Outlander Social Media For LOL’s Series : Post 1. How I See The OL Fandom On Facebook

Before I get into the nitty gritty of my blog for this week, I need to tell you all how my morning began.


It began with my 3-year-old, fully grown kitten desperately trying to stick her head inside an empty wine cask.  Several times. Without success. All the while making little kitten noises of frustration and disappointment as she slowly came to the conclusion that her dedicated plan of action was not going to work.


Oh, I would have happily captured it all on camera for you, dear reader… except one was so busy laughing her ass off at her fur baby and her exploits she all but forgot. Sorry.


If I’m being perfectly honest, it’s going to cover (I hope in a little more detail) one of the topics I covered in last weeks blog. Which, if you haven’t read -you can do so here: https://ranpotjam.com/2019/06/09/the-tale-of-the-catch-up-the-carry-on-the-nerdy-celebrations-and-the-tiring-twitter-stramach/


Note how I have made reference to social media (Notably twitter) and the carry on that ensued because a few bad apples were able to upset the apple cart. This got me thinking. This got me thinking a lot. In fact, I spent most of yesterday afternoon and this morning thinking about this – which gives you some idea just how much time I’ve spent thinking about it. (If you take into account everything else, I’ve done such as eat, sleep, watch Netflix, etc … I didn’t really spend that much time at all – but whatever)


I want to take a look at how the Outlander fandom operates across the social media landscape. Specifically, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.  I know there are dozens and dozens of other different social media platforms – but the aforementioned ones are the ones I frequent the most and are therefore the chosen subject matter for today’s blog.


*Audible Gasping*


Yes, I know. Do I even dare?  Especially for someone who has only been part of it for a little over two years. *Braces self for the onslaught*


However, I’m feeling a little ‘standing on the precipice and staring deep into the abyss’ this afternoon – so I figured I’d have me a wee bit of a crack at it- Because why the hell not!


I just want to add, before I continue, that this isn’t a serious blog. I’m not here, with my Claire on, inspecting this fandom like “germs” under a microscope, OK? It’s just for fun and please keep in mind that this is solely based on how I view things. No outside influence whatsoever.


Right. I think I’ve covered that well enough. And if it’s not disclaimer-y enough for you then tough titties, I’m afraid. You’re not getting any more than that.


To make this easier for everyone I’m going to write about one platform at a time. To write about all four at once would cause my fingers to drop off out of sheer exhaustion and that would be somewhat problematic, I should think. I mean, how in God’s name would I pick my nose if my fingers fell off!



First up… Facebook.





First off, I’m going to assume that the majority of the OL fandom who reside here are between the ages of 35 – 80

Secondly, I am also going to assume that there are fans who fall either side of that age bracket.

Thirdly, I just need to point out that every OL newbie starts their journey here. Depending on your point of view – it either gets better or worse from here. You’re free to make that choice.


Things You Need to Know


  1. Every FB group you join will tell you that their group is the best group out there and it’s mainly due to the people that are in it that makes it this way. They’ll CAPS LOCK that shit all the way to the grave and you better believe them. Because no one and I mean no one runs a FB group better than the Admins of the group that you’re in. Side note : Every FB group has more or less the same 3 stock standard questions you need to answer before you get approved. You’ll also be asked to observe the group rules. These are also variations on a theme. Mostly be nice, be kind, no hawkers etc etc …


  1. Be wary of the Book Purists. These people will try and shit on your love of the TV show every chance they get. They’ll dissect it from every angle, come at it from every direction and preach it from their little shit-seat-on-high. They love trashing the TV adaptation and can’t wait to tell you why they hate it so much. Mind you, these are also the very same people who only read the Jamie and Claire parts of the book because everything else is boring and Bree is a spoilt brat.


