And So It Came To Pass

That I looked at the time and said  “Shit me! I better get my ass into gear and write a blog!”


So, here I am …. Trying. Honestly.


At the moment I am writing letters to people. It’s been a lot of fun. I’m enjoying it and finding it easier to write with each letter. So hopefully, that’ll help with this.


There’s not really much to cover this week. So, I’ll give you a run down in a series of dot points


  • Sam and Caitriona have killed us all 84,000 times over.
  • I’ve discovered I’m not muted and the Universe is my friend
  • I’ve worked lates this last week and its been the worst ever. I got told to either Fuck Off, Fuck You or Go Fuck Yourself so many times .. I am starting to wonder if i am a truly horrible person
  • Toothpaste is not my friend. ( Long story. Next weeks blog for sure)
  • More Dr’s apts
  • Fluid Retention tablets are a thing now. Woo. ( Again, another blog for next week)
  • I’ve lost 4.1kgs since Jan 01.


And that’s about it


This blog isn’t really anything. It’s simply to keep me to a posting schedule and accountable


Thanks for reading anyway,



2020 … It begins

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2020 and the start of a new decade!

Let’s see if I can maintain a Blogging schedule this time, shall we?

Firstly, I hope you like the new look. It’s the best I could do since both Canva and Pic Monkey are no longer free to use and have decided that 30 day ‘Free Trails’ are better than happy customers.

2019 left us with a bitter taste in our mouths didn’t it? It wasn’t great. Not by a long shot. The political upheaval, the celebrity bullshit, the fact Australia was on fire and our “Great Bloke” of a PM went on holiday to Hawaii.

At time of writing, a large majority of the country is still ablaze. We can now add torrential rain and possible cyclone into the mix.

Climate change? What was that again?


Anyway, enough on that. I’m already in a mood and that will only make it worse

Focusing more on the personal front, this year I plan to “SELF CARE” more. If that make sense. I plan to stay away from as much stress and drama as possible (Though, that could be too little too late on that score already – and we’re only 11 days into the New Year.)

Things I plan to do:

  • Eat Healthy.

So, last year I gained all 15kgs back that I lost the year before. This was mainly due to my addiction to (blocks) of chocolate and, towards the end of the year, Doritos. Add to that my constant Hungry Jacks breakfast wraps with extra hash browns on the side and my (rather large) Whisky consumption. (And I cannot accept it’s good for you. I can’t! Or I’ll never be able to function again -ever! LOL) So, this year it’s all about moderation, cutting back a lot of crap food and eating smaller portions. Water is now my jam and I have so many bottles of it in my fridge – it takes up an entire shelf!

  • Exercise

The thing is with exercise, we’ve never truly been friends. Even after buying a recumbent rower bike back in August last year. I still found myself making excuses not to use it (I’m too tired, I’m working the late shift and don’t have time, I’m on AF and don’t feel like it) and this year I’ve decided I’m going to commit to using it more. I want to lose the 15kgs I put back on (I’m back to my original pre MPC weight of 96.6Kgs – UGH) and then some. Mind you, I don’t plan to deprive myself of everything – I just need to stick to a healthy eating schedule and allow a cheat day every now and then just to balance things out.

  • Write More

In an effort to get my lazy ass off the ground writing, I’ve committed to the following:

  • Writing letters to Pen Pals
  • Doing a complete rewrite of Project Sapphire Eyes (more on that later)
  • Stick to a weekly blogging schedule.

These 3 things I hope, will get me into a rhythm moving forward. I’m tired of being scared of what people *may* think of my work- so I’m just going to get on with it and hope for the best.

  • Self-Care

As I mentioned, this year will be about self- care. Aside from the things in this list, I plan to destress a lot more and not get so involved in drama.

In particular, Online drama.  I’ve only come to this decision recently and I think it’s for the best. I’ve found myself becoming too emotionally invested in things online (especially in the Outlander fandom) and I’ve found myself getting hurt, angry and upset at things I have no control over. I’m so done with things making me angry and upset. That’s not who I am, and the negativity wears me down.


I plan to read a lot more as well. When I took a social media break in November last year, I rediscovered the joy of sitting quietly and reading. It was nice. I may even take another month away from socials as part of that – but we’ll see.

Anyway, that’s the first blog down for the year.  Hope you like it.

Thanks for reading,





2019 … A ( Short) Wrap Up Post

2019 …. Wrap Up Post


This is probably going to be the shortest wrap up post I’ve ever written but here it goes …


2019 was probably one of the worst years on record.

There was so much bullshit, un-necessary drama, childish behaviour and exhaustive goings on that, I for one, will be glad to see the back of it.

Actually, I can’t even be bothered writing a long-winded essay about 2019 … So, here it is in dot points


  • Politics was exhausting
  • Climate Change is really a thing… And it was ignored …again
  • Everything is NOT awesome
  • Movies and Music this year was meh for the most part this year


On a personal note:


  • I got sick at lot this year – Boo
  • My workplace became a communist state (long story)
  • I took down an internet troll
  • I saw a side to the internet I didn’t like, and it’s changed my opinion forever
  • I finally found a specialist who CAN help me with my medical conditions and HAS helped me! Moving forward, I am down 1 less medication and 2 specialists #Winning
  • I tried (And failed) to keep to a regular blog posting schedule – but what else is new
  • I signed up for MPC 2020


There was some other stuff but It’s currently 5:08am and I don’t even know why I’m awake.


