Outlander Social Media For LOL’s Series – Post 2. How I see the Outlander Fandom on Twitter

Firstly, I want to apologise for not updating last week. Truth was, I was rather unwell with a visit from Aunty Flo and I just couldn’t bring myself to write much.


It’s still Winter and whilst I can appreciate its need to be here on the basis of the changing of the seasons …… I do wish it would kindly fuck off. I mean, not to be disrespectful or anything – but I hate the cold weather.  I’m just not a fan. Even as I sit here in my comfy, oversize to hide the flab Sunday best- I’d still prefer it not to be cold.


The sun may be out at the moment – but I am not fooled by its namesake disposition. it’s cold as a witch’s tit – if you’ll pardon the expression (and see it as a nod to a certain scene in Se 1) and that’s all I have to say on the matter.


Right. Now to this week’s blog – and I warn you, it’s probably going to sting a bit. I’m not sure if I should apologise now or later -given the topic of choice – but I will say this. It’s not intentional. It’s just the way it is.


Firstly, let’s recap. For those who don’t know, I am writing a series of blogs that takes (hopefully) a humorous look at how the Outlander fandom represents itself on different social media platforms.  Last week I covered Facebook. If you haven’t read it – you can do so here: https://ranpotjam.com/2019/06/16/outlander-social-media-for-lols-series-post-1-how-i-see-the-ol-fandom-on-facebook/



This week it’s all about Twitter. That 280-character whip out your phone, quick as you please platform that has changed the way we communicate with each other. Twitter never sleeps. Ever. It can’t. And it’s amazing.


The Outlander fandom on Twitter is different to any other I’ve experienced, and I’ve been on Twitter for a long time. A decade in fact. I officially joined twitter in December 2009 – after many failed attempts) and I wasn’t sure what to make of it.  At the time, it was 180 characters and the newest addition was being able to retweet something. (You had to write RT, so everyone knew you were doing it)


In the beginning, Twitter was just an extension of Facebook. IE – Chances are, if you knew somebody on Facebook – you’d find them on Twitter and connect with them there as well.  However, unlike its very vanilla platformed cousin – Twitter has evolved over the last ten years into something more original. Something more daring. Something a little more outspoken (hence the increase from 180 to 240 characters a few years ago) and a place where 90% of the Outlander fandom prefer to play.


Before I get into the nitty gritty of Twitter though, I want to give you a bit of background info. Where I sit as far as both the Fandom and Twitter are concerned.


As I’ve already stated, I’ve been on Twitter a long time. As far as Twitter goes, I’ve been there, and I’ve done that. And I’m not kidding. My digital footprint on this platform is huge and chances are should we ever meet in person, it’s probably because we’ve found each other on Twitter first.


Twitter has become my safe haven, the place where, out of all the social media platforms, I spend most of my time.  If Twitter was a house -I’d say I’ve officially moved in and made this house a home.


In regard to the Fandom… Well, buckle up kiddies, I’m about to give you a dose of the Outlander Fandom on Twitter direct into your eyeballs.


You ready? …


Here we go:


  1. Followers/ Following


These are the folk you have connected with – one way or another- via the love of the TV show or the books. There’s not really much else to say here; except that knowing you all have that in common is it


  1. Mutuals 


Ok, now we get into the fun stuff (That was quick!) These guys are your tribe … or in this case, your clan. You know that no matter what happens, you’re all in this crazy, zany, weird AF journey together. You support each other. You lift each other up.  And, just like a clan, you go into battle if someone upsets one of your own. Take mine, for example. The folk I talk to on twitter and call my own are some of the funniest, wittiest, cleverest, creative, people I’ve ever (not yet) met. They can draw, write, make content for You Tube, make dolls, cards and other things. They can paint, sew and sketch incredible works that simply take my breath away. Then you’ve got your MEME QUEENS and THREAD QUEENS who I swear are out to kill me 11ty-7 times over on a daily basis. Let’s not forget the humble Gif makers. Nod of thanks to them as well. Without them I wouldn’t be here. I thank them for putting up with me these last few years. It means a lot.


If this was any other blog but this one – I’d end it there… but you see … I Cannae do that. Where would the fun be in that. The sole purpose of this blog is to see Twitter for what it really is. You still buckled up and with me back there??




If you recall at the beginning of this blog, I said that this was probably going to sting a bit. It is.  And if you’re willing to accept that; trust me when I tell you, you’ll come out of this just fine.


