in a wee bit of retail therapy. I’ve gotten a new computer chair, a foot stool, a handmade doll and some new resistance bands. I don’t do this very often – so this was a bit of a treat to myself


  1. Grieved for a friend


Three weeks ago – I found out a Twitter buddy of mine (and many others) passed away during routine back surgery.  She was a huge Sam Heughan and Outlander fan and we bonded straight away. I’ve been twitter friends with her for many years. She was also a member of My Peak Challenge. When the news of her passing spread across both the outlander fandom and the Peaker Family, it broke all our hearts. We will miss her very much. I will miss her very much.


  1. Melbourne Metro back into lockdown


Yep. We’re week … I don’t know … into a 6 week lock down and as of today it’s mandatory to wear a mask whenever you are in public. Failure to do so will result in a $200 fine.

That’s all I’m gonna say on that.


  1. Fandom goings on
  • There has been a lot of podcasts and interviews to keep us entertained
  • Sam and Graham have released a book called ClanLands. (Of course, I bought it)
  • We’ve been keeping ourselves amused with Fanfic, other TV show recommendations, fan art, checking in on each other and being generally ridiculous.
  • There was five minutes of drama over Sam not wearing a mask while catching up with Steven Cree – apparently people forgot that the situation in Scotland is different to other parts of the world – and you know, you can take a selfie without a mask on. It’s fine. Either way, it was over before it even begun – with those folks deleting their accounts in a huff, picking up their toys and going home.


  1. Work/Life


Overall, July has been a sucky month.  I’ve had more work-related technical issues than I care to count (and when you’re working from home it’s even worse) and it’s just been flat out busy.

Visits to my various Dr’s and specialist continue – even during a stage 3 lock down – which I’m incredibly grateful for.

On the fitness front – I’ll admit I’m failing dismally, and the sciatica hasn’t helped any. I can’t use my rower bike and that makes me upset. It’s my main form of exercise and not being able to use it at the moment is as frustrating as all get out.


Oh, and it turns out I’ve had this blog for 6 year.


Huh. Imagine that.


Time flies when you hardly have anything to say


Thanks for reading




Self-Preservation and Isolation Blog 8 – The Time Everything Ground to a Halt


For the moment, anyway.


At time of writing, I am struggling though a bout of what’s believed to be Sciatica. I’ve never had it before, and I have to tell you – the pain is unlike anything I have ever experienced in my entire life.


It started last Tuesday night after a fairly light PT session. I’d done nothing out of the ordinary and was finishing up a set of assisted box squats.  I felt nothing as I made to leave the building or as I said my goodbyes and that I’d see them next week. I walked outside and turned the corner to head towards the car park when suddenly the most excruciating, fire burning, almost blackout inducing pain I have ever experienced screamed though the top of my right thigh.


My Husband (bless him) had to help me more or less limp to the carpark and by the time I got to the car I was in tears.


That night I took some Nerofen and hoped for the best.


The following day, I woke and found my right knee on fire. I was holding on to walls, limping to go to the bathroom and the same when I had to go down for breakfast. I took some Panadol (was all we had) and prayed.


Hubby went to work as per the norm, and I struggled with my normal morning routine of feeding kittens, preparing a salad for dinner and making my lunch for the day.  By the time I got to the point of having a shower – I could barely stand up and it was all I could not too scream from the pain.


I called Hubby (and I thank all the Gods, the moon and the stars) that he was near his phone and picked up – or I swear I would have been completely lost – and begged him to come home and be with me as I couldn’t move.


He was with me within 10 minutes and I’m forever glad he was, trust me on this. He spent the next two days picking up scripts for pain relief and helping me do simple things like shower and dress, make it to the loo and get in and out of bed.


He returned to work on Friday ( I had called in for sick leave so that was all sorted) and I was able, at the very least, hobble about on my own – albeit slowly – and I was under strict instructions to do a grand total of nothing.


Which I dutifully obeyed.


