Time Flies When You’re .. Actually, Time Just Flies … With Weekends, Stuff and Easter Thoughts

I really need to keep on top of these things. But the more I have on my plate, the more this blog seems to fall to the wayside. Sorry about that.


Right. So here’s where I am.


As mentioned before, my new kick off date is February 1st 2016. This is because I’ve got a whole lot of new gear to play with. Below is a list of everything I’ve got in my Starter pack


I Phone – with tripod thingy

I Pad – with tripod thingy

1x Basic lighting kit

1 x tripod with extendable legs

1 x Canon point and shoot Camera

*Note the technical term “thingy” is being used here. I’m quite sure it’s a real term used by the professionals so I think I’m OK*


There is however, one minor problem. Both IMovie and Final Cut Pro hate me and are doing everything in their power to work against me. As a result I have come up with a solution.

I will edit my videos in IMovie and then transfer it over to Final Cut to add titles and sound effects. This is the only way I can get both programs to work how I want them to. It seems (at least for me) Editing in IMovie is so much easier than Final Cut. Whereas, Final Cut has better titles, graphics, fonts and sound effects than IMovie does.

We’ll see how it goes, eh?

In other news, the first week back at work wasn’t a complete bust – with Friday being the only day of the week that I’d say was the worst working day I’ve had whilst being in my Companies employ for a long time. The calls were long and stressful, Customers were shitfully shitfull and I had an anxiety attack to boot, which, I might add I did not enjoy.

The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxed and I did not much at all. My mate JMan came over and showed us his new car. It’s a spiffy, shiny new black beast of a thing that has automatic washers for its headlights. I have no idea why you would need that function on a car. I mean, lets be honest. If you are driving with your headlights on.. Chances are it’s probably because it’s nighttime. More to the point it’s not like your fellow road users are going to drive past you saying, “ Oh, I say! Have you seen this chaps headlights? How shiny and clean are they?” WHILE DRIVING AT NIGHT!! GODDAMIT MAZDA! YOU….GUNKY!


Anyway, today Hubby and I went and visited my Grandparents in Geelong for the day. We had arranged to meet them and take them out to lunch.

We left about 10ish this morning and got there just before Midday. They live in a small apartment complex in the centre of town and their apartment is quite lovely (If a little small and compact). Something like that would suit Hubby and I down to the ground if we didn’t have a ton of stuff and a Cat to try and fit into it.

We went to a nice little Pub around the corner from them and had a decent sized meal. Nan and Pop insisted on paying (and despite our protests they eventually won the day on that one) and we all had a wonderful afternoon. Thinking about going back to visit them for Easter but I’m not sure what I’m doing yet so I’m not sure if I can or not.

Got home just before 4pm. We had a better than expected run home. Which was good.

Planning on watching The Musketeers on DVD tonight. Here’s hoping I don’t fall asleep.

Thanks for reading,

CJ Cross


Changes, Rearranges, Feeling Festive, Holidays And What’s Been Happening

I’ve been busy.

Really, really, busy. I’ve been busy with work, I’ve been busy with Project Ranpot Jam, I’ve been busy with reading The Dresden Files, with Christmas, Family and Friends- I’ve just been busy. Firstly, let’s start with the good stuff. Currently, I’m on holiday. I don’t go back to work till the 5th January 2016. This is good. It means that for the first time in years, Hubby and I get to spend some time together over his holidays. Normally, I work through the festive season as the money comes in handy – but this year I decided that I wanted to relax and enjoy some time to see in the New Year and actually relax over Christmas. Secondly, Project Ranpot Jam is almost ready to kick off! YAY! For Christmas this year (Thanks to my wonderful Husband)

I got the following things for Christmas:

An I-pad 4 Mini – this can also be used as a Vlogging Camera (If I need too)

A tripod for my IPhone – so I can turn it into a Camera while I’m on the go (it also folds up into a nifty little key ring when not in use. Kinda cool if you ask me)

A brand new Cannon Power shot SX710 HS. This will be my stationary camera that I can attach to the tripod we already have.

Final Cut Pro- Full version. This is the best part. I am getting better at using this software and I’m really pleased with it. I do, however have IMOVIE as well (It comes on all of my devices – My IPhone, My I-pad and my Mac) and I have been also learning how to use that:)

I’ve decided that since I’ve got all this new equipment – I need a bit more time to familiarise myself with everything so I’ve pushed the kick off date back from Jan 10th to Feb 1st 2016. Which is fair enough I think. I’ve got a few updates to my current dormant You Tube Channel to make and I need to re design a banner or two. I still need to create an intro to my videos AND I need to design my own watermark. My progress on basic editing has come along swimmingly and it’s becoming easier as I go along. I don’t expect my first video to be great – but at least good enough to start with ☺

In other news, I have almost finished reading Jim Butchers ‘ The Dresden Files’ I’m up to what is currently the second last book in the series. There is a new book “ Peace Talks” that’s due out sometime next year – but as to when.. I don’t know. I really love the series and in the last book – Ghost Story – I found myself cheering Harry on as he went along and begging him not to give up. (Which he didn’t. He never does. It’s just that… There was a point where… Oh, you’ll just have to read the books. Never mind)

So that’s where I’m up to at the moment. I’m just tinkering, learning and trying things out. I’m also relaxing, reading, eating way to much bad food and looking forward to the New Year. I don’t think I’ll make any resolutions this year, as I never stick to them. I’m just going to see what happens with 2016 and see what it brings me. All I can hope for is an improvement on 2015 – which, I’m not sorry to say, I’ll be happy to see the end of. Thanks for reading,

CJ Cross

Getting there.. Slowly


This weekend has been spent tinkering with internet related things. ( Let’s be honest- that’s what I’ve been doing nearly every weekend for two months) and I just want to go on record to say that …. It seems things are finally starting to get somewhere. I’ve been mostly mucking around with my social media accounts and finding ways to link them all together. I’d like to think that I’ve been pretty successful at it.

Still got a lot of work as far as creating content is concerned. I’ve down loaded a few free trials of editing programs and such and I’ve been playing with them all in one way or the other – finding out how they work ( after watching the related You Tube tutorial about what it is I’ve downloaded)

I’ll have a clearer understanding of what it is I’m using in a couple of weeks when the trials run out – I’ll know what works and what doesn’t. What to buy ( If I need to) and what to delete and dismiss completely.

As for ideas? God, I haven’t even got that far yet. Granted, I’ve had a few thoughts and wrote them down – but nothing in concrete for the moment.

It’s hard work – but I’m loving doing it ( To the point Hubby tells me to stop and do something else.. just in case my brain explodes! HA!)  I haven’t felt this excited about something in a long time. And, I get the feeling, the level of satisfaction I’ll get from doing this – will far outweigh any that I am supposed to get from the job I currently do for money.

But, that’s the way it goes.