Firstly, as everyone is well aware – The Cast and Crew of Outlander are all on Twitter. It’s what they use to communicate with us. Naturally, if you are anything like me – You follow them, have your alerts turned on for every time they tweet something, have several lists created so you don’t miss anything, 84 years of bookmarked tweets for later and have a backup list of shouty swears every time system fails and you’re forced to scroll through your time line using nothing but blood, sweat, tears and a very determined ( and quite possibly calloused) thumb.


You live for the banter. You see whether any of your friends got a shout out, a like or a RT.  You see if you got a shout out, a like or a RT.  You do this every single day. It becomes second nature. As natural as breathing. It’s simply what you do. Your motto is “Can’t Stop/ Won’t Stop” and you don’t care. You are Twitter and Twitter is you. It’s almost like you’re in a real-life Matrix except … it isn’t … Because you’re not Keanu Reeves. And if you were Keanu Reeves, I’d ask you what you were doing here because you’ve kind of got Bill and Ted 3 to film. I mean, Wyld Stallion isn’t going to reunite on its own dude. … Anyway…


As much as the OL fandom on Twitter Is together – it is also miles apart and a lot of the time it spends its time spit down the middle one way or another.  Allow me to explain:



Shippers Vs Non-Shippers


This old chestnut has been around since the beginning of time and to be honest, I don’t see it fading into obscurity any time soon.


About a year ago I wrote a blog called ‘The Subtle Art of Sitting on The Fence’ and in it I tried to point out the fact that I am friends with everybody, and I refuse to take sides. How anyone chooses to celebrate this fandom is entirely up to them. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone – why start anything??


Each side has their point of view. Each side raises decent argument for what they want to believe, and each side should just stay in their lane and continue on their merry way. That said, sometimes it doesn’t happen and then, when it all goes to pot – we can break it down to even smaller detail.


  1. Snitch Taggers


Snitch Taggers are the Anti’s Anti. They are literally lower than Whale shit and deserve nothing more than an almighty FUCK YE OFF THAT WAY PLEASE- before being hurtled into the sea never to be seen again. They are the ones who find it their *Duty as a fan* to tag certain members of the cast and scream “LOOK! LOOK AT THIS! LOOK AT WHAT THIS PERSON IS DOING!  NO, REALLY! YOU NEED TO LOOK! LIKE, RIGHT NOW! THIS VERY SECOND!!”

One of the biggest mistakes someone in this fandom can make is try and engage these people in any sort of civil conversation. Honestly, it’s like trying to use a cheese grater to tie your shoelaces.  It’s completely pointless.  If you value your sanity or have any self-respect, don’t do it. It’ll drive you mad with their never-ending use of the word fuck. Everything they through at you begins or ends with the word fuck. For example, ‘Fuck Off’ is used quite a bit when you try and call them out on their bullshit.  ‘Fuck You’ is what you get when they realise you’ve caught them out on their bullshit. Oh and ‘Who the fuck do you think you are?’ Is what they throw at you when they’re trying in vain to defend their bullshit. It’s all quite tiresome rather yawn worthy. In some cases, it will even get you and your bullshit blocked.


Which is funny because …


  1. The Petty Block Squad.



The Petty Block Squad are unique to Twitter. These are folk who scroll through twitter and block people for the stupidest reasons ever invented. Some of them include:


-Because reasons

– Days ending in Y

– Someone they don’t know was minding their own business

– They had a partially valid reason 5 years ago and somehow in 2019 it still counts

– That hair tho

– Ugh

– Nope

– Ew

– Feels! How Dare!

– Today I have nothing in common with anyone. Perfect!


Oh, and one final thing. Stop bragging about it. What do you want? A medal?! Every time I turn around one of you is holding a big ass neon sign that says “I’m petty today! Everyone be impressed!” I get it.  You’re just Petty from the block.





  1. Team Fraser Vs Team Mackenzie


Similar to the Shippers Vs Non -Shippers argument – this has also been going on since the beginning of time.


Alright look. We’re all adults here, right? …. Right? We can do this without throwing a hissy fit and getting hysterical can’t we?


We can have an open, honest …. Oh, stop sub tweeting!

Now as I was trying t- *Sigh* Will you get your finger off that mute button!!


Repeat after me – You are not petty on the block! You are not petty on the block!