Anyway, that’s it for my 2019 wrap up post.


If it could just do as all a favour and end … that’d be great.



A Letter To A Troll. TaJa The Wonder Nope. The Outlander Fandoms Biggest Pain In The Ass and My Own Personal Stalker. (AKA The Tony McGill Obsessive)



Before I begin with this blog, I need everyone to know that originally, I had no intention of making this public. It was simply an exercise in frustration. A way in which to vent the fact that someone I’ve never met had taken to trolling  myself and my friends on Twitter.

Originally, it was a bit of Twitter tit for tat.  It was petty. It was childish. I’ll be the first to admit that, but as time went on it got worse. For all of us. 

Over the last 6 months we have reported this menace to Twitter repeatedly – only to be told that they weren’t breaking any rules and would not be shut down.

While I will endeavour to write this ‘Dear Taja’ with humour -its purpose is to highlight the lengths this individual will go to, to ruin a person’s experience online. 

With that in mind, I also wish to point out this person’s dangerous obsession with the private lives of the lead actors of the hit TV show Outlander. While I don’t expect anything to be done about this, I hope at the very least, it’s bought to their attention. I feel it’s something they deserve to be made aware of. 

Finally, nothing I’ve posted in this blog is new. Everything here has already been seen by all of us at one point or another. That said, names and twitter handles have been blacked out to protect those that may not be aware.

 It is my hope that after this they cease their trolling and leave myself and my friends alone.

Dear Taja,

When I first began writing this, I wanted to show off. I wanted to show you that I was good at something. I used a lot of big, clever and creative things called words to illustrate this point. But then I realised something.

I realised you’ll be reading this and therefore being creative would be totally lost on you so I decided it’d be a waste of time.

But, where are my manners? I should ask about you first, shouldn’t I? You’re right. I shouldn’t just outright insult you. What kind person would I be if I did things like that?

So, to begin. How are you handling Brexit? Did you vote leave or remain? Is Boris Johnsons hair still the only interesting thing about your country’s current political situation? (Messy, trashy and all over the place.)  If I had the choice between watching Boris Johnson faff about being your Prime Minister and a pole sticking out of the ground… I’d choose the pole. It’s more interesting, has more uses and nobody is embarrassed by its presence on the grounds of Parliament!

Political affiliations aside though, it’s been an interesting 6 months hasn’t it? You with all your witticisms and clap backs across the Twitter-sphere – shouting them into the void with the speed and veracity of an angry, rabid monkey throwing freshly made turds at poor, unsuspecting passer-by at the zoo.

Firstly, based purely on your bio, (before you deleted it, of course) you’re into Outlander, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and AC/DC. By your own admission to me in a tweet, you’re also a happily married Mother of two teenage girls, both of whom are in High School. Oh, and your Husband is a lawyer. Apparently.

Let’s discuss.

  • With the exception of Aerosmith, your taste in music is bollocks and you deserve to be cancelled for that alone.
  • You’re into Outlander? Are you? Could have fooled me. Seems to me you’re more into being a twat and a massive waste of space who enjoys shit posting complete strangers online – but If you call yourself an Outlander fan, who am I to argue?
  • You have a family. I pity them. I’m second hand embarrassed for them. The poor darlings. Having YOU as their Mother and YOU as a Wife! Some mistakes were made here and by the end of this, I hope they come to realise that

But I digress. The reason I am writing this ‘Dear Taja’ is because we need to discuss the reason you exist. We need to look at your trolling. The constant snitch tagging of a certain corner of the fandom and why you find it necessary to go on and on about the private life of Caitriona Balfe.

The thing that gets me is that you love doing this. You really do. It’s for the attention. You can’t get enough can you?  I mean, look what I’m doing? I’m giving you all the attention right now. Here, have all the attention you greedy little narcissist you!

In fact, you love it so much that I’m honestly convinced you believe you’re some kind of 7th wonder of the world, like the Taj Mahal or something… when really, in reality, all you are to everybody is a massive Taj- Meh- Nope!

Taj-Meh-Nope. I like it! It suits you!

So, Taj, with all this talk of Brexit, Boris Johnson’s hair and pole placement in Parliament – I wonder if it’s dawned on you yet that I’ve figured out where you are?

I mean, it wasn’t that hard to be honest. You practically tweeted the official Outlander_Starz account yourself!

Oh wait… You didn’t know I was going to use a screen-cap, did you? Do you think I should have mentioned this? How very Un-British of me! You Brits always ask permission to do things, right? Politeness and all that? Politeness, the drinking of tea and the ability to stand in a queue while complaining about the weather… that’s stereotypically your lot isn’t it? Well, it used to be till you came along. Now, it’s standing around, screen capping twitter accounts without consent, (from an android phone no less!) while bitching about a fandom you claim to be a part of. Way to ruin a stereotype Taj! Sheesh!

Therefore, I’m sure you won’t mind if I post screen-caps of your tweets in my blog. After all, as they say, A picture tells 1000 words and yours tell quite the fascinating story.