  1. TV evangelists will also suck the joy out of everything- much like their Book Purist cousins – except, when they do, they are quite similar to Gollum in that the TV show “Is their preciouses” and they won’t go near the books because “They ruins it”


  1. Spoiler Alerts are pointless. Completely and utterly pointless. The only reason *Spoiler Alerts* exist on Facebook (and ONLY Facebook) is to give someone who is an Admin of a FB group a power trip. Telling folks that their post MUST CONTAIN A SPOILER ALERT is dumb because the books have been out since 1992 and the cast and crew share stuff re the TV show publicly anyway and let’s not forget to mention ye olde Daily Lines- The ones DG writes herself. You know…. THOSE!? – so why bother? Oh, and if you’re going to come at me with you -“Oh, we’re doing it for the 000000000000000.01% of people who may not have read/seen it yet” – argument please don’t. You want to know why? BECAUSE SPOILERS DON’T WORK!! That’s why! Everyone reads the bloody things! They don’t prevent a goddamn thing! Stop it! Just stop! You look like a prize-winning numpty and it’s certainly not doing you any favours!  It’s a power grab. So, sit the eff down before you trip your power tripping Facebook Admin ass up and hurt yourself! No one wants a Spoiler Alert. GTFO with that shit!  (A/N… Wow… I may have gotten a little more serious with that point than I intended. I mean, I don’t want to give the impression it shits me to tears or anything… but yeah. Anyway, back to the fun!)


  1. Facebook is full of folk who can’t handle it when Sam Heughan says FUCK anywhere that’s not on the Outlander Blooper Reel. True Story. The End.


  1. The Facebook fandom is full of people who proudly tell everyone how long they have been a fan. Especially the ones that have been there since DG first put pen to paper. It’s almost like Mark Zuckerberg blessed them with a megaphone himself and gave them permission to use it – ALL. THE.DAMN. TIME! Now, to be fair, there are some that use their megaphone for good and whenever a newbie comes along, they endeavour to take that person under their wing (or megaphone in this case) and help them on their journey into the wonderment that is the Outlander- verse. But there’s always one… in every group there’s one. One who truly does believe they are the Oracle of the OL fandom. Their post is always more about THEM than about the subject matter at hand and are normally the first ones to complain to anyone and everyone if they feel they’re not being the centre of attention.


  1. TEAM FRANK / I FEEL SORRY FOR GENEVA live here. As does POOR ROGER and the I HATE BREE club. Not to mention the SAM IS NOT MY JAMIE/ CAIT WILL NEVER BE CLAIRE IN MY EYES Society. And that lot over there? Brooding in the dark corner? That’s the lot that want to bring the subject of RAPE into the equation. Enter into conversations with these people at your own risk. You may feel your brain fall out of your ear and end up a whimpering, crying puddle of its former self on the ground, begging you to make it stop. Or worse, you could end up in an all-in verbal brawl with them – and you get the comments turned off by a member of the Admin. In which case – I bow to thee oh great and mighty keyboard warrior. Crusher of keys! Slammer of fist on desk and colourful obscenities! Destroyer of all arguments presented and locker of comment threads for all time. I salute you!  Oh, and should you find yourself stuck with the weird mob brooding in the corner? My advice? DO NOT ENGAGE!


  1. In the deepest, darkest corners of the Book of Face you will find these horrendous, deformed little “knob-goblins’ known as trolls. They are everywhere and only seeming to want to come out to play whenever there is positivity to be had. They sit hunched over their keyboards waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Usually during a moment when the fandom is agreeing on something nice like how much we all wish for Sam’s long, lush curly locks to return or the Red Dress from Paris or that Jamie’s knees are truly something that need to be studied in depth .. for science. That’s when the trolls come out. Faceless and with 100% made up fucking names – they crawl out from under their rock and drop a comment like “You guys are all so lame – LOL! This show is lame! Y’all need to take a good, hard long look at what you’re doing” and it starts a shit fight like no other. Honestly? Stop. Just stop. Thinking you’ll get a semblance of sense from a troll – is exhausting and not worth the time. NEXT! Seriously, FUCKING NEXT!!!