Apparently not then. Well, can’t blame a lass for trying I suppose. Me personally, I love both couples (There! I said it!)  and I’m happy Roger and Bree are now a permanent fixture in the Fraser Family story line moving forward – so suck it up and get used to it. Or, stop watching… whatever floats your boat.  Why you can’t accept that this is how things are now is simply beyond me. What’s more, your assholey, shitty, disrespectful attitude from both sides towards the actors also needs to stop. Ever stop to wonder why they’ve been so quiet lately? Maybe you might have had something to with that? Just a thought.

That said though there’s always room for


  1. Bots N Trolls


Bots run amuck in this fandom like there’s no tomorrow. Every other day I see some poor sap get sucked in by an account pretending to be a member of the cast. Guys be careful. If it isn’t verified – it isn’t them, k?  We good? You understand? I don’t need a 3D model of the obvious?? A Venn Diagram perhaps? Straws? Matchsticks and glue? Ye Olde butchers’ paper and pens??

No? Are you sure?

Sam isn’t going to have to make 84 years of IG stories explaining yet again that he’ll never DM you or ask you for money??


Good. Thank god for that. I mean, honestly, only a complete utter half-wit would fall for that. {**}


Trolls in the twitterverse are just as bad – if not worse than their Snitch Tag cousins. They come out of the wood work at the slightest opportunity to cause a shit fight. They’re target specific as well. Most of them target either Sam or Cait (Mostly on days ending in Y, just so you know) and it can get messy. More often than not their DP is generic or blank and they have next to zero followers. It’s a sad fact that we’ve all been caught up in rubbish from these idiots and we’ve got to pay more attention.



  1. Trumplanders


Oh, joy of joys, here we are… if all the other things I’ve mentioned today in this blog were in the toilet – Trumplanders are right at the back, near the S-bend. We’ve all seen them before. They come out, especially if the cast say anything on socials relating to the Environment, the current Political situation ( in any country), plastic bags, animals, human rights abuses, Global Warming  – you know, the important stuff that we as humans should give a shit about anyway – and out they come in their ones and tens of them, making unnecessary noise about the Orange Oompah Loompa they support and how it ‘saddens them to see the actors bringing attention to such things’ and can they ‘ just do their jobs as actors as that’s what they’re paid to do’


You know, after an outburst like that. You must be tired. So, allow me to offer you a chair – So you can take a fucking seat!

You also look like you need a drink. So, what I’m going to do is make you a big ass glass of shut the fuck up, OK?


Oh? You’re not a fan? Well, OK then. How about a freshly made mug of ‘As long as you’re happy Joe? That goes rather well with ‘Take a break, Brandi’ Biscuits. It’s a new addition to the menu. Hope you like it.



And there you have it. The OL fandom as I see it on Twitter. Yes, I know. I could have talked about TMS (Twitter Mum Syndrome), the eternal threads of doom – from which there is no escape, the fact that, as one, we panic if our leading man is absent from Twitter for more than a few days and many other things besides. Still even after all that, it’s still my favourite place to be.

I have to wonder just how much I am going to cop after I post this, but the truth is, I wanted to write this. Don’t worry, next week I have to flip a coin and decide whether I tackle IG or Tumblr… and that could be very interesting indeed.


Thanks for reading,




** This has actually happened to foks where people have been legit scammed by Twitter accounts claiming to be those belonging to the actors. It’s a terrible thing to happen and a really shitty thing to do. Please understand this post is meant for humor only and I mean no offense whatsoever. If you are one of those people who have been hurt by scammers and you’re reading this- I am truly, truly sorry x





Outlander Social Media For LOL’s Series : Post 1. How I See The OL Fandom On Facebook

Before I get into the nitty gritty of my blog for this week, I need to tell you all how my morning began.


It began with my 3-year-old, fully grown kitten desperately trying to stick her head inside an empty wine cask.  Several times. Without success. All the while making little kitten noises of frustration and disappointment as she slowly came to the conclusion that her dedicated plan of action was not going to work.


Oh, I would have happily captured it all on camera for you, dear reader… except one was so busy laughing her ass off at her fur baby and her exploits she all but forgot. Sorry.