On Saturday, I had an appointment with my Chiropractor, Dr Jen.


It didn’t help matters that my leg gave out trying to get out of the shower that morning and I ended up grazing my hip and my right knee and slicing my big toe on my right foot open. Hubby was beside himself (and it would be fair to suggest that perhaps I used up 7 of his nine lives in that moment) but between the two of us and some calm, rational, thinking, we were able to haul my wet ass out of the shower and get me dressed.


Managed to make to my appointment on time (and thankfully one piece) and Dr Jen went to work. To say that it hurt would be the understatement of the year – but there you go. It was a ‘cruel to be kind’ measure and so I appreciated it on that level at least. (Side note: I go back to her this evening for round two)


Sunday saw me at my local GP clinic for some more painkillers. I still wasn’t fairing great so, thankfully Hubby was able to dust off ye olde wheelchair (never thought I’d ever see that again) and wheel me into the office.

Now, I am never one to speak ill of people – especially those whose job it is to assist me on my ongoing journey as a science experiment – but suffice to say …this one??? Wasn’t great. Firstly, he made me get up on to the bed and lay on my back (This in itself was painful x 3000) and then made me lift both legs up (one after the other) and pushed back on my right foot. I was in a flood of tears and I began to wonder if those sitting in the waiting room were wondering if I was going to die because I was howling in agony so much!


He prescribed some extra strong pain medication, took my blood pressure ( Which, naturally, in the moment was high), lectured me on how not to become addicted to strong pain killers and how I should continue with the course of Blood Pressure meds he gave me the other week. Then he told me to come back and see him in 10 days and I left.

I took one of those meds he gave me and *Not* to my surprise – they did nothing and didn’t even take the edge of the pain.

I’m currently making my way through a packet of Advil and they seem to be doing the job just fine. Funny that, huh?


The thing that annoys me most about this is that I feel I have gone all the way back to square one. That everything I’ve done. All the progress I’ve made – has all been for naught. Because of this one, small thing I have to start all over again. And that is just not fair.


I haven’t been able to do much of anything. No Cardio. No weights. I tried stretching it out and almost passed out because of the pain. All I’ve been able to do is sit (and even that is uncomfortable at the moment) and kick my leg out from the knee down – just to keep it moving. Walking has been slow and deliberate; although I am pleased to report that I can, as of today, put weight on the heel of my right foot without it hurting too much which is something I guess but it still doesn’t take away from the fact that I’m facing weeks ( possibly months) of starting again… and that makes me so mad I could cry.




Self Preservation – Isolation Blog 7 : An Update on All The Things and Happy Outlanderversary Too Me!

Today marks 3 years since I discovered the Outlander fandom… and Oh! What a journey its been.


Not being on Twitter at the moment (and I’ll be discussing that in this blog as well) I don’t really have an outlet to help me celebrate this milestone – so this blog will have to do.


First, let me begin by saying that, overall, my experience in the Outlander fandom has been nothing short of amazing. It’s been a positive place where ideas are shared, stories are written and honest, open discourse takes place on a regular basis. We can laugh together, cry together, scream and shout together and embrace fangirling in all its facets without facing much in the way of criticism from the outside world.


For the people who I have met, befriended and who have let me be silly and fan right there with them – I think you from the bottom of my heart. You have made the last 3 years of my life some of the best and, should I ever get the chance to meet you in person…. Well, let’s just say you will get the biggest hug you’ve ever received in your entire life!


That said, these very same folk have been there for me when the shit has hit the fan. When the fandom is buried under mountains of hypocrisy, of bullshit, of shady lanes, of he said-she said-they said, of subtweets, of infighting, gaslighting and name calling. The countless number of hissy- fits and the “Oh! Everyone! Look at me! I’m deleting 11ty hundred Outlander photos off my phone! Oh! It’s sooooooo freeing! Look at me everyone! Aren’t you proud?” bullshit artists.