  1. Facebook Outlander Mums. Facebook OL Mums are unique to this fandom. Mostly harmless and they stay in their own lane. Still, they deserve a mention because gosh darn it they are cute.  They say things like “Sam is old enough to be my Son”  or “ He reminds me so much of my Son”  or “ If Sam was my Son”  also, they are the biggest culprits when it comes to *worrying* about our leading man “ Oh, he’s so thin!”  “He looks tired. Are those bags under his eyes?”  “Is he eating enough?” “Does he take vitamins?” “Someone should tell him he needs *Insert magical unicorn blessed miracle drink/pill/injection/Self-help suggestion here* ASAP!” “He needs some sun. He’s so pale!”  …. You get the point.  I mean, they mean well and as I said, they’re cute but c’mon people… He’s a grown man of almost 40 and trust me when I tell you -he’s quite capable of taking care of himself. He knows what he’s doing. He’s surrounded by people who make sure of that every day.


  1. I didn’t think I’d make it this far and yet … here we are. Look, I know I’ve said a lot and I’ve mostly focused on what can only be described as the negative side of the FB OL fandom and maybe it is … but as I said at the beginning, this is not a serious blog and it was meant to be taken in jest. That said, over all, the FB side of things is a pretty positive place. Folks be kind, mindful and charitable for the most part and aside the things I’ve talked about here – drama is pretty low key in FB land and that’s a good thing.



So, there you have it. OL Facebook in a nutshell as I see it.


Do you agree? Disagree? Feel I’ve missed something? Let me know! Would love to know your thoughts!


Just think… I have to do this with Twitter next week. Metaphorically speaking – I may very well be dead and blogging from the grave!


Thanks for reading,










The Tale Of The Catch Up, The Carry On, The Nerdy Celebrations And The Tiring Twitter Stramach …

I am officially “Holy crap! I had no idea my blog had a Spam Filter and look at all these lovely comments!” years old.


So, to those who have commented on my blog – thank you! It means a lot. I’m glad you enjoy reading it over all and I do appreciate your feedback and constructive criticism on my writing. I also appreciate that, with some things I write about – I may not have all the facts on hand ( at least according to you) but please understand, I am only writing what I am based on what I have on hand at the time. I hope you can respect that 😀


My layout is not done by a professional. Not at all. Word Press has dozens of free web layouts and designs and I just picked one that I liked. Also, it has an edit function- which allows you to change a section to suit what you need in a blog. It’s really simple and really easy to use – which is why I continue to stay with it.


OK, now that I’ve taken care of that, here is a long overdue update for you. Look, I know I said I’d try and stick to an uploading schedule and I know I said what time and day and so and so fifth and so seventh – but I have an excuse OK? I was sick. Very, very sick.


Not long after I’d written my Holiday wrap up post – which if you haven’t read you can read here: https://ranpotjam.com/2019/05/21/holidays-part-two-and-wrap-up/ I’d began to feel rather run down. Still, I pushed through returned to work the Monday after that blog was written. I lasted all of three days.

By Thursday of that week I went down like a sack of spuds and more or less felt the beginnings of old mate Laryngitis. I knew just by the tingle in the throat and persistent cough that I’d been trying to avoid all day.

By Friday my throat was on fire and I felt like I was swallowing razor blades.  That morning I called the Doctors. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get in till 9am the following Monday – so I had to just suck it up and bear it.


Of course, I wasn’t really bothered as I figured it’d do what it normally did. Hang around for a few days and then leave. I was convinced, come Monday, going to the Dr was a par for the course and just doing the right thing for work. Alas, dear reader, that was not the case. Not this time. This time it did more than just hang around. This time it smacked me upside my head and metaphorically KO’d me several times over. All I did was sleep. I hardly ate. All I could do was drink water and OJ and zonk straight back out again.  I ran a fever for 2 and a half days and was freezing whilst sweating buckets.  I lost 3.5 kgs (7.7LBS) during the week I was sick, due to not being able to eat and even though you may cheer for this, I can assure you, it’s not the nicest way in the world to lose weight.