Firstly, you appeared on Twitter in October 2018. Considering we’re pretty much into December, that’s what? Almost 14 months? Well done. I hope you’re proud of yourself. The fact that Twitter refuses to shut you down after all this time proves there are glitches in the system that need to be fixed!

Secondly, you’re as predictable as flies sticking to shit.  You work in patterns. You tweet. You sound like a douche canoe. You panic and lock off your account in the hope of not getting caught. You spend a day or two deleting all of *those tweets* and then reopen your account- only to lay dormant till the next Outlander related event where Sam and Caitriona are in attendance so you can start your bullshit all over again.

Thirdly, you’ve had more name changes than Boris Johnson’s had negotiations for Brexit! (TJ, Taja, TJZ, Heavenly6179 and the bizarre 109876abfg just to name a few) and you’ve been reported to twitter under every single one of them. Sometimes though, when you think no one is watching-you give yourself a glow up. Like this:

Can we talk about this for a second? Firstly, let’s take a look at your use of emojis here. You seem pretty happy about something at a guess. Could it be that you were happy it was the first of November or could it be that you knew that I was planning to, after months of being trolled by you, going to deactivate my Twitter account? Of course, you did! That’s why you changed your handle. Indecently, this change occurred at 10pm November 1st, AEST. Exactly one hour after I deactivated. (I was chatting with friends on WhatsApp when it happened) which meant you knew exactly when I was going offline.  Yep. I left Twitter because of you. No wonder you were happy and wanted to party.

Naturally, you also knew that I tried everything else I could think of to be rid of you before I hit the deactivate button. Calling you out, getting mad at you, laughing at you, muted you, blocked you, blocked a majority of your follow/following lists and even culled my own account so I could be rid of anyone I thought suspicious. In a final act of desperation, I even changed my username and DP whilst in lock down so you wouldn’t find me. Truth be told, it confused the hell out of my followers when I did it. Took them a week to figure out it was me. You on the other hand, had no issues whatsoever when I unlocked again did you?                                       

Correct me if I’m wrong, Taj but… Isn’t this called stalking? I’m positive it is. Being married to a lawyer you’d realise that, surely? You can’t possibly be THAT stupid …can you, Taylor-Jane? (Shout out to your other toll account, Jane Sinner for that gem of a find! Oh and FYI – You’ve been reported under that name as well!) Taylor-Jane? The names of your Daughters? God, I hope not but, if they are, I couldn’t think of anything more disgusting! Using the names of your children to cover up your identity as an internet troll!  Remember how I said I was second hand embarrassed for your family? This is why! You are the absolute worst and belong in the bin! That aside, I’m going to continue calling you Taj-Meh-Nope. Like I said, it suits you!

One final thing before we crack on with business. There’s the issue of distance we need to discuss. Did you know I’m 15,196kms away from you and your stupid Android phone?  Geographically, that puts me over the other side of the world. Australia to be exact. Do you know where that is? Ask Sam. He knows. We made him eat Vegemite on toast and Haggis that was suspect at best on national television. We’re still trying to apologise to him for that- but that’s beside the point.

Why me Taj? What have I ever done to you? I’m curious as to why you singled me out for the “Trolling 101” treatment.

I’m not special really. I’m 5’1, 42-year-old Married woman with 2 cats. My star sign is Taurus. I have a part-time job in Customer Service. My favourite colour is purple.  I can’t cook worth a damn. I like to sing (albeit badly) and I love Whisky. I binge watch Outlander on a regular basis. What’s the problem?

I tweet about Sam and  Caitriona like you do … Oh wait, no…. You’re an aggressive #SamOnly aren’t you? You’re very anti- Caitriona. Extremely so.  As a rule, you’re quite happy to shit all over her and her work on the show. You don’t support her charities and you certainly don’t give a damn about any of her other recent projects like The Dark Crystal or FvF. You are however, incredibly interested in her private life.  In particular, certain “events” that took place in August this year. It’s not something she likes to talk about. The less said about it the better. In fact, anyone who even tries to discuss it – gets their asses blocked!

That’s why you tweet about it right? Because she doesn’t like to talk about it?  Of course, it is! But It’s not just that, is it, Taj-Meh-Nope? Being a digital advertisement for someone’s private life isn’t entirely the reason that you’re here. There’s the other reason. It’s the reason everyone is reading this. It’s the reason you’ve become a thorn in the Fandoms side. The reason you’ve become nothing more than a disease. A plague. A vile, disgusting, spiteful, hurtful, mean, nasty little troll.

Your abject hatred for Shippers. For a little over a year, you’ve waged a one-person war against this corner of the fandom.  Shipping is nothing new. Shipping happens in every fandom, in every genre around the world. Shipping has been a thing since the beginning of Fandoms and Outlander is no exception.  I hate to brag ( but fuck it, I am going to!) but the shippers in this Fandom are some of the funniest, sweetest, nicest, most supportive, creative and wonderful people I’ve ever had the privilege to call friends and I be dammed if I’m going to let you ruin that and take it away from me! Yes, we ship Jamie and Claire. We ship Sam and Caitriona. Hell, we even ship amongst ourselves and it’s great fun!

It’s OK. Everyone at Outlander HQ knows what’s going on and that we exist. They weren’t born yesterday. They don’t need you snitch-tagging for us. They don’t have a problem with it so why do you? I don’t know why you hate it so much to be honest. Let’s look at facts, shall we?