They’ve been there when I’ve ranted and raved and carried on like a two-bob watch. When I’ve lost the plot and ended up in tears of stress and frustration and had to call it a day. When my happy place is naught more than a half assed attempt at a lean to and it’s about to come crashing down around my ears -They’ve not gone anywhere and for that I am eternally grateful. It’s because of these folks I won’t leave this fandom. I love show. I love the cast and crew and I love the world Diana Gabaldon has created but my fandom friends mean the world to me and I wouldn’t swap them for all the red headed Scotsman in the Highlands!


So, here’s to another year of shenanigans – once I get back to Twitter that is.


Speaking of which, it’s been 6 days since I decided I needed a twitter break. I have to say, unlike previous years (or times) when I’ve done this – this one is proving strangely difficult… and I’m struggling to come up with as to why.


I began by deleting the app from both my phone and my desktop. (I haven’t worried about my iPad as I don’t use it that much anyway) and I thought I’d be fine. I have a lot to focus on. With working from home and trying to keep the “New Normal” routine I am constantly finding something to do. But, at the same time … I feel lonely. Not having the app there left me feeling cut off from the rest of the fandom. I mean, sure, Facebook has its moments – if you’re willing to overlook the sheer lunacy of it all – but it’s nothing like Twitter. Not even Tumblr – for all its meme type glory – is like twitter. So, yesterday … I caved and reinstalled the app on my phone.


I haven’t logged in. This much is true at least…. But I feel better seeing it there on my phone. It doesn’t matter as much on my desktop as I don’t tweet much from there as a rule… but there it is. It’s official, I think. I am suffering separation anxiety from an app. Of all the things that I should be considering important in my life right now – not seeing an app on my phone rates as one of my highest.

I may delete the app again as the month goes on. We’ll see. But man, to be so dependent on an app … When did I become that guy? 2020 what have you done?


In other news, I’ve had my first appointment with a Nero-Chiropractor.  It was all a series of tests involving my balance and hand/eye coordination. We discussed my various medical conditions at length, and he asked me a series of questions relating to my sleeping patterns and my diet, what other methods I’d tried in the past relating to pain relief and so forth. My appointment went for 2 whole hours and cost and arm and a leg but I’m hopeful it’ll be worth it in the end. He wanted me to invest in a small handheld, vibrating massage device to help with the stimulation of my nerve centres. I managed to find one online at The Shaver Shop for about $16.00 (I tried the apps first and discovered they were shit and did nothing) so I ordered that last night after work.


It’s a long weekend this weekend here in Victoria and apart from writing this blog and a few letters… my goal is to do nothing but relax


Thanks for reading,



Self- Preservation Isolation blog 6 – Working from Home, Having a Routine and Taking a Break

Let me cut right to the chase. From tomorrow (more specifically after 10am Monday June 1st) I’m taking a twitter break.


Don’t worry, I’m not doing what I did last time and deleting my account … I’m simply going to be deleting the App from my phone for a bit.


One of the things I’ve learnt over recent weeks is this: Twitter takes up waaaaaaay too much of my time. I’m on it almost constantly during my waking hours and I can’t seem to leave it alone.

It’s affecting me mentally and it’s making me sad. There’s so much drama going on right now that I just don’t want to look at it anymore.

Not only that, its cutting into the time I should be spending with my Hubby. Whenever we watch TV, I always have my phone with me – so, I’m constantly checking tweets – when I should be focusing on what we’re watching.


So, I’m taking a break. Till the end of June anyway. It’ll give me time to refocus on what’s important to me. My mental health and my physical health.


Not gonna lie. The Iso-weight I’ve gained since March is starting to cause problems. My balance is being affected, my back, shoulders and knees hurt, my blood-pressure has skyrocketed (I am now taking a course of Blood Pressure meds to help bring it down and seeing my Dr on a weekly basis to get it tested) and the fact I’m spending most of my time on twitter rather than exercising – says a lot.


Sure, I still go to PT every week (and I don’t take my phone with me so there’s that) but that was it. When I wasn’t asleep – I was on Twitter. So, it’s got to stop. Starting tomorrow – after the Virtual MPC Gala.