If I’m being perfectly honest, it’s going to cover (I hope in a little more detail) one of the topics I covered in last weeks blog. Which, if you haven’t read -you can do so here: https://ranpotjam.com/2019/06/09/the-tale-of-the-catch-up-the-carry-on-the-nerdy-celebrations-and-the-tiring-twitter-stramach/


Note how I have made reference to social media (Notably twitter) and the carry on that ensued because a few bad apples were able to upset the apple cart. This got me thinking. This got me thinking a lot. In fact, I spent most of yesterday afternoon and this morning thinking about this – which gives you some idea just how much time I’ve spent thinking about it. (If you take into account everything else, I’ve done such as eat, sleep, watch Netflix, etc … I didn’t really spend that much time at all – but whatever)


I want to take a look at how the Outlander fandom operates across the social media landscape. Specifically, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.  I know there are dozens and dozens of other different social media platforms – but the aforementioned ones are the ones I frequent the most and are therefore the chosen subject matter for today’s blog.


*Audible Gasping*


Yes, I know. Do I even dare?  Especially for someone who has only been part of it for a little over two years. *Braces self for the onslaught*


However, I’m feeling a little ‘standing on the precipice and staring deep into the abyss’ this afternoon – so I figured I’d have me a wee bit of a crack at it- Because why the hell not!


I just want to add, before I continue, that this isn’t a serious blog. I’m not here, with my Claire on, inspecting this fandom like “germs” under a microscope, OK? It’s just for fun and please keep in mind that this is solely based on how I view things. No outside influence whatsoever.


Right. I think I’ve covered that well enough. And if it’s not disclaimer-y enough for you then tough titties, I’m afraid. You’re not getting any more than that.


To make this easier for everyone I’m going to write about one platform at a time. To write about all four at once would cause my fingers to drop off out of sheer exhaustion and that would be somewhat problematic, I should think. I mean, how in God’s name would I pick my nose if my fingers fell off!



First up… Facebook.





First off, I’m going to assume that the majority of the OL fandom who reside here are between the ages of 35 – 80

Secondly, I am also going to assume that there are fans who fall either side of that age bracket.

Thirdly, I just need to point out that every OL newbie starts their journey here. Depending on your point of view – it either gets better or worse from here. You’re free to make that choice.


Things You Need to Know


  1. Every FB group you join will tell you that their group is the best group out there and it’s mainly due to the people that are in it that makes it this way. They’ll CAPS LOCK that shit all the way to the grave and you better believe them. Because no one and I mean no one runs a FB group better than the Admins of the group that you’re in. Side note : Every FB group has more or less the same 3 stock standard questions you need to answer before you get approved. You’ll also be asked to observe the group rules. These are also variations on a theme. Mostly be nice, be kind, no hawkers etc etc …


  1. Be wary of the Book Purists. These people will try and shit on your love of the TV show every chance they get. They’ll dissect it from every angle, come at it from every direction and preach it from their little shit-seat-on-high. They love trashing the TV adaptation and can’t wait to tell you why they hate it so much. Mind you, these are also the very same people who only read the Jamie and Claire parts of the book because everything else is boring and Bree is a spoilt brat.


  1. TV evangelists will also suck the joy out of everything- much like their Book Purist cousins – except, when they do, they are quite similar to Gollum in that the TV show “Is their preciouses” and they won’t go near the books because “They ruins it”


  1. Spoiler Alerts are pointless. Completely and utterly pointless. The only reason *Spoiler Alerts* exist on Facebook (and ONLY Facebook) is to give someone who is an Admin of a FB group a power trip. Telling folks that their post MUST CONTAIN A SPOILER ALERT is dumb because the books have been out since 1992 and the cast and crew share stuff re the TV show publicly anyway and let’s not forget to mention ye olde Daily Lines- The ones DG writes herself. You know…. THOSE!? – so why bother? Oh, and if you’re going to come at me with you -“Oh, we’re doing it for the 000000000000000.01% of people who may not have read/seen it yet” – argument please don’t. You want to know why? BECAUSE SPOILERS DON’T WORK!! That’s why! Everyone reads the bloody things! They don’t prevent a goddamn thing! Stop it! Just stop! You look like a prize-winning numpty and it’s certainly not doing you any favours!  It’s a power grab. So, sit the eff down before you trip your power tripping Facebook Admin ass up and hurt yourself! No one wants a Spoiler Alert. GTFO with that shit!  (A/N… Wow… I may have gotten a little more serious with that point than I intended. I mean, I don’t want to give the impression it shits me to tears or anything… but yeah. Anyway, back to the fun!)