  • Shippers pay the big bucks at Conventions
  • Shippers do a better job at promoting the show than its own PR department and they do it for free
  • Shippers want to see Sam and Caitriona together at all the things, make the most noise for them at events and throw more support behind them when it comes to their charity work and non-Outlander related projects.
  • Shippers make the memes and gifs that Sam and Caitriona USE THEMSELVES online
  • In 99.99% of cases, it’s our side of the fandom that they tweet to the most.

I ask you, what is there to hate? I see nothing but positives here. Of course, Anti’s are similar in that –

  • They like seeing Sam and Caitriona at all the events
  • Support their charities and non-Outlander related projects
  • Are quite creative and unique in their own right

But, that’s where the similarities end. They have their own way… It’s just not ours. I talk to them. They’re not disgustingly horrible people as some would have you believe. They just see things differently and that’s OK. That’s cool. They’re still fans and at the end of the day, despite the differences, we’re all in this together and that’s what makes us The Best Fans Ever!

And then there’s you.  I mean, yes, this fandom has its share of trolls and stalkers. Ex-shippers and haters – we wouldn’t be a proper fandom if we didn’t have to deal with that- But you? You take the cake. You go beyond standard fandom fuckery rules and take things to a whole new level. Shit posts from a shit Human Being.

Taj, in this humble Australian’s opinion, there are pieces of poo in Tanzania that would make a better Human Being than you and, If I have to resort to pointing out that bits of shit in an East African country could, when stuck together, make a better Human Being than you –  then that’s saying something!

But, predictably, like I know you will, you will deny everything I’ve just said and continue your “Shippers are the worst ” trolling on the internet-  much like a religious zealot on a mission from some half assed God – With tweets that have about as much of an impact as a cold piss in a paper cup!

However, sometimes, just to mix things up a bit – You speak truth. (Not too sure about the rest of that tweet though. Hmm, I may have to come back to that. Also, where do you get off calling Caitriona, Cait? Only Sam gets to call her that!)

It’s true. You block shippers all the time. In fact, there isn’t a single one of us who would deny that you block us. I have proof. For example, here is what happens when I look you up from my main twitter account

If I were to ask my twitter pals – I bet, you a penny to a Great British pound that they’d see the same. We’ve all muted and blocked you in return. Realistically, that should have been the end of it. You can’t see us. We can’t see you. That’s what muting and blocking is for. To get rid of things you don’t want to see in your timeline.  Yet, no, matter how hard we tried- you decided to deal out your trolling cards and ‘up the ante ‘ (Pun most definitely intended) and you ended up with a hand like this:

Not that I’m about to call your bluff or anything but, the question I have Taj-Meh- Nope is – if you’ve admitted to blocking us all…. How do you get your hands on our accounts to screen shot them? This is privacy breach Taj. Surely your lawyered-up hubby has told you all about the Privacy Act?  Also, I’m not sure if you’re aware – but you see that screen shot you have of mine dated 17/05/2019? The one you RT’d?  It’s got the little lock symbol for a private account. My account was in lock down that week. I was cleaning it out. So, I am VERY interested in how you managed to get your hands on that screen shot. Very interested indeed.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the mystery as to how it is you get your grubby little hands on our tweets….

Maybe these screenshots here will tell us?


For fuck sake Taj-Meh-Nope!  It’s TUMBLR, OK?  TUM…BL..R!! If you’re going to stand on a soap box and preach to the masses (which at time of writing stands at a whopping 28 followers!) make sure you’ve got the names of your social media platforms down before you do so! Otherwise, you’re going to look like a right na-na aren’t you?

Secondly, and all jokes aside – You’ve a mole on the inside then? This tells me it’s someone everyone follows. Either that or, as well as your two troll accounts, you have another side account posing as a shipper!

This is a terrifying thought. You’re right. None of us know who you are online. But i bet people know who you are out there in the real world – and after they read this- they’re going to think so, so much less of you aren’t they? I’d imagine they’d think you’re lower than whale shit to be honest. But, remember – You did this to yourself. No one forced you to be an Internet pest.

Now, your claim that a Celebrity is onto me… What do you mean by that exactly? This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read! I mean, of course I follow verified accounts on Twitter. It’s a thing everyone does. As you’d know -seeing as you’ve hacked my account so many times- that a few verified accounts follow me back. Including, but not limited to some of the cast of Outlander.

You know, your whole celebrity theory reminds me of a rather fun and interesting period of my life, and I feel I need to share it with you. I hope you like stories, Taj! This one is an absolute cracker!

Between 2007 -2014 I was heavily involved in the Melbourne comedy scene. In fact, I was doing Stand Up comedy on the amateur circuit. I was having the most wonderful time and i was doing great guns! As well getting gigs on a regular basis, I was writing regularly for YAWP magazine – which was an online publication that focused on Comedy, not only in Australia but around the world.  I was even lucky enough to write a spread on the history of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – which, if I recall, was received very well.  (You’d know all about that festival wouldn’t you Taj?) as well as events local to my hometown like the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Melbourne Fringe festival. I was even a Stage Manager for a few small shows during this time – which was a wonderful experience and one I’ll never forget. As time went on, I got to meet some very, very Influential people in the industry – TV presenters, Producers, Network executives and, as luck would have it, I had a list of A list of Australian comedians that I could call friends ( and still do to this day) as long as your arm.

