Writing Challenge

So, naturally, like all good Bloggers, I have been noticeably absent

Sorry about that…

No, really…. I am.

Oh, don’t believe me then… Ok… Fine

Recently, I put the call out on my Face Book page for subjects to write about. I wanted a writing challenge. Something to get the creative juices flowing.

This is so that

A) I am never out of practise with my writing
B) I am challenged to write something new every week /month
C) It justifies the $20 I’m paying a year to keep this domain on the Word Press platform
So far, I haven’t a bite and it’s really, really, disappointing. A few years ago, I tried something similar on my Vlogging channel (An earlier version of my current channel – The old version – which has since been deleted for all our sakes) but after a few times of trying – it kind of fell over and landed in a heap (Add to that, I had no idea how to edit videos or anything back then)

So! I am trying again!

What I am wanting to start is a writing challenge!

If you have any ideas on the things I should write about – please go to my FB page Simply CJ’s Fun and Social Media Page and leave a comment or comment down below


Cannot wait to read your suggestions 🙂

Thanks for reading,

When everything goes to pot ..

I’m going to be honest – From a purely creative stand point today for me was a bit of a let down. 

Things just didn’t go right. 


My office was to hot 

Setting up my tripod and where to put it took about 15 minutes. The rest of the time was spent trying to get the camera in the right place for filming

Turing on the fan to keep my office cool was a great idea – until it interfered with the sound quality of my video 

I left the door open (so I didn’t die of lack of oxygen) and Mr Snuffles came in and sat on my printer under my desk for a bit. While this was cute and adorable on a level of epic no other human could possibly comprehend – it did not bode well in me creating my video content. 

I stopped every 5 minutes, as I needed to either get a drink or go to the toilet. As soon as I’d start filming again – I’d get thirsty.. So I’d get a drink.. Which meant I had to go to the toilet. I was an endless loop of drink and toilet for a while. Wasn’t fun.

By the time I’d set everything up, got Mr Snuffles out of the way, quenched my thirst, gone to the toilet and started filming – I got 15 minutes in only to discover that my camera battery died! 

Soooo, I had to take the camera off the tripod, take the battery from the camera, find the charger and go plug the thing in to charge. 

I went to plan B, which was using my I- pad. I have a 16G I pad 4 Mini – which I love and I have used to film a video before- with limited success. The thing was, I wanted to film while sitting in front of my desk. Simply sitting the I- pad on the tripod didn’t work as it showed to much of the stuff on my desk and in keeping with copyright law, I didn’t want to show any of that stuff in my video. Luckily, my tripod has this nifty thing that allows you to sort of put your recording device on almost any angle you wish and so as such I was able to sort out the angle that I wanted to film from. 

Right. So, I’d set up the I-pad, set up the shot as best as I could (got a drink, went to the toilet and grabbed a bite to eat) and got down to the business of getting a video done before dinner time. .. Only to discover that I had completely forgotten what it was I wanted to talk about…. 


And before you say anything – no, I didn’t have anything written down. I didn’t think I was going to need to because the subject matter was social media and it was something I already know a fair bit about. 

By this stage it was after 4pm (and I’d been at this since 12-ish) and I decided to call it a day. Massively frustrated by my lack of result at the end of it. 

All I really learned from today was: 


  • Make sure you have all the water on stand by 
  • Make sure all your recording devices are fully changed 
  • Write it down 
  • Have a back up plan in case plan A fails 
  • All of the above 

It’s now10:02pm on Sunday night and I’m finishing off this blog

It’s not what I wanted – but its something I guess 


Thanks for reading,




A Fresh New Look

It’s December already? Good Grief, where did the time go?  Ok, let me start by apologising for the fact I haven’t posted here for a while.  The truth is, this page has been getting a major overhaul.  I’ve updated the look and added a few extra things to it so I really hope that you like it!

Over all, what I’m working on is starting to take shape. I’m really happy with how things are coming along. For a while there it seemed I had reached a sticking point and I had come to a grinding halt. Whether I wanted to or not – I had to step away from everything and re think what it was that I  wanted to do.  Under the name “Ranpotjam” – while it was fun to play with… It was kind of difficult to work with and didn’t really make any sense.  Therefore, the decision was made to let it go.  I decided then to go “el -natural” and go with using my real name across all my social media channels ( and believe me, I have a few). Interestingly, I discovered, that using my real name wasn’t as cut and dry as I thought it would be. Changing it on Twitter was especially hard as just about every variation of my name with either not accepted or already taken by someone else! ( Seriously, how many CJ Crosses are there in the world?) but eventually I found one that A) Twitter accepted and B) wasn’t in use by another person named CJ Cross.


As a result the “rebranding” if you like, of myself on the internet began taking shape and over the last few weeks I’ve been slowly going through all my social media channels and changing them. I’m far from done, of course but that’s OK. I’ve still got a good four weeks till I want to start getting this project off the ground. I’ve got plenty of time.

The only thing I can’t change is my Word Press domain name – I’ve paid for a year and to be honest,  referring to what I’m doing as Project RanpotJam is still kinda cool.

I’ll be working on Project RanPotJam this weekend. I’m so excited for this. Working on this makes me happy. And its the best feeling in the world.

Thanks for reading,


Break through!

At Last!


This morning I had a break through and everything I’d been trying to absorb re editing videos finally starting making sense! ( The only thing I did do was accidentally delete my audio off the test video I was editing and now I can’t seem to get it back..)

This week I made the decision to stay away from everything computer related ( With the exception of social media) and not bother with working on anything because I felt I needed a break. I was so mentally exhausted from trying to learn everything all at once – that nothing was sinking in any more. So, I took a step back. So glad i did. Everything seems so much easier now 😀


Don’t get me wrong – still have a lot to learn but I’m not so stressed about things now.

What else has been happening?

Work has been insanely busy and it’s just going to get worse as we get closer to Christmas. We’ve hired more people, sure, but training them takes time and sadly, they’re not getting trained up fast enough to keep up with demand.  There are lots of things I could say here but ….. It’s probably best that I don’t.

Tomorrow I am going to visit  my Dad. Looking forward to that.

Have a good weekend everyone,



And so it continues

This weekend sees me tinkering with everything and ….forgetting how it all works. Which is frustrating to say the least.

I really want to start on this project – ( Sooner rather than later) but I’m having difficulty in trying to remember things – especially with both IMovie and Final Cut Pro. My trial run of Final Cut runs out in 16  days and I am no  where near as ..” advanced” ( and by advanced I mean understanding the basics on how it works – and yes, I have watched the tutorial more than once.) as I want to be. There are times I wonder if I should really be doing this as I do find it all a little overwhelming. I hate not knowing how to do something – especially when i see everyone else being able to do it and making it look simple.

That being said, the little victories I do have with this – are worth it. So, you know, it’s not all bad.


In other news, life goes on as normal. No complaints there.

Enjoy your Sunday  regardless of what you do