Tomorrow at 6am MPC is going live for the 2020 MPC Peaker Gala. Normally, it’s an event held in Scotland. Peaker’s from all over the world go there for a weekend of workouts, a hike and a Gala dinner. This year’s one was postponed due to Covid-19 so they’ve made a virtual one for everyone (Peaker or not) to take part in.  (Note: I mean 6am AEST. It’s like 9pm or something in Scotland so there’s no need to panic. HAHA)


This week sees my 3rd week working from home. I’m on 10-6pm. I have to say … I’m not in the slightest bit fussed by this – because I’m working from home. I don’t have to struggle with anything and I’m not sitting down for dinner at 8:30pm. I can still have dinner at a reasonable hour, and everything is just chill. I have no stress. No worries and no noise. We’ve got working from home directives till the end of June (Vic’s state of emergency has been extended to the 21st June) and I can’t begin to tell you how happy that makes me. To be able to have a routine again is brilliant.


This blog is a short one. Hopefully during my twitter break I can spend more time on this and turn it into something worth while



Thanks for reading,





Self-Preservation Isolation Blog 5 – The New Normal

It’s been a couple of weeks. Sorry about that. Life kind of got in the way in the form of the Outlander finale, high blood pressure, the commencement of working from home and the aggravation of an old injury in my right knee.

So, as you can see, it’s been a lot.

So, where are things now?

For me, I have officially started working from home. After effectively 8 weeks of Long Service Leave – I returned to work in the office for 1 day (May 14th) to collect my trusty laptop, get it set up and prepped to work from home for at least the next two weeks.  (I’m hoping it’s going to continue longer than that, but we’ll see) I have to say, having only done it for two days so far – I’m thoroughly enjoying it. In the 10 years I’ve been at my job, this is the happiest I have felt in a long time.


  • I don’t have to worry about public transport (money saver. Win)
  • I don’t have to worry about other people and trying to circumnavigate my way through the Melbourne CBD
  • I don’t have to worry about the lifts (I hate lifts. They’re more terrifying to me than spiders)
  • It means I can pick up more hours. Currently I can only work 3 days a week due to physical difficulties. WFH means I don’t have the extra pressure of travelling and can take on an extra day. This is also good from a $$ as it means more money in my pay packet
  • WFH means my life can become more structured and I can actually have a routine
  • I can actually work any shift I am given. I won’t need to change anything
  • I don’t have to worry about potentially injuring myself at work – should my legs give out and I fall over. At least at home, if this happens, I am in a safe space and I can still do my job
  • The excess noise. Working from home is bliss as I don’t have to deal with the excess noise of my co-workers dealing with customers, the onsite radio station, the testing of the fire alarm and the never-ending noise from the construction site one block away from my workplace. To be able to hear the customer without having to struggle (I need to add I have severe tinnitus in my right ear) is amazing and it’s such a relief.
  • I actually have to wear a bra and look halfway decent. This is due to the fact that my Manager will need to do the occasional video call and I have to look at least partly Human for the interaction


On a personal note, it means less stress and worry for my Husband. At least, if I’m working from home, he knows where I am and that I’m going to be OK. (Plus, added bonus… every so often I may get a cup of emotional support soup. Which is always nice)


The nightmares have stopped. Which is a relief. During my 8 weeks away (In self-preservation Isolation) I suffered terrible nightmares which often left me feeling utterly miserable, and, on one particular occasion, waking up in the middle of the night in tears. They varied from being stuck in an elevator between Heaven and Hell while being surrounded by Avenger zombies to being lost in giant dental surgeries from the 1960’s to being told I needed to help Covid-19 patients be transported from one place to another while not able to find any PPE to protect me.

I know I had others but (thankfully) I can’t remember them all.