On Monday morning at 9am sharp I sat shivering in the Dr’s office waiting to be seen.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long. It was a Dr I’d never seen before so naturally it was the same stock standard line of questioning that occurs whenever you see a new GP. “Have you had this before?  Do you suffer Asthma?” “Have you ever used a Spacer?” “Are you allergic to penicillin?”

After taking all of 30 seconds answering his questions with a polite No… He then proceeded to spend the remainder of my consultation telling me about his ailments and what caused him to be sick for the better part of a month!

Bravo …Dr Quack. Bravo.


I am given a rather strong antibiotic and a week off work to rest. Excellent.


I take the rest of the week off to recover. By Friday of that week I am well enough to return to work and things begin to go back to normal. (At time of writing, I am on a repeated course of antibiotics. Better to be safe than sorry)


Naturally there is the usual #BackToWork stuff associated with this – which I won’t bore you with here. It’s another blog for another day, trust me.


My week is nothing out of the ordinary. My working week is normal, my PT session goes really well, as does my session with my Osteopath. She cracks my neck in this session. It’s the first time I’ve experiences that. I’ve got to say, it’s an interesting experience and one that I’m willing to let her do again. My MPC Hoodie arrives in the post and I realise I’ve ordered the wrong size by accident. Hubby and I ship a huge box of MLP toys and collectables to a friend for her Daughter, I order some handmade Jamie and Claire dolls through a friend on twitter to help her online store out and some wonderful, beautiful, blessed soul sends me the OL Season 4 collectors edition from the US for no other reason than because.  Then there’s the OL FYC panel that was streamed from LA -which was just amazing and Cait Balfe single handedly starting a body positive movement on twitter #NotAllStomachsAreWashboards – which I am still loving as all of my twitter fam got featured in several write ups about it 😀


So, I lied. My week outside of work was amazing and it warms my heart just thinking about it 😀 And if you’re wondering about my Hoodie… Dinna fash yesel’- it too has found a new home and I will simply order a larger size due to boobs.


On the subject of the OL Fandom … there’s the matter of trolling I wish to address. (again)


One cannot argue that over all, social media gives people a voice. It allows all of us to communicate our thoughts and feelings on all kinds of things. We can make friends, we can laugh, we can cry, we can share ideas and common interests, we can become more aware of the world in which we live, hell, we can even raise millions of dollars for charity if we want. It’s a platform for good, for the most part and I, for one, stand by it for that reason.


In regard to the OL fandom, a large majority of us are very supportive of the cast and crew, we are polite and respectful to the actors, we are kind, supportive and mindful of each other- regardless of which side of the Fandom Fence you’re on.


But, every now and then someone enters the fandom with the sole purpose of upsetting the applecart.


Prior to this happening, the fandom was in its element. Both Sam and Caitriona were tweeting -despite being up to their necks in a week’s worth of night shoots. Sam especially. He’d been quiet on the tweet machine for so long, we were beginning to think he’d forgotten us. So, to have him ‘be tweeting on the regs’ was a blessing, if I’m perfectly honest.

As I mentioned earlier, Cait had started a body positive movement in a single tweet and Sam… well, he was tweeting whatever he damn well pleased. MPC, NASA, OL related stuff, Birthday shout-outs and the like. Of course, being the environmentally conscious and politically woke fellow that he is, naturally some of his tweets turned to those subjects.


This was when the trolls came out. My god, it was a right stramash it was. Starting with #WeirdoJoe and his aversion to plastic bags and being proud climate change denier to finishing with #TheJillAndBrandi Show and their ignorant, disrespectful and vile tweets about everyone and everything that didn’t involve getting down on one’s knees and sucking Orange Oom-pah Loompa dick. As you can imagine, Sam went in (gracefully and with respect) in the hope to make them see the error in their ways and make them see sense. It didn’t work. In fact, it escalated to such an extent that Sam more or less *Peaced Out* and quit twitter till further notice. (They also attacked Cait’s tweet – which is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life)


The thing is, these people are not even fans. They’re just doing it for the hell of it. Because they like to cause trouble. Because it satisfies their narcissism and gives them the attention they so desperately crave. We shouldn’t engage them, and neither should the OL cast and crew. It’s a pointless exercise. It’s like yelling into the void or headbutting a lamp post. No matter how many times you try – the result is always going be the same. You’re going to end up frustrated, hurt and angry and left wondering why you even bothered in the first place.