Sadly, due to suffering a nervous breakdown at the end of 2014- I had to give it up. I couldn’t do Comedy anymore. But, them’s the breaks. (There have been various other medical things along the way but they’re not important to this.) Thankfully, I’ve been able to keep in touch with most of these friends and it turns out that one or two of them have Comedy specials on Pay TV – Foxtel – as it’s known here in Oz -while others have gone on to make successful movies for both the local and overseas market. You’re not going to believe this but, some of those movies made by my very clever and talented pals have direct affiliations with SONY PICTURES.  It is also interesting to note that Foxtel airs Outlander here express from the U.S. What’s that got to do with the price of fish you ask?  Let’s do the math shall we? My comedy connections + Foxtel x Outlander / Starz= Sony!  Basic maths, of course, don’t want to over complicate things for you- but I’m sure after my friends have read this, they’d be more than happy to talk to some people for me!

Small world huh? Suddenly 15,196kms doesn’t seem so far away does it?

But then, maybe you don’t mean it that way. Maybe when you said a Celebrity is onto me you meant fan interaction, perhaps? It’s that thing they do that keeps folks interested. It’s part of their job. They love the interaction as much as we do and just like everyone else – I’ve had my fair share of likes and replies from the Outlander cast on Twitter. Honestly Taj, you belligerent wonder-numpty, you’ve lost me. Because unless you are legitimately jealous of my pinned tweet, where Sam congratulated me on my efforts since joining MPC  over a year ago ( which leaves me baffled as that has nothing to do with any of this either) – I really have no clue as to what you’re talking about.

Speaking of not having a clue what you’re talking about:

My friends and I are stalkers and trolls? I think you’ll find, if you examine the facts, Taj-Meh- Nope, is it is YOU and only YOU that is being the troll! A troll, that, in an effort not to be seen as a troll, calls out someone who is not a troll, for being a troll. Do you know what this is called Taj? It’s called Irony. This has more Irony in it than the song IRONIC by Alanis Morrissette! I kid you not! The main difference between your IRONY and her IRONY? Hers was IRONY everybody liked to listen to!

Again, with the assumptions Taj. The thing with me is, I don’t block for the sake of it. I have to have a valid reason for blocking someone. I’m not a petty blocker. if I was, then I wouldn’t have the following that I do. When it comes to this fandom I talk to (and hopefully make friends with) everyone. I don’t judge people. I don’t make assumptions.  Everyone has their favourite character and that’s fine. I live by one rule. If you’re nice to me – then I’ll be nice to you. If you’re capable of having a laugh and a civil conversation, then you’re OK by me.  That said, I will block idiots, morons, Trump supporters, gun lovers, bigots, racists, homophobes, God fearing single white men looking for love, anyone claiming to be in the American armed forces, The Prince of anywhere, any fake celebrity accounts and you!  Like I said, I need a reason. You are a reason. A daft, dim-witted, nope of a reason, I’ll grant you that, but a reason, nonetheless. And calling me out on my hypocrisy? Are you kidding me?! Do you even read your own tweets? Good Lord!






Nice little mention of my couple of backdoors there, by the way. Who knew they’d come in handy, flying things and all! Wait, hold up!  You think I don’t like Caitriona? Where did you get that Idea from?  It’s not like I’m the one who tweeted things like this:


You bell-end. You’re certainly not going to win any friends or favours with tweets like this. It’s not a good look Taj. Do you honestly think you’re going to get in Sam’s good graces by shitting over someone he not only works with, spends most of his time with but someone he actually cares about? I doubt it. I doubt it very much. And you have the audacity to think it’s the shippers who don’t mind their manners?  In fact, it’s a bit “pot calling kettle black” and its proof that your kettle is as black as fuck and you really need to clean that shit up! How hard is it to be mindful and show respect to others?


You know, like you want my friends and I to do?   it’s not that hard to follow your own advice and lead by example is it?


By the way…  You sure do mention Tony a lot in your tweets don’t you?  Why is that? No one else does. As I pointed out earlier, not something anyone talks about. Least of all Caitriona. Remember what i said about being a digital advertisement for someones private life? This is what I’m talking about!                                                                                                                                                                                         

In this tweet alone you’ve just admitted the following.

A) You know where a person can get their hands on this information and

B) In what format you are able to get it in!

This is absolutely astounding! Why are you like this? No one, not even an anti would post this publicly, Taj!  Jesus H Roosevelt Christ!

Let’s try another one. Surely, out of respect, you’d – Oh. No. I was wrong. Here you are telling everyone where they live (and business interests to boot) that by simply doing a search on the internet you can find out a complete stranger’s financial situation. Now look, one can argue that this is probably public knowledge already and blah, blah, blah and I’m sure he’s an honest, upstanding taxpayer like the rest of us. The point is, why do you think this something the Outlander fandom needs to know?  No one else, especially not shippers, give a toss about things like this. Come to think of it, most Antis don’t give a toss about this either.  Bit obsessive Taj, don’t you think?

Also, what’s a Goggle? Is this another Tumbler?? I’m confused.

Has anyone ever told you your spelling and grammar is absolutely atrocious? Because it is. Truly.