There’s also the issue of Iso-weight. Not gonna lie. I reckon I’ve gained close to 10 kgs (or 22LBs) in the last 8 weeks. I swear, if you were to cut me open you would discover my insides would be made up of Humus and crackers, blocks of Cadbury’s marble chocolate, noodles and tuna, bags of crisps and litres and litres of white wine.

Now, while yes, there have been regular meals with salad thrown in and not a single ounce of take away consumed in that time – it doesn’t change the fact that I have gained weight. Comfort eating is a curse and when your routine is thrown into disarray by a global pandemic that forces your hand to stay home – you tend to forget what your routine is after a while. One day just kind of blurs into another and your entire wardrobe consists of daytime and night-time pyjamas.

The idea of wearing a Bra (as mentioned above) is quite the novel concept at the moment. It turns out I can’t quite use my boobs as a hair tie (that’s how long I’ve gone without a bra folks) but it was getting pretty damn close! WFH came about just in time!

Finally, the only other thing I have to discuss is what’s been happening in the Outlander fandom since the finale… And the truth is…. not much.

Granted, we wailed and cried and cheered and marvelled at the brilliant, award winning performances given by Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe when the finale aired – and we were still dying over it a week later … But outside of that… There’s been not a lot going on. Oh, there’s been the Fandom Police trying to start drama for the sake of it of course, but honestly? I think everyone is just over the drama in this fandom. It’s exhausting and let’s be honest… There’s more important shit happening in the world than a thirst post. So, I’m glad folks are just letting things be.


So, I guess that means this is the new normal huh? Don’t sweat the little things and be prepared for the big things and don’t panic about the rest.


It’s kind of nice.


I like it





Isolation -Preservation Blog 4. The Time I Stopped a Nose-bleed With a Sanitary Napkin at 3am

Now that I have your undivided attention ….


Let’s crack on.



Welcome to blog … 4… I think…. Of this Self Preservation- Isolation series.


I don’t really have much to say at this point, no real point to make but I just thought it’d be nice to give you an idea of what my life has been like the last 2 months.


I’ll do it in a series of dot points because honestly? I cannot be arsed typing 6 pages of shit just to make a blog interesting.


So, without further ado, I give you


My Life in dot points


  • Because I’ve spent a large majority of this time by myself, I have become acutely aware at how bad my farts are. Every morning I open the back door in order to air the house out. I used to think I did It because the house was stuffy. Iso-life has shown me the error of my ways and I now understand it was a subconscious effort on my part to prevent self- inflicted suffocation by bum stink.



  • Sharing drinking stories with my Mother-In-Law is now a thing and I’m OK with that.


  • I’ve talked to my Cats more in these last 8 weeks than I’ve done in my life and you know what? They still fucking ignore me… How rude is that?


  • I’ve gained over 6kgs. (13lbs) The goal was to lose weight – not gain it. But I did and here we are. Now, it’s not entirely the fault of Cadbury’s Marble Chocolate or the Yumi’s Humus and crackers or the packets of 2-minute noodles with everything or… or… the several litres of box wine I have consumed during this time but… they may have played some small part in my downward spiral into comfort eating and I’m just gonna own that shit and wear it. Have I been exercising? Yes, Of course. But nowhere near enough to justify the shit diet I have become accustomed to of late.


  • NGL I miss people man. Not you, of course, because that’d be weird… but you know… The people I work with (Huh, never thought I’d say that) my Family (Always knew I would say that) and just … folks in general.




  • Catching up with/ and or revisiting other shows to watch is nice though. So, there’s that.


  • I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve worn a bra. And it was all in the space of one week. At this point I promise you I can use my tits as a hair tie and ..I’m strangely OK with that.




I think that’s about it really. Like I said, I didn’t really have much to say – just this.


Thanks for reading



Oh, and PS: I really did stop a nosebleed with a sanitary napkin! #Winning






Isolation- Preservation Blog 3 When a ( Fandom) Mindset Change is as Good as a Holiday

Originally, when I first sat down to write this blog, I was going to call it “The Time the Rose-Coloured Glasses Came Off”


I had it all planned out. My thoughts on everything, my arguments for and against and why I thought it was time to admit to myself that perhaps I’d wasted to much time putting certain individuals on a pedestal.