In closing, I’d like to end this blog with a little piece of something wonderful. For those who are not aware – this weekend is The Queens Birthday long weekend. It means, in honour of Her Majesty the Queen, we get an extra day to sleep in and a shorter working week.

This weekend however, Hubby and I were lucky enough to attend the wedding of our friends Jeremy and Prue.

Jeremy is an old high school buddy and has more or less been one of my best mates for close to 25 years.


He met Prue in 2014 and romance blossomed. I knew she was going to be something special when, upon meeting each other- we were both wearing our Dr Who hoodies – and that was pretty much the moment I knew I liked her.

Long story short- they are the cutest nerds anyone’s ever seen, and their wedding was proof of that.

The Bridal Party came complete  with Light Sabres, the wedding vows were a combination of various Sci-Fi references, they left the chapel while the theme to Indiana Jones played in the background and, when it came time for the reception – they entered the venue while the theme to Serenity played on the PA.

Everyone was given a R2D2 USB drive as a thank you for attending and the tables were decorated with little Ewoks. Their cake (despite being fake) was decorated with a Tardis and two Jedi.

It was a truly wonderful wedding. The venue was beautiful, the food was really nice, and the staff were exceptional par none and the night ran like clockwork.

Bride and Groom were blissfully happy (And, should you read this, I did so not tear up and cry during your dance … nuh uh… not me. Nope.) and I swear, it was one of the most wonderful weddings I’ve ever been invited to and one I will not forget for a long time.


Thanks for reading,





The Type Of Meme I Hate

The punches.. They just keep on coming. Lately, in the form of a Meme.

However, I need to tell you this first..

My Uncle is 68 years old. Currently he’s in Hospital with Stage.. I’m sorry, but your life is fucked.. terminal Cancer.

It’s in His Liver, Spine and Lungs. The bulk of the Cancer sits in his right lung. Over the last few days, Doctors have drained at least 3 litres of fluid from his lungs. He’s as comfortable as possible but there’s no way on God’s green Earth he’s going to go home. At best, ( If he lives that long) he’ll be transferred to a Hospice where they’ll care for Him until the time comes.

*Warning. Rant incoming*

You know what I hate? I hate those memes that show a picture of some person smiling with the Caption ” This person has stage 3 Cancer. Can I get likes or an Amen?” – Because, you know what? Fuck Off with your memes and your bullshit. Seriously. If you knew a single thing about it- you’d know it’s not something you fucking smile about!

There, I said it. Fuck. Off. With. Your. Memes. And. Bullshit!

Cancer is an asshole. Pure and simple.

Praying and saying Amen doesn’t do shit. Neither does liking a meme or hacking some poor sots Facebook page to find the perfect picture of a healthy person to make a fake meme about a stage of Cancer that doesn’t even exist!

There are people out there that are actually doing something to find a cure for this piece of shit disease. They try and find a cure every day. They raise money and bring awareness to the fact that its there and it needs a massive kick in the dick!

Maybe get behind that, huh? Maybe help those who are trying to help you? There’s a thought. Don’t believe those memes for one single second. They’re fake and they need to fuck off.

Because, here’s the thing. While you’re *liking* a meme and typing *Amen* as a comment – Someone is actually dealing with the real thing and not giving a shit about  a heartless, clueless douchebag that knows how to use photoshop and caption a picture.

True Story. The End.

Here endeth the rant …


All About Me, Medical Malarky, Parking Permits. An Update! Yay!