And what the bloody hell is this acronym? GTFU? What does that even mean?  Goats That Fly Upwards? Gary the Fat Unicorn?  Gather the Floating Umbrellas? Help a lass out here, will you?

You know, for a woman claiming to be married to someone in the legal profession (which, at this point, I’m calling utter BULLTWANG on by the way) you come across as a bitchy, whiney child who has just been told they can’t have any ice-cream. Honestly Taj, grow the fuck up!

Speaking of obsessive… what’s all this about. No one was asking for photos of Caitriona and Tony, Taj. NO-BO-DY! You don’t even have this many photo of Sam on your twitter account and for a hard core #SamOnly that’s pretty tragic and please, please stop hassling Eddie. Eddie doesn’t need that kind of ridiculousness in their life!

So, let’s recap. You troll me and mine on Twitter because we’re fans of Sam and Caitriona, we respect their privacy away from the public eye and we MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DISCUSS THE MAN IN THESE PHOTOS!

Do you understand? This is why we do what we do, Taj. It’s so we leave shit like this alone. This is not what we’re here for. This is none of anyone’s business!

And yet… You can’t stop tweeting about it, can you? Are you hoping for a shag? Is that it? When you go to bed at night, is that what you dream about?

*Spoiler Alert! *  It’s not going to happen! No one is going to touch you with a 10ft barge pole so cut it the fuck out already!

Even folks you have nothing in common with are telling you to knock it off!

I was wrong, Taylor-Jane… maybe you are that bloody stupid!

Does your Husband know about this? Your daughters? Do they know that this is what you consider a productive use of your time? Because, if they didn’t… You bet your trolling ass they do now!

It’s safe to say you’re quite unhinged.

Twitter, the powers that be at Outlander Starz and their lawyers need to do something about you. The internet is not a safe place for anyone as long as you’re part of it.

You need to seriously think about what you’re doing and the consequences of your actions. Stop trolling. Stop with the screen-capping.  Actually, just stop. Period.

We’re all sick of you and your shit, OK? We’re tired and we’ve had enough. It’s time to pick up your toys, your tweets and your side accounts and go home.

In closing, I’ll leave you with this classic miss- quoted tweet of mine that sums up this entire situation perfectly,

*Eye roll*

No. I didn’t say that. I said ‘ leave it be’ not ‘let them be’ you moron!  God, I wish you’d get your facts right before you shit post. I swear, it’d make everything so much easier for you. At least you wouldn’t come across as a brainless bampot half the time! What I also said was “And above all, don’t be a Cunt!”  Which is exactly what you’ve been to me, my friends, to Caitriona Balfe and to the Outlander Fandom in general for the last 6 months but you cropped that out.

Time to find a new hobby, don’t you think?  Go design a tee shirt about candy or something. I mean, as long as you’re happy, Joe… right?

Take a break Brandi. The unfollow button is available for you.

May you be snitch-tagged for an eternity and kindly go fuck yourself,


PS: There’s one last thing I forgot to mention. You absolutely hate “Receipts” don’t you? You know? That which proves things are what they are? You’ve always hated those, and you’ve made sure everyone knew about it! Like, say, this one for instance. You should loathe the very existence of this one.

In one single receipt- not only have you given me permission to do what I have just done (Which means from a legal perspective you have just fucked yourself over. You don’t have a leg to stand on and can’t sue me for anything) but you have assumed Sam has a significant other.

Does he? That’s odd… He’s not said anything publicly about that. (And again, just like Caitriona, his private life is none of your damn business!) Well, isn’t this a turn up for the books! You can’t stand the idea of him being with his co-star… but at the same time, you’re making an assumption that he’s currently dating someone. That means you have a narrative all of your own that you wish to be true. You believe him to be in a relationship with someone of your choice. You posted, in a now deleted one of *those tweets, * you believed he was dating “She whom you wished him to be holding hands with while on the Red Carpet” ( Yes I saw that tweet. I’m not going to mention the person by name – out of respect – but I know for a fact you know who I’m talking about!) For the record, he’s not. They’re just really good friends.

However, to avoid any further confusion-I have posted a definition of what you’re doing below:


It’s OK. You can thank Urban Dictionary later 😀











The Hiatus continues

Saturday, 6:05pm AEST


As I write this, it’s still daylight outside and the birds can be heard telling the world it’s time to settle in for the night.

Dinner is on. Tonight’s meal is Roast Lamb with all the trimmings.

Hubby is practising guitar. He had a successful lesson this afternoon and really doesn’t want to lose the momentum, so he’s thrown himself into getting some practise in before dinner is ready.

This is good.


He’s plugged the headphones in, so he doesn’t annoy the neighbours. He’s also reminded me of the sound quality of said headphones. Not only did I jump 3 feet into the fucking air – I am now also convinced that sleep will elude me for the next 184 years.


As for me, It’s the end of week two of my Social Media hiatus and I have to tell you, it’s been interesting.


For one thing, I’ve continued with the productivity. This week was all about teaching myself new things.


Over the course of this week I’ve downloaded free trials of Scrivener and Spotify (Yes, I know. I am VERY late to the Spotify party and I am well aware I have a lot of catching up to do) as well as learning how to use Canva properly – should I ever wish to start making You Tube videos again.  There have been a lot of tutorials watched over this week and (not so) surprisingly, I’ve subscribed to a few new channels about writing which I hope will inspire me to get off my ass and get stuck in to making this Blog something more than a hobby.