  1. Facebook is full of folk who can’t handle it when Sam Heughan says FUCK anywhere that’s not on the Outlander Blooper Reel. True Story. The End.


  1. The Facebook fandom is full of people who proudly tell everyone how long they have been a fan. Especially the ones that have been there since DG first put pen to paper. It’s almost like Mark Zuckerberg blessed them with a megaphone himself and gave them permission to use it – ALL. THE.DAMN. TIME! Now, to be fair, there are some that use their megaphone for good and whenever a newbie comes along, they endeavour to take that person under their wing (or megaphone in this case) and help them on their journey into the wonderment that is the Outlander- verse. But there’s always one… in every group there’s one. One who truly does believe they are the Oracle of the OL fandom. Their post is always more about THEM than about the subject matter at hand and are normally the first ones to complain to anyone and everyone if they feel they’re not being the centre of attention.


  1. TEAM FRANK / I FEEL SORRY FOR GENEVA live here. As does POOR ROGER and the I HATE BREE club. Not to mention the SAM IS NOT MY JAMIE/ CAIT WILL NEVER BE CLAIRE IN MY EYES Society. And that lot over there? Brooding in the dark corner? That’s the lot that want to bring the subject of RAPE into the equation. Enter into conversations with these people at your own risk. You may feel your brain fall out of your ear and end up a whimpering, crying puddle of its former self on the ground, begging you to make it stop. Or worse, you could end up in an all-in verbal brawl with them – and you get the comments turned off by a member of the Admin. In which case – I bow to thee oh great and mighty keyboard warrior. Crusher of keys! Slammer of fist on desk and colourful obscenities! Destroyer of all arguments presented and locker of comment threads for all time. I salute you!  Oh, and should you find yourself stuck with the weird mob brooding in the corner? My advice? DO NOT ENGAGE!


  1. In the deepest, darkest corners of the Book of Face you will find these horrendous, deformed little “knob-goblins’ known as trolls. They are everywhere and only seeming to want to come out to play whenever there is positivity to be had. They sit hunched over their keyboards waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Usually during a moment when the fandom is agreeing on something nice like how much we all wish for Sam’s long, lush curly locks to return or the Red Dress from Paris or that Jamie’s knees are truly something that need to be studied in depth .. for science. That’s when the trolls come out. Faceless and with 100% made up fucking names – they crawl out from under their rock and drop a comment like “You guys are all so lame – LOL! This show is lame! Y’all need to take a good, hard long look at what you’re doing” and it starts a shit fight like no other. Honestly? Stop. Just stop. Thinking you’ll get a semblance of sense from a troll – is exhausting and not worth the time. NEXT! Seriously, FUCKING NEXT!!!


  1. Facebook Outlander Mums. Facebook OL Mums are unique to this fandom. Mostly harmless and they stay in their own lane. Still, they deserve a mention because gosh darn it they are cute.  They say things like “Sam is old enough to be my Son”  or “ He reminds me so much of my Son”  or “ If Sam was my Son”  also, they are the biggest culprits when it comes to *worrying* about our leading man “ Oh, he’s so thin!”  “He looks tired. Are those bags under his eyes?”  “Is he eating enough?” “Does he take vitamins?” “Someone should tell him he needs *Insert magical unicorn blessed miracle drink/pill/injection/Self-help suggestion here* ASAP!” “He needs some sun. He’s so pale!”  …. You get the point.  I mean, they mean well and as I said, they’re cute but c’mon people… He’s a grown man of almost 40 and trust me when I tell you -he’s quite capable of taking care of himself. He knows what he’s doing. He’s surrounded by people who make sure of that every day.


  1. I didn’t think I’d make it this far and yet … here we are. Look, I know I’ve said a lot and I’ve mostly focused on what can only be described as the negative side of the FB OL fandom and maybe it is … but as I said at the beginning, this is not a serious blog and it was meant to be taken in jest. That said, over all, the FB side of things is a pretty positive place. Folks be kind, mindful and charitable for the most part and aside the things I’ve talked about here – drama is pretty low key in FB land and that’s a good thing.



So, there you have it. OL Facebook in a nutshell as I see it.


Do you agree? Disagree? Feel I’ve missed something? Let me know! Would love to know your thoughts!


Just think… I have to do this with Twitter next week. Metaphorically speaking – I may very well be dead and blogging from the grave!


Thanks for reading,