Most people in their right minds would be asleep. Most people would be. I would be

…Except, I’m not. I’m wide-awake and my brain simply refuses to shut down. So I thought “ What better time to write about my life and current goings on” Because, you know, that’s what people care about at 3am on a Saturday morning – obviously :/




To begin with, it has been a minute and a half (no it hasn’t) since I wrote my last update. Things have happened, stuff has occurred and mini meltdowns have taken place as a result.


Mini meltdowns I hear you say. Do go on. Well, actually no I don’t. I don’t hear you say that at all. In fact the only thing I hear quite audibly is the ringing (or rather hissing) in my right ear. It’s been going on and on and on and on and on for a little over … counts fingers 6 months and show no signs of stopping. So, you know, yay for that.


Since the last time I spoke about the infernal damnation that is the ringing in my right ear, it has since been diagnosed as TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder- which explains the ringing, the pain in my jaw, the right-sided facial swelling, the screaming migraines and general all round discomfort that has been my constant companion for the better part of half a year. Mind you, it’s taken 6 Dr’s, two hearing tests, a rather expensive visit to an Ear –Nose- and- Throat Specialist and a partridge in a pear tree to figure that out but better late than never, right?


That being said, I am due to go and get an MRI on the old noggin in the next few weeks to make sure that all is in working order and this TMJ business hasn’t manifested into something more sinister. Just to be safe. I mean, at least physically safe.. My wallet is going to cop an absolute battering but…I’ll be physically safe… In a giant MRI machine… after being injected with blue dye…in a room…by myself… with a….


Oh God…


And I’m going to die. Eeep!


In other news, it seems the stress of all this business has also caused me to start having major nosebleeds – pretty much on the regs. Oh the joy. This means that I have yet another appointment with another E.N.T. to determine whether it is within my best interest to have my nasal cavities cauterized in order to stop the bleeding.


Excellent. This is also going to be an exercise in expensive – just not as expensive – and at least with this one I appear to get a pittance back from Medicare. Hurrah!


With all this medical malarkey going on, it’s starting to affect me in that it’s making it very difficult to do my job. The last 6 months have seen me use all my sick leave credits and put a rather large hole in my rec leave (This rolls over by about 5 hours every two weeks. At the moment I’m almost at 0)credit. So, after discussions with the Husband (after a very significant stress/pain related meltdown in the kitchen one morning just over a week ago) we agreed that I could reduce my working hours to the equivalent of 5 days a week to 4 for a time in order to get my self sorted out and back to a reasonable state of .. Normal? Anyway…


I approached my work place with this decision last week and after a meeting, filling in some forms, another meeting, getting more forms, attending two medical appointments in regards to said forms, handing the forms in, another meeting to get the paper work to sign off on stating the fact that I had attended the meeting to obtain the paperwork that allowed me to attend the medical appointments I needed to have in order for my work place to approve a reduction in hours, receiving an email to say that everything was being sent off to be approved by HR and then after having everything approved by HR and our Rostering department – I am finally able to start working 4 days a week for the next 3 months starting from this coming Wednesday.


Thank God.


There are benefits to this.


  • I have the opportunity to attend medical appointments without using my Rec leave credits (although, I have a feeling these will be reduced slightly over the next 3 months due to less working hours) or requiring a medical certificate.
  • It will give me that extra day a week to do the things that I want to do like get a haircut and colour and get an eyebrow wax
  • It will mean less stress for me. Working 5 days a week in the city is an absolute bastard at the best of times and the travel is always a killer.
  • It will give me the chance to work more on my creative projects and actually get my YOU TUBE channel off the ground.
  • I get 1 day a week away from Customers. Away from bitchy, pissy, moaning, complaining, wastes of space that have nothing better to do than complain because they suffer from a rather large sense of self-entitlement.


Sure, it’s less money for a few months but I’ll be better off physically and mentally and that’s the most important thing.