On the medical front, things are moving along as expected. This week saw me visit a local Chiropractor (on the recommendation of my Aunt) who was very interested in my condition and very keen to help. On her advice, I went and got X-rays done on my Spine and Pelvis which thankfully, I didn’t have to pay for.  I’m hopeful they find something to work on. That’d be nice. I go and see them again on the 19th.  So, will be keeping you posted on that.


I’d asked my Dad to take me as Hubby couldn’t get the morning off work. He agreed and after my appointment we went to lunch at McDonalds. He let me have fries with my Ham/ Cheese/ Tomato toasty.  I suppose I shouldn’t brag about being so spoiled, but I can… So, I will. And there’s nothing anyone can do about it! 😛


As far as work is concerned, not much to report there.  The powers that be have moved everyone around and literally left us half the computer desks in the process. People have resigned, no one has a clue what’s going on, customers are getting snarky because it’s getting closer to Christmas and the place is an utter shamble! And, on top of all that, the big boss has taken himself away on two weeks’ vacation ergo making none of this his problem. In other words, it’s just another day in the world of customer service. You’d think, after almost 20 years in the industry, I’d be used to this by now … But apparently not. Oh well.


Moving on….


Another thing I’ve managed to do is catch up on all the You Tube content I’ve been missing.  My Subscription list was out of control and over the course of this week I’ve successfully managed to rein it back in. Hard to believe I’ve missed out on so much content! I used to watch You Tube religiously but then social media took over and it fell by the wayside.


It’s funny, I’ve started to realise just how much I relied on Twitter and Facebook. They truly were my connection to the world.  As I mentioned in a previous blog – It feels like I’ve lost a limb and I now I have to learn how to function without it.


At this particular point… I really don’t want to turn FB on again. Ever. It’s so noisy and messy and ugly that I could honestly spend the rest of my life without it. Sadly, I can’t. There are people there who read my Blog and right now with everything switched off … They’re not getting the opportunity to read anything and that makes me sad.


As for Twitter? I miss it. My FAN-MILY is there and I wonder how they are. Besides, unlike FB where I can pretty much leave it in a permanent state of deactivation, I have till the end of the month to switch it back on and I cannot afford to lose 10 years’ worth of Data.  It has a history and is part of who I am, and I would be devastated to lose it.


On that note, I best wrap this up.


Dinner awaits.


Thanks for reading.



The Struggle Is Real – But It’s Gonna Be OK

It’s interesting to note the change over the last few days.  I feel better. I feel lighter. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can breathe again



With the exception of last night ( I was woken in the wee hours of the morning after dreaming of communicating with dead – and no, it wasn’t nice – the sound of the rain on the roof, a snoring kitten in my ear and a rather desperate urge to pee) I have been sleeping better and not waking up more exhausted that I was the night before


My stress levels are all but non-existent. I haven’t felt this stress free in a long time. (Granted, I need to go back to work tomorrow but I’m not about that right now. That’s a job for tomorrow me and she can deal with that in the morning)


The pings and dings of social media alerts have been silenced… and my heart is better for it.



Things to note, however.


  • Since switching everything off at 9pm Friday November 1st AEST … I find that I am still reaching out for and checking my phone on impulse. I have to keep reminding myself that I have removed the temptation for a month and so it is not there. It’s rather an odd feeling if I’m honest.
  • My productivity levels have skyrocketed. In the last few days I have:


  • Cleared out a ton of old files on my computer
  • Purged old links and rearranged my bookmarks and pages accordingly
  • Gone to the local council and arranged to have my Disabled Parking permit renewed for another 3 years
  • Arranged an appointment with OPSM – A month in advance
  • Called my bank and discussed current and future financial situation


  • My to do list keeps getting longer … which is very, very good! Admittedly, finding things to add to this to do list is a challenge unto itself, but it’s one I plan to tackle head on.


  • I started writing this blog this morning but got distracted. Ok, Ok, I confess! I got distracted reading a book, talking to my friends on WhatsApp, eating lunch, showering, discussing dinner options with the Hubby, doing a 30 minute Cardio workout, washing two days’ worth of dishes, watching stuff on You Tube, updating my LinkedIn Profile and calling my Father to confirm that yet again, neither of us won anything on the Melbourne Cup – but I’m back now and I promise you I am not going anywhere until this is finished.



Right. So, two blogs in as many days, huh? What do I hope to gain by doing that? Nothing really.


It just gives me something to do and stops me from caving in and switching everything back on.


Not going to lie. Today has been a hard day. Despite how I’m feeling emotionally at the moment – the temptation to turn everything back on is real and I’m only five days in.


Coffee has been consumed. Lots of it. More than my standard amount. That and continental pasta pot noodle have become the things I have turned to, to help get me through the next phase of this detox – The Withdrawal.


As mentioned in my previous blog, there is a small part of me that feels very isolated and alone and right now it’s screaming.  Screaming to be the centre of attention.  Remember how I said I feel like I’ve lost a limb? Well, I’m going through the Phantom stage now. I know it’s gone – but it feels like it should still be there.