I sat on it for days. I knew I was going to write it. I had a plan. It was well thought out. A solid piece of writing.


And then……


Just like that, the wind got knocked out of my sails and everything changed.


There’s no need to reiterate what went on and what happened- but those in the Outlander fandom know exactly what I’m talking about.


I don’t want to talk about that.


The purpose of today’s blog is that I want to talk about me. Not in the ‘Look at me! I’m being self- indulgent’ kind of way … more the ‘Jesus Christ, I can’t believe I let it get to me and turn me into that kind of person’ kind of way.


I’ve always maintained I’ve sat on the fence when it comes to this fandom. I’ve tried my best to understand and appreciate everyone’s point of view – regardless whether I agree or not. I’ve always opted for respectful, honest, discourse rather than childish finger pointing and outright accusation. I’ve tried to ensure that if I don’t have all the facts – I ask. And I’ve always said that If I’m ever wrong – please correct me.


I’ve gone to great lengths to try and remain impartial to most of the fandom dumpster fires and been there for those who needed a shoulder to cry on or someone to vent to.


That said, there have been times where I’ve failed miserably at doing that and let my emotions get the better of me. In fact, I can count no less than 3 times in my time in this fandom (No, I am not going to mention them here. However, I have no doubt that some of you reading this would know what they are as well) where I have wanted nothing more than to go on 280 character rants ad-nauseum about whatever the situation happened to be and declare that “Ye verily thou art naught but a shit storm of epic proportions and I say unto thee that thou ‘st wrong and needeth to take all the damn seats!”  – OK … So maybe not exactly like that, because let’s face it my Shakespearian is not that great and way, way, way off the mark … but you get my point.


But none of them have affected me as much as what’s been going on these last few weeks.


I think I may have mentioned it a blog or so back, but Covid- 19 has simultaneously brought out both the best and the worst in people and sadly, what I’ve seen in the Outlander fandom was ultimately the worst in people.


Especially me.


I became quick to react. I became judgemental. I forgot about facts. I forgot about truth. I spiralled and got caught up in the he said-she said of every argument. I took to twitter DM’s and WhatsApp group chats to vent and rant and rave over everything.


“How could they do this?” I demanded to know “Why is there no apparent element of seriousness about this situation?”


I was hurt. I was angry. I was disappointed, let down and couldn’t believe that it would’ve even got that far, and someone let it happen. I didn’t want to be believe what was going on, I really didn’t but, when you find yourself drowning in a sea of negativity, eventually you give up and go right along with it.


That is until, as I said, the wind got knocked out of my sails and everything changed. I realised I was wrong. I realised I was angry and disappointed for all the wrong reasons and I came to see that everything I thought was the truth turned out to be an outright lie.


For those that know me, they know that Social Media is more or less my only link to the outside world. With the exception of going to work and attending various medical appointments, I don’t get out very much. Recently, Twitter has become my happy place. My place to talk with and make friends with people from all around the world. Most of the time it’s a place where I can laugh and #DankMeme to my hearts content. It’s where I can fangirl in peace without hurting or annoying anyone else that I know in real life… but when it becomes a dumpster fire that starts burning down your own lawn? It’s time to take some action!


So, I stepped back. I didn’t tweet for a couple of days. In fact, I didn’t do anything for a few days. I took naps. Lots of them. I took a couple of deep breaths and went and got some air. I thought about my behaviour and best how to fix it. I set about sending apologies to every single person I took to venting to or ranted at. I locked down my twitter account and began the process of unfollowing, blocking and muting people. Regardless whether I had spoken to them in the past or not. I’ve started paying close attention to the language I use- in the hope that I can lift people up and make a positive impact rather than complaining about every #FirstWorldProblem that comes my way. To not listen to the hate and the hyperbole spewed by the darker corners of this fandom. To not take every, single thing to heart and swear it is gospel truth – until the truth presents itself.