Speaking of which, I have now decided to bite the bullet and apply for a disability-parking permit. There’s no need to panic. I’m not the one that’s going to be driving. I gave that up in 2008 when I wrote off my car after hitting the curb at 60kms and almost rolling it onto its roof. Suffice to say, I’ve never been able to get behind the wheel of a car again and, in all honesty, the last time I even considered the return to driving, by that stage my eyesight had become so bad that it really would not be worth it. (Although, ironically, when I first got my licence I was asked if I wanted a disability-parking permit as I was entitled to one. Naturally, in my desperation not to appear disabled at all.. I said no. Duh)

The reason is that lately my Osteoarthritis has been playing up and on top of everything else it’s making it very difficult for me to get about. Thus I now have a wheel chair and a walking cane that I use for the days when things just get too difficult. It was a bitter pill to swallow at first, as I’d never really seen myself as “Disabled”. All throughout my life no one has ever seen me as a disabled person or in need of anything special. Heck, even the Government deemed me not disabled enough to qualify for any of the things disabled people are entitled too. But, over the years, the CP has become more of a thing and now with added Osteoarthritis, it seems like now is a good time to get the ball rolling in that regard. Just makes it easier if Hubby and I need to go out and we have to bring the wheel chair or the walking cane with us. I have named them Burt and Ernie as they are always together and one kind of helps with the other. Yes, I know. It’s lame but it makes me laugh and makes the whole situation so much easier to accept.


It’s currently 4:32am. I’m still not tired. I think my chances of going back to bed are Buckley’s to none.


Oh well.


Thanks for reading,









When everything goes to pot ..

I’m going to be honest – From a purely creative stand point today for me was a bit of a let down. 

Things just didn’t go right. 


My office was to hot 

Setting up my tripod and where to put it took about 15 minutes. The rest of the time was spent trying to get the camera in the right place for filming

Turing on the fan to keep my office cool was a great idea – until it interfered with the sound quality of my video 

I left the door open (so I didn’t die of lack of oxygen) and Mr Snuffles came in and sat on my printer under my desk for a bit. While this was cute and adorable on a level of epic no other human could possibly comprehend – it did not bode well in me creating my video content. 

I stopped every 5 minutes, as I needed to either get a drink or go to the toilet. As soon as I’d start filming again – I’d get thirsty.. So I’d get a drink.. Which meant I had to go to the toilet. I was an endless loop of drink and toilet for a while. Wasn’t fun.

By the time I’d set everything up, got Mr Snuffles out of the way, quenched my thirst, gone to the toilet and started filming – I got 15 minutes in only to discover that my camera battery died! 

Soooo, I had to take the camera off the tripod, take the battery from the camera, find the charger and go plug the thing in to charge. 

I went to plan B, which was using my I- pad. I have a 16G I pad 4 Mini – which I love and I have used to film a video before- with limited success. The thing was, I wanted to film while sitting in front of my desk. Simply sitting the I- pad on the tripod didn’t work as it showed to much of the stuff on my desk and in keeping with copyright law, I didn’t want to show any of that stuff in my video. Luckily, my tripod has this nifty thing that allows you to sort of put your recording device on almost any angle you wish and so as such I was able to sort out the angle that I wanted to film from. 

Right. So, I’d set up the I-pad, set up the shot as best as I could (got a drink, went to the toilet and grabbed a bite to eat) and got down to the business of getting a video done before dinner time. .. Only to discover that I had completely forgotten what it was I wanted to talk about…. 


And before you say anything – no, I didn’t have anything written down. I didn’t think I was going to need to because the subject matter was social media and it was something I already know a fair bit about. 

By this stage it was after 4pm (and I’d been at this since 12-ish) and I decided to call it a day. Massively frustrated by my lack of result at the end of it. 

All I really learned from today was: 


  • Make sure you have all the water on stand by 
  • Make sure all your recording devices are fully changed 
  • Write it down 
  • Have a back up plan in case plan A fails 
  • All of the above 

It’s now10:02pm on Sunday night and I’m finishing off this blog

It’s not what I wanted – but its something I guess 


Thanks for reading,