Tomorrow I’ll be fine. Tomorrow I’ll be at work, being bitched at, yelled at and complained to about all the first world problems in the world – so I won’t have the time to dwell on anything in particular and, for the first time in over five years, I’ll consider that a blessing rather than a burden.


I mean, I still have IG, Snapchat and one of my old side accounts on Twitter open and active but they’re accounts I hardly ever use and I’ve only got them open so I can keep an eye on the activity of a couple of celebs I follow on my other two accounts. Interestingly, now that my other socials are switched off It has become so much easier to keep up with current events and I have a better understanding of how things are stand on the world stage at the moment but more on that in the coming weeks.


I’ve decided I’m going to do things this month. Really knock a whole ton of stuff on its head.


Hoping to get it all done by November 28th … (That’s the date I have to reactivate my main twitter account before I lose everything in its entirety), but we’ll see.


Anyway, it’s getting close to that time of day and I must away and do the things


Thanks for reading,





The Art Of Hitting The Kill-Switch

I had thought that I’d be feeling a lot worse than this… but you know what? I don’t. I really, really don’t. And that surprises me.


A few days ago, I all but turned my back on Social Media. I deactivated my Facebook and Twitter account. Removed the apps from my phone and the bookmarked links on my PC. Hell, I even removed the Tumblr links and app and that’s not even one of the ones I deactivated.


Not going to lie. Hitting the deactivate button on Facebook lifted a massive weight off of my shoulders and I instantly felt better. Realising I didn’t have to scroll through tons of trash talk in my feed just to get to a post I wanted to read or scrolling through elitist “I’m better than everyone because I’ve been part of  this place longer than you have” bullshit cleared my head like you wouldn’t believe and honestly, if it wasn’t for the fact I have to renew a membership to something through a specific Facebook group at the end of the year – I’d never turn it on again.


Twitter? Well, that’s a little different. Twitter was, until recently, my playground. My safe space on the internet. That is, until I began being trolled by a Northern Hemisphere Mother of two, who has terrible taste in music and a Lawyer for a Husband – who took it upon herself to make my time there as uncomfortable as possible. Almost on a daily basis this person (who over the course of the last six months has had more name changes than the company I work for) found a way to humiliate and belittle me and make fun of me to others. Copying and pasting my tweets (which by and large are completely harmless and not an offence to anyone) across her socials and pointing out what she thought was wrong with them. I mean look, I know my spelling and grammar isn’t the best in the world, but this is Twitter and honestly? Who the fuck cares?


Yes, I know. I am aware of how completely and utterly First World Problem this is and at the age of 42 I should be able to let this slide off me like water from a ducks back, but I can’t. And it’s not the first time I’ve had it happen to me either. The first time I ever experienced this was back in 2008. Not that I want to go into details here, but I will say that it lasted for a period of 12 months and was relentless – again for the same reason. All because of what I wrote online and how I wrote it. Apparently, I am a stickler for upsetting people with my thoughts on things and my “very unique” world view.


This time however, I just found it exhausting. Completely and utterly exhausting. That said, my paranoia is in overdrive and I am fully aware the person in question is lying in wait for me… waiting for me to come back so they can pounce at the first given opportunity to have at me for a misplaced comma or quotation mark. It’s a sad existence I’ll grant you however I can only assume that this person must be unhappily Married or perhaps her Husband is having an affair with someone at the office or maybe her kids are complete and utter assholes … and so, because of this they’ve taken to trolling on the internet in order to forget their troubles at home.


Presumptuous of me, I know. But It’s got to be something, right? I just can’t see how a person can spend their entire lives being a kill joy on the internet.

Not that I’m ever going to have worry about it again … but there it is.


The other side of this is… there is a very small part of me that feels very isolated and alone. I’ve been part of the social media universe for close to a decade and it has become so much a part of my life, in particular over the last few years while I’ve been dealing with all of my medical issues. These issues have kept me pretty much house bound and not able to get out and about without help… so social media has been my way to connect with the world. Switching off makes me feel like I’ve lost a limb, a part of my person that I’ll never get back and having to function without it just feels weird.


That said, it’s only been a few days and I’m not going to be without things to do. I’ve got a whole list of projects I plan to work on while I’m on hiatus and I am looking forward to tackling these things head-on.


On the medical front I continue to enjoy being a Human science experiment. I’ve already had my appointment with my Dental Surgeon and my Osteopath this week and I’ve got appointments with my Physiotherapist, my GP, my Neurologist and my Chiropractor in the weeks leading up to Christmas.




It’s almost impossible to believe there are only eight weeks left of 2019. It only occurred to me the other day when I asked my Husband to flip the calendar over. Looking back over the last year – I find myself thinking that on one hand I haven’t really accomplished much but on the other… compared to where I was in January this year, I’ve come along in leaps and bounds, and I have a lot to be proud of as a result.


Overall, I don’t think that’s a bad thing.


Thanks for reading,




And .. That’s the wrap

So, it’s 9:51pm on Friday the 1st of November 2019 and I have just switched my social media accounts off -well, FB and twitter anyway.


I’ve deleted both  the apps of of my phone .. including Tumblr.


For the next month I plan to focus on my writing and things that make me happy.  I’ll explain why I left socials in more detail during the coming weeks


Here’s hoping you can see this somewhere