For the remainder of 2020 my goal is to be a better fan. A better person. Frankly, I would go so far as to say be a better Human.


Maybe we should all aim for that this year huh?


What do you say?


You in?





Isolation and Self Preservation Edition: #2 Goodbye to a Goodie and Other Stuff

So, now what?


That’s the question.


At the time of writing, I feel numb. Like I’ve lost everything that’s dear to me without so much as a by your leave.


First, let me start with the thing that hurts the most.  The death of Tim-Brooke-Taylor. I was a huge fan of The Goodies as a kid (wasn’t everyone?) as well as Banana Man and to wake to the news of his passing due to Covid-19 … has left a gaping hole in my chest.  He was a major part of my childhood and this morning it’s fair to say part of me has died, right along with him.


I don’t think things will ever be the same if I’m honest. Heck let’s face it, Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it. For better or for worse remains to be seen ( although, right now as the world grapples with an enemy we cannot see, it definitely seems for the worse at the moment and I realise that) and time will tell which way the pendulum swings and how we, as a race of peoples come out the other side.


Don’t get me wrong, there has been some good that has come out if this. Little slivers of hope that give us hope that everything will be OK


For example,


  • People are finding new ways to keep themselves entertained. Things such as:
  • Getting dressed up in costume to put your bin out
  • Playing music from their balcony
  • Virtual concerts of all types for people to watch online
  • Talking to their family via Skype/ Zoom/ Face-time
  • Drive by birthday parties / celebrations


The list goes on. People are reaching out to their elderly neighbours – dropping off essentials like bread and milk and other things they find difficult to get. Meals are being made and left on people’s doorsteps and every Doctor/ Nurse/ Allied Health professional is getting applauded for a job well done. For being the heroes of the hour, for saving peoples lives. What they do every day is hard. Very hard. I know a lot of folk who are on the front line and I admire every single one of them.

Same can be said for those who are still operational in the retail sector. I take my hat off to each and every one of you. Our Police, our Fire and our Ambo’s – well done and thank you. All of you.



That said, this Global Pandemic (I have come to loathe those words so much) has shown that it doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t choose who it takes next. It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor, old or young, fit as a fiddle or already have underlying medical conditions. It doesn’t care if you’re male or female, a white collar or blue-collar worker, a believer in God or not. Nor does it care about your skin colour, your race, your religion and or political beliefs. Whether you’re tall or short, fat or skinny, whether you’re LGTBQIA or anything in between… and that is the scariest thing about this entire situation. We’re all potential carriers. All potential victims.


We’re flattening the curve though. We’re doing all the right things. (well, MOST of us are. There are still those out there who choose to remain ignorant to the ENTIRE situation and are convinced that whatever *Privilege Blanket* they have wrapped themselves in will protect them and they will remain unscathed. That by ignoring all GO HOME orders issued by their Government is a perfectly acceptable way to behave. That by using Covid-19 as an excuse to extended that long awaited vacation or having friends over or hanging around in groups at the park or still going to the beach is all A-OK… Here’s the thing though, it isn’t. Not by a long shot. But that’s another Blog for another day. I’m just trying to focus on the positives here.) To those doing the right thing, I say THANK YOU! Thank you for staying home. For doing your part. We can get through this together.


I’m watching from home as my friends discover they can bake, paint, cook, sew, build things, draw, sketch, write, sing, play a musical instrument, do DIY, become green thumbs, make conserves – all sorts of things – we spend our days inside keeping ourselves and those we love safe and whether you realise it or not … You’re actually giving me reasons to smile. Which means more than you could possibly imagine.


Victoria’s stage 3 lock down will continue till at least May 11th.  What that means for me personally (I’m on Long Service leave till May 1st) I have no idea. What that means for the state, I also have no idea.


This is just a day by day situation.


Speaking of which… Does anyone know what day it